Gears Xbox

The truth is that it shows that this console is the younger, and there are still a few months to come titles that demonstrate its true potential. In this sense not can the panorama be better, since is becoming less to enjoy games like GTA IV, Devil May Cry 4? or Assassins Creed – to name a few examples – both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Do the Microsoft console also has some very tempting exclusives like Halo 3?, Fable 2 or Bioshock?, while Playstation 3 users will enjoy exclusive of Heavenly Sword, Metal Gear Solid 4? -Although increasingly more voices that it will also appear on Xbox 360 – or promising Uncharted point: Drakes Fortune. Wii is not far behind, with long-awaited as Metroid Prime 3 games: Corruption, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Brawl or Super Mario Galaxy. You’ve already decided? It is really complicated to talk about everything what they can offer the current consoles, since they are no longer a few systems offered at most music CD playback to become a really complete and versatile appliances. In case of little, the Playstation 3 also can become a PC – within certain limits – to allow the installation of the operating system GNU/Linux.

Although the decision should be based on the catalog of each console, it is difficult to set aside these other benefits, and they should be taken into account when choosing the system that will accompany us during the next few years. For example, if we want to be prepared for the home video in high definition – a battle currently being waged between Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats-, consoles from Microsoft and Sony are a good investment, but you have to take into account that in the case of Xbox 360 should make a disbursement extra. As for the games, it is clear that there are two separate sides. Nintendo has opted for the gameplay against the graphic spectacle, and it seems that initially the audience is responding pretty well, since the number of consoles sold is currently higher than the competition. It must also take into account that many developers – as the own Ubi Soft has admitted – have taken advantage of the ease of development to bring to market a very poor quality games, and there is still enough to check what Wii can offer. The other consoles offer a huge brute power, and it remains to see the theoretical superiority of Playstation 3 in this respect. On the other hand, the temporary advantage of Xbox 360 has allowed to see games like Gears of War, a title that proves that the last word always developers have it. Everything indicates that the battle is going to be really interesting for years, and all companies will have to offer interesting products if they want to win over users.