Dale Carnegie People

More is achieved in two months being interested in others that in two years, hoping that other people are interested for you Dale Carnegie to not interested in how much you know until they know how much you interested by them. John.C.Maxwell curiosity to inquire, open attitude to listen and provide feedback; a good balance […]

The Chief

They may arise other urgent tasks arising or not by the worker, steering, main employer, or any municipal or national body, and can also appear unexpected visitors (for example: customers, famous people, visits of businessmen, officials, etc.), planned meetings can suffer delays because other attendees have tasks or unexpected visitors, unplanned meetings and that have […]

Latin America

It is common to hear in any circle the word crisis and their impact on the life of the country and to each person’s. Observing the behavior of markets, bags of values, salaries, etc., it is clear that there is no easy solution or short term, and in this context one day I found myself […]

The Divisions Are Here1

It’s very relevant when it says that the current division of labor (along with the divisions of class, gender, race, age, and international stratification), which is determined by structures of domination, it is hardly problematized in debates on socio-ecological transformations . Hence, environmental policies have become a moral strategy based on efficiency-oriented middle classes. The […]

The Following

The following examples are a brief sample of the experience I offer: Conceptualice and implement an innovative business strategy so that inventories were kept in places of providers which resulted in annual savings of $ 250,000 for the XYZ Company. Established internal operating procedures which reduced employee idle time to 15%. In addition to the […]

Transfer Creditor

It is relatively common in practice that the time come for the fulfilment of an obligation, the debtor is not able to execute the proper provision. This possible situation the creditor can take legal action against the assets of the debtor to satisfy their right to credit. However, such a possibility may be scarcely striking […]

Jenny Guerra Hernandez Game

These rules determine how a character in the game or the characteristics of an action that everyone should play to achieve a common goal should behave. When the child plays in group, it may happen that the paper be sure to, then, when his companions will remind you what to do, as well as the […]

Omara Portuondo Sings

When we discovered Omara, in their remoteness: theme played well for the film that bears his name, and we had heard in other subjects, and at various times of his artistic life. He had already gone through the quartet of D ‘Aida, which takes size as a singer, and consolidated in the group through the […]

Russian Federation

Germans asked me what I was A patent application filed in Germany. But their solid fee for service (patent attorney) forced me to leave them all my application materials as a gift from the Russian beggars. For so and I could not find even among the rich-Russian 980 euros (due to what I asked for […]

Electoral Programs

The movement measures east Sunday the endorsement of the society through the concentrations summoned in almost all the Spanish cities. Anthropologist Manuel Mandianes thinks that the attendance to 19-J will be " numerosa". Almost 1,000 police will guard by the security in Madrid 19-J. The Pact of the Euro: trip ticket of the EU to […]