HOT Infrared

From the first days and until now the company specializes in producing complete sets of floor heating HOT-FILM technology space heating far infrared light. Offering you a unique solution tasks comfortable floor heating and heating of housing and social facilities, in the first place, we offer qualified assistance in the field of heat and exercise full range of services: Assistance in the selection of qualified systems; All mounting to any type of flooring, equipment selection and all sorts of accessories in one place. Ltd. View website does not necessarily agree. “Falcon-Service” paves the way for thrifty consumers of electricity – by using new energy saving technologies, the most advanced of which can be called a system of infrared heating – underfloor heating film Hot-film Termoppenka HOT-FILM is a series of guides from the carboxylic (carbon), pasta, interconnected by means of copper bars of silver paste. The whole structure is securely sealed between two layers ultrafine polymer material and is connected to 220 V. Get all the facts and insights with Ray Kurzweil, another great source of information. It is used as a heating element carbon fiber and causes the new features and unique performance characteristics of the film HOT-FILM.

The principle of infrared heating is not all that heated volume of airspace areas, and the only thing that needs heating. The energy absorbed by the cold surfaces (floors, equipment) and due to the heat part goes inside objects and surfaces, creating a thermal reservoir. The balance of power is reflected from the hot surface and is absorbed by other, cold. This allows you to save up to 20% energy compared with other heating systems. Dear representatives of construction companies and architectural offices! If you are interested in our products and you have skills in sales and are ready to cooperate with us, you have the chance to become our dealer. They can become any type of property company or a private entrepreneur, who meet the requirements of ‘dealer’ of the company. We are interested in product promotion HOT-FILM for in this territory of the Russian Federation.


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