Latin America

It is common to hear in any circle the word crisis and their impact on the life of the country and to each person’s. Observing the behavior of markets, bags of values, salaries, etc., it is clear that there is no easy solution or short term, and in this context one day I found myself with a tree of Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia) who gave me a lesson applicable to these moments of social and personal crisis. In various countries of Latin America the jacarandas (jacarandas, trees or gualandayes) offers each year a gift to the places where they grow, with its beautiful flowers in violet tones, in addition to the medicinal uses of its leaves, that steamed them have antiseptic and antibacterial effect. The bark is astringent, though not in doses that support its industrial use (1). On this occasion, its growth pattern also gives us an example of how to deal with difficult times. On a Street South of the city of Mexico had a jacaranda as many trees (and as all being young human), growing up in conditions that had touched him. One day, when passing I noticed that jacaranda and another tree that stood beside him had been cut to its base.

Already some months have passed since that day, and recently I was able to see the jacaranda still has a few small shoots. As you can see on the picture, this scene made me move the current situation in that tree to any person individually, and this has inspired this article. How many times we have sought to achieve some goal, whether a business, a family loving and attached or a working position, to then discover that things were not as we had wished. How would an average person react? Doing a very simple calculation, it seems that the jacaranda photo has no more than ten years of life when it was cut by thus legitimately agree people who probably planted it. What would make a person who is dismissed from her job after ten years of? service? The term of a marriage to the ten years of marriage? The nature of this jacaranda is the sustain life, follow tillering, regardless how long has life or what he has done so far.

Everytime I find new shoots, tender, small, I see the momentum of this tree to live one more day, because perhaps this day will give you another hope and you can live or perhaps tomorrow. In any case, for her it’s worth all keep trying until all the forces that fit. In my psychotherapeutic practice I see how many people need this impulse to get out of a depression or loss of a loved one, and I hope that these brief lines help them continue to seek life options, one day, back to flourish. And what happened to the tree that was cut along with the jacaranda? He died several weeks ago (although also attempted to live), why the title of this article is for who until today is still looking to the sky without lose hope. (1) The Jacaranda tree thumbnail photo and some texts were extracted:. The outbreak of jacaranda photo taken by the author.

Transfer Creditor

It is relatively common in practice that the time come for the fulfilment of an obligation, the debtor is not able to execute the proper provision. This possible situation the creditor can take legal action against the assets of the debtor to satisfy their right to credit. However, such a possibility may be scarcely striking for the creditor according to various reasons related to the judicial reality. This situation isn’t at all strange that any of the subjects involved in an obligation to adopt the initiative to replace the benefit due by another, although that eventuality not is has initially contemplated in establishing the obligation when (assumed that would give rise to an obligation to alternative or optional). This change of the due provision is often called in real traffic as credit or debt renegotiation and has tax by economic or commercial agents without the need of attributing a technical and legal sense accurate, approximately connected with the theoretical notion of legal business. Negotiate a credit is therefore a term colloquial to trafficking to manifest that, face the difficulty of his collection, parts of the compulsory relationship are trying to find an alternative solution, replacing the delivery due to any one that meets best the interests of the creditor and the debtor or, otherwise, be preferable to the exercise of legal actions or the delay in the implementation of the provision initially due. On certain occasions, this workaround will entail the conclusion of a contract of novatorio nature of the obligacional relationship, and in other cases the change of the provision will not being an act of the debtor effectively full solutoria compliance. Obviously the business of such agreements character not unnoticed as it requires the consent of both parties, because without the agreement between the creditor and the debtor, the conditions initially agreed upon in establishing title of obligation cannot altered. .

Jenny Guerra Hernandez Game

These rules determine how a character in the game or the characteristics of an action that everyone should play to achieve a common goal should behave. When the child plays in group, it may happen that the paper be sure to, then, when his companions will remind you what to do, as well as the rules of the game. Thus, children also develop prosocial help each other and worrying about their needs behavior. The characters in the game the children used in the symbolic games two kinds of characters: the stereotyped and fiction. The stereotyped are characterized by the attitude that play and try to resemble reality. For example, the child makes of MOM or dad. Fictional characters have their own name and come from stories, movies or television and run more predictable behavior, since they have a distinctive role.

Most often is that children not represent these characters, but talk to them or them do participants as to one more. In this way we can see a child playing with each other in a game where everyone is themselves and you will discover a treasure, but our child is Peter Pan. Playing with the symbolism of the game language also be transferred by children to the language. When the child begins to acquire language discovers a new world that must come to dominate and to be experimenting widely. There are social games in which language plays a very important role as they are spontaneous rhyming games, games of inventing new words or games of conversation, in which children experience with conversations that adults use in their talks. It has the objective that is, symbolic play is vital in childhood development and we should worry if it does not, then the child may have a disorder of autistic type. In which case, is required the intervention of a professional school psychology for working with small and equip you with strategies to relax your way of thinking and develop the imagination.

Omara Portuondo Sings

When we discovered Omara, in their remoteness: theme played well for the film that bears his name, and we had heard in other subjects, and at various times of his artistic life. He had already gone through the quartet of D ‘Aida, which takes size as a singer, and consolidated in the group through the teachings of Aida Right stellar, but it was Omara Omara when he got there. After the triumph of the revolution and decided to start him as a solo artist, devoted to the filing, Omara begins a new stage in his life, his name plays songs like: In the Andes of Tania Castellanos Orb and the era is giving birth to a heart, which acquires prestige to sing differently, and the international award winning performance. She was always such a simple singer, which has always been able to reach beyond, but which lacked a good representative. We enjoyed listening to his voice Adalberto Alvarez issues such as Sonera, and those of Alberto Vera: What I have left to live, Amigas, and other issues that it has made us Omara, the artist who has a beautiful voice, and which has given them all the same enthusiasm for singing. The Giro 180 degrees of Omara, was his good idea next to: Buena Vista Social Club, was to recreate works that were already implemented by Mercedita Valdez, and other singer of the era, and herself a long time ago that in recreations of these topics in his voice, high-karat affect his artistic life. The large number of international awards and recognize it.

Nothing was missing in his career, just the same tenacity, the same simple, and the same modesty that makes it bigger, and better artist. Could recognize that in his voice, very beautiful there are issues such as: Thanks to life, or interpretations of issues of Juan Almeida, and otos composers. When looking for a life time to love, or when looking for a beautiful voice, a beautiful melody or on cassette, or acetate disc or CD, or DVD, no matter the technology, Omara there is always a good and great singer but it will always be the great artist simply, the people, not the other, not that he left the country to seek fame abroad but his work, determination and prudence, has been able devote to the art of Cuba, to be what it is: CUBA Omar, the Omar of the beautiful times, Omar, Cuban music, and well-Cuban, Omar, today, tomorrow and always. LIVE Omar, success in your career, and always remember those who modestly helped you achieve success, one way or another.

Russian Federation

Germans asked me what I was A patent application filed in Germany. But their solid fee for service (patent attorney) forced me to leave them all my application materials as a gift from the Russian beggars. For so and I could not find even among the rich-Russian 980 euros (due to what I asked for the latest technology, but had to ask for new strip?). With all of this remind you that all materials submitted by me application relates to the category of state secrets, what expertise should Rospatent was to inform me of this, and therefore their applications should I submit to the Ministry of Atomic Energy, which for me is not possible? But for the examination of a bother and an empty ring. For this application was A search of the IPC, send me report on the search on November 18, 2008 Dep. 02 FGU FIPS, which also are violations on the conclusion of the expert VGPE – GP Melnikova, which states in zasvechivanii materials of my invention, so called "technical level of invention," "novelty of an invention." In the event that I secretly forced to transfer applications for "utility model" that have and do. In concluding its scientific zastolbivat "garden" address the problems of alternative energy, corresponding to the mutual humanity and Nature of Energy, through the creation of "hydropercussion Energy", representing a global regulator of health of mankind, I was prepared and filed application for the invention of the Russian Federation and Rospatent in this filing receipt is obtained, according to this proposal for the number 2009131102 from 14.08.2009, the "Method of energy conversion efficiency of water hammer – the engine Tarelkin. .

Electoral Programs

The movement measures east Sunday the endorsement of the society through the concentrations summoned in almost all the Spanish cities. Anthropologist Manuel Mandianes thinks that the attendance to 19-J will be " numerosa". Almost 1,000 police will guard by the security in Madrid 19-J. The Pact of the Euro: trip ticket of the EU to do against the economic crisis. Is the Pact of the Euro an inevitable commitment for Spain? Art creative, anonymous, and gratuitous for the manifestations of 19-J. LIST: Which is the poster that better represents 19-J? ' Movement 15-M' he is unstoppable and it does not have reverse gear because it has been born in a stage of social failure and economic crisis that has not been surpassed and has made react to the politicians, who have understood the necessity to include some of their ideas in their proposals of government. One is a diagnosis in that agrees dean of the Official School of Sociologists and Politlogos of Madrid, Lorenzo Navarrete, and anthropologist Manuel Mandianes, that analyze the evolution of this movement that measures this Sunday the endorsement of the society through the concentrations summoned in almost all the Spanish cities.

The concentrations " they will be numerosas" " Thanks to the wick of 15-M, the society has waked up and people think that she has a pile of things by which to protest, because they are to them angustiando" , she assures Mandianes, for that reason she considers that the movement will continue counting on the endorsement of many people. Also this anthropologist esteem that the concentrations are going to be numerous and that will serve the movement to take oxygen and to certify that it follows the spirit of the Door of the Sun alive. " The policy of the parties has not undergone any type of demolishing attack, nor has taken place a collapse; it is a call and a warning to remember that problems exist and that there are to recover the confidence, because something is failing in the management of crisis" , the anthropologist thinks.

Harvard University

Facebook, according to the wikipedia Facebook is a free website of social networks created by Mark Zuckerberg. Originally a site for students at Harvard University, but currently it is open to anyone who has an e-mail account. Users can participate in one or more social networks in relation to their academic status, your workplace or geographic region. The services offered by Facebook are as follows: friends: it is a way to find friends with whom contact was lost, or add new ones with whom to Exchange photos or messages, facebook service helps you to find them and also suggests you others. Groups and pages: is one of the more recent development utilities. It is meet people with common interests.

In groups you can add photos, videos and messages in terms of pages, these are also created for specific purposes, only that there is no discussion forums and they are aimed toward brands or specific characters, more not toward any kind of call. In addition, groups are also its regulations, among which is included the prohibition of groups with discriminatory themes or they incite hatred and they are absent from the respect and honor of the people. Although this is not true in many cases, exists the option of reporting and report groups that go against this rule, by which Facebook includes a link for each group which is directed toward a picture of complaints and grievances. Wall: The wall (wall) is a space on each user profile that allows friends to write messages that you see them. It is only visible to registered users, wall allows you to enter images and make any type of logo types in your publication.

An improvement called supermuro allows you to embed flash animations. Photos: According to Facebook there are: 5 billion user photos. 160 terabytes of storage. Gifts: Gifts or gift are small icons with a message. The gifts given to a user appear on the wall with the message of the donor, unless the donor decides to give the gift in private, in which case the name and message of the donor is not displayed to other users. An anonymous option is also available, by which anyone with access to the profile can see the gift, but only the recipient will see the message. Some gifts are free and the rest cost a dollar, (a Paypal account or credit card number is required). Games: The majority of applications were found on facebook are related role-playing games, trivia (e.g. geography), and tests of skill (fingering, memory). The most famous ones include Playfish games and games of Zynga Games original Autor and source of the article.

Gears Xbox

The truth is that it shows that this console is the younger, and there are still a few months to come titles that demonstrate its true potential. In this sense not can the panorama be better, since is becoming less to enjoy games like GTA IV, Devil May Cry 4? or Assassins Creed – to name a few examples – both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Do the Microsoft console also has some very tempting exclusives like Halo 3?, Fable 2 or Bioshock?, while Playstation 3 users will enjoy exclusive of Heavenly Sword, Metal Gear Solid 4? -Although increasingly more voices that it will also appear on Xbox 360 – or promising Uncharted point: Drakes Fortune. Wii is not far behind, with long-awaited as Metroid Prime 3 games: Corruption, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Brawl or Super Mario Galaxy. You’ve already decided? It is really complicated to talk about everything what they can offer the current consoles, since they are no longer a few systems offered at most music CD playback to become a really complete and versatile appliances. In case of little, the Playstation 3 also can become a PC – within certain limits – to allow the installation of the operating system GNU/Linux.

Although the decision should be based on the catalog of each console, it is difficult to set aside these other benefits, and they should be taken into account when choosing the system that will accompany us during the next few years. For example, if we want to be prepared for the home video in high definition – a battle currently being waged between Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats-, consoles from Microsoft and Sony are a good investment, but you have to take into account that in the case of Xbox 360 should make a disbursement extra. As for the games, it is clear that there are two separate sides. Nintendo has opted for the gameplay against the graphic spectacle, and it seems that initially the audience is responding pretty well, since the number of consoles sold is currently higher than the competition. It must also take into account that many developers – as the own Ubi Soft has admitted – have taken advantage of the ease of development to bring to market a very poor quality games, and there is still enough to check what Wii can offer. The other consoles offer a huge brute power, and it remains to see the theoretical superiority of Playstation 3 in this respect. On the other hand, the temporary advantage of Xbox 360 has allowed to see games like Gears of War, a title that proves that the last word always developers have it. Everything indicates that the battle is going to be really interesting for years, and all companies will have to offer interesting products if they want to win over users.

Pascua Lama Project

Not the listener produces an immense sadness thinking that nature speaks while mankind. Victor Hugo Generalidades, background, scope, protests have been always aware of the importance of preserving the environment, not to contaminate the waters and everything that violates nature, more in a planet as live us where economic interests dominate more than the guarantee human, where many times the rulers of many countries that make up the Earth, do not oppose all those holdings of natural riches, no matter the consequences that derived, faced with this reality, cannot be accepted despite not belonging to the country concerned as it is Chile specifically, to make the Pascua Lama project. Currently an email is circulating on the Internet where is requested to sign a petition to be presented to the Government of Chile concerning the adoption of the draft, noting all the negative effects that this would take place. Request that I consider very fair, for what it represents in damage to the environment, to the animals of the region and since then many people nearby. What is the project? Pascua Lama is a project of mining development, consisting in the exploitation of a deposit of minerals of gold, silver and copper open pit and its processing for like products metal Dore (gold, silver) and copper concentrate. The deposit is located in the Cordillera de Los Andes, about the national international boundary, approximately 150 km to the South-East of the city of Vallenar, in the commune of Alto del Carmen, province of Huasco, III Region. The nearest villages are Chollay – by the river transit – and the Corral by the River San Felix, located 35 km and 55 km away, respectively. It adds, which the operations area is established in accordance with the additional protocols 20 and 23 of the sixteenth economic complementarity agreement drawn up between Chile and Argentina within the framework of the Treaty of Montevideo of 1980. .


THE INTERNET IN THE EDUCATION: Instrument in the construction of the knowledge With the increasing one development of the new technologies, is known that it is essential in such a way for students, how much for professors and all the community, to be in constant contact and to follow the changes in the technological sector, not to run the risk to be to the edge of the society, guaranteeing its participation in the digital Age. Amongst all the benefits and easinesses brought for the new technologies, the Internet was elect as source of propagation of the information, increasing the speed in the exchange of ideas between the people, breaching cultural borders, politics, economic and social, narrowing the differences between men, joining the most distant regions of the planet. According to Moran (2007) ‘ ‘ the Internet is a media that facilitates the motivation of the pupils, for the newness and for the inexhaustible possibilities of research that oferece’ ‘. It is responsible, thus, for facilitating the dissemination of the knowledge, contributing in well significant way for the education. The Internet is one of the computational tools used as source continuum of information on the real life, making possible the contextualizao of the learning in the education of them you discipline pertaining to school, with the problems of the reality and of interest of the pupils, for the construction of its knowledge.

It has certain confusion between information and knowledge. We have many available data, information. In the information, the data are organized inside of a logic, of a code of a definitive structure. To know is to integrate the information in our referencial, in our paradigm, appropriating it, becoming it significant for us. The knowledge is not transferred, the knowledge is created, constructed. (MORAN, 2007, P. 54) the Internet must be used of form adjusted, so that transformations in the education happen beneficially, through changes in the form to teach and to learn; since, with the aid of this tool, the pupil now is responsible for the construction of its knowledge and the professor becomes only one person who orientates and facilitador in teach-learning process.