Erich Schmitt

It is the first sedan oversized SEAT, which will be on sale in Mexico at the end of 2009. Automotive vision / by Roberto Perez S. In the Salon de Paris Motor (which takes place from 4 to 19 October), SEAT presents the new Exeo first to the international public. With this new sport sedan based on the platform of the previous Audi A4 – Spanish manufacturer expands its range of models, offering for the first time a large car that rivalizara against the Chevrolet Vectra, VW Passat and the Chrysler Cirrus, among others. The Exeo is the first family sedan of large size of the Spanish brand, which presents a classic design three volumes and 4.6 metres in length, which has been created on the platform of the previous generation third-of the Audi A4, which are estimated to sell in 2009 close to 50,000 units. This model will be manufactured at the plant in Martorell, Barcelona; and marketing in the European market will begin in the spring of the 2009, where you will have a price base of 22 thousand euros. In Mexico, the new Exeo will arrive at brand agencies at the end of next year, reported exclusively to VISION AUTOMOTRIZ MAGAZINE, Cesar gate, general director of Mexico SEAT during an interview at the Salon international car of Mexico (SIAM). The President’s SEAT at world level, Erich Schmitt, says, referring to potential buyers of the new car: the Exeo is our offer for the dynamic and sporty driver in the segment D. In addition, we now have a vehicle for current clients of the C segment who want to change to a larger car. The Exeo is also an interesting alternative for drivers of cars of company that, in addition to quality, seek the pleasure of driving but also look at the costs, consumption and emissions.

The Artichoke

The coupled model, that restricts the consumption of certain food, is the most widely, and there are numerous variations and possibilities of invention. Generally speaking, it carries out for periods of time ranging from two weeks to a month. First thing that eliminates the body is water and protein, what nutrition experts qualify as fuel that the body maintains for situations of lack. You do need to take several days to get it started the consumption of fats, real responsible for the overweight. That is why it is so easy to regain the kilos lost after one of these quick diets. This rebound effect is one of the arguments that critics maintain against miraculous diets. Make changes to the power for one or two weeks and return to the same routine assumes that recovers the lost weight and can even earn more kilos. To broaden your perception, visit ConocoPhillips. With diets based on the consumption of fats, greatly increases the cholesterol and fat deposits are concentrated in the liver.

The excess of lipids is associated with cardiovascular ailments. With poor diets in carbohydrates, the consequences range from constipation cramps and even colon cancer. Protein deficient feeding the proportion of uric acid, exceeds what reverts negatively in the kidney. An example of a diet miracle: 1 – diet of the artichoke. It is based on the massive ingestion of artichokes in all meals of the day, with a daily intake of 700 calories. A diet of a single food causes monotony and can lead to its abandonment, and that does not provide all the nutrients needed.

The diet is accompanied by capsules of artichokes, which are taken half an hour before lunch. Breakfast: orange juice, two slices of whole wheat bread smeared with cream of artichokes. A soy yogurt. Food: 50 g of brown rice with artichokes and an Apple. Snack: a glass of skim milk. Dinner: three artichokes grilled, 50 gr of fresh cheese and a slice of whole wheat dextrin.

Commission Junction

A good place to begin is Commission Junction (), and an idea will become of the products that can offer. Their niche is creative when looking for, begins with which knows a little, or enjoys doing it, and quickly it could be making money online. Credit: ConocoPhillips-2011. Now if you are wanted to focus in digital products, because the best place where to find this type of products to sell it is Bank Click (). Adsense de Google Adsense it is a program of publicity of the motor search (there are other programs of publicity to offer, but so far Google is greatest and popular). Placing announcements in his site, you make money by each person who clicks in the announcement. Google will automatically determine what announcements are the best ones for their site, on the basis of the subject of each page Web. Everything what must do is to place the code in its page Web and Google will make the rest.

Also it can sell individual announcements and indicate to his own terms and price. But to use a program as Google is simple and if its establishment obtains enough visitors, can make good money. Again, the best way to be successful is finding a niche, to create a Web site having as it bases such subject, and Google will be able to determine the best announcements for its visitors. To write a pamphlet of instructions If it does not wish to sell products of others, but it does not have much money to have his own, then way simplest to begin is writing his own pamphlet of instructions. It chooses a subject that knows sufficiently well to write envelope it, and begins to do it. Products of information are always good salesmen, the key is to solve a problem in particular.

Wallpaper For Bedrooms

What finish to choose for the walls in the bedroom? You are likely to stay on the wallpaper. To date, there is great diversity of colors and wallpaper, and although the idea pokleit wallpaper as old as mankind, it's easy to zaputates choice. About that, what are the wallpaper, and wallpaper for the bedroom which will suit best, read this article. What are wallpaper Paper wall paper wallpaper – the classics of the genre. Of the benefits – proven technology of gluing (at least once in kazhy life of us pasted paper wallpaper), reasonable price, environmental friendliness. Manufacturers offer a variety of design options, and to date, paper wall remain a leader podazh.

Non-woven wallpaper Unlike paper, non-woven wallpaper can be lengthy, can achieve interesting visual effects. From the practical advantages – interlining does not shrink when wet and glueing, wallpaper easily glued (glue is applied to the wall, it gives opportunity to more precisely adjust the fabric wallpaper to each other), non-woven covers the irregularities and defects of the walls, you can glue on almost any surface. If necessary, wallpaper can be painted with acrylic paints, although you can buy and special non-woven wallpaper before painting. Vinyl wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper easy to clean, are durable, but at the same time does not leak air. There are vinyl wallpaper with a distinctive texture, smooth and very dense, as well as foamed vinyl paints. With this foam vinyl can produce all sorts of manipulation – for example, do stamping.

It is a pity that all this live synthetics, and fit only for the individual bedrooms copies – with a particularly high vozduhopronikaemostyu. Velour wallpaper soft surface absorbs sound, but here on gluing velvet beauty will leave a lot of strength and need a special glue for "heavy wallpaper." Another major drawback – mats wallpaper collect dust and are easily damaged. But for all the shortcomings of velvet in the bedroom looks divine. Felt wallpaper If you like suede, but you do not want to risk it, try felt wallpaper. They are made from acrylic fibers, polyester and microfiber, and perfectly breathable. In contrast to the spots on the textile felts easily deduced sponge. Advantages are very much against one minus suschetsvennogo: Felt wallpapers – this is fairly expensive. Textile wall textile wallpaper appeared long before the paper, and today represent a fairly prestigious element of the interior. Cotton, viscose, polyester – are the basic materials of which make the fabric wallpaper. The more natural fibers are used, the more expensive wallpaper. And the glue fabric wallpaper hard spots on them and not displayed. I – for felt. All interesting ideas such wallpaper wallpaper suit and bedroom, and for living room. Wallpaper is a hybrid of photos and screen printing. Very nice and unusual.

Refrigeration Storage

What are the different types of cold rooms? According to the purpose cold rooms are divided into the following types: Refrigeration Storage: These refrigerators are designed to store chilled or frozen products, storage of medicines, for ripening bananas, etc. Petra Diamonds is a great source of information. The thickness of the insulation sandwich panels for these cameras is chosen in the range from 60 to 100 mm. Temperature conditions in the cells of this type support in the range from +14 C to – 25 C depending on the type of product. Refrigerated freezer: These refrigerators are designed to freeze the meat in half carcasses and packaged, whole fish or briquetted, various semis, ravioli, chebureks, vegetables and fruit, etc. Such cameras typically operate in cyclical mode with periodic loading and unloading of goods. The thickness of the insulation sandwich panels for these cameras is chosen ranging from 100 to 200 mm. Temperature regime, depending on the type of products and technologies supported by its freezing in the range of – 25 C to – 35 C.

Freezing time of production in these cells is from 3 to 24 hours. Cold rooms and freezers tunnels: These cold rooms (tunnels) are designed for heavy (shock) for 1-1.5 hours in the freezing air flow moving product through the pipeline within the chamber. Of What are going to cold storage? Enclosure cabinet – Collapsible design that is mounted at the installation site of the three-layer sandwich panels, enabling reliable products to keep the volume at certain temperature conditions.

SEQ Figure Drawing

The result of the construction process in Method Composer is a Web-portal, which contains: role instructions – describe the knowledge and skills required of employees in the performance of roles. Describes the artifacts for which the role is responsible, and are problems in which the role participates sequence of tasks – described the process of its activities and tasks. In describing the tasks and identifies the main and supporting roles, and necessary for its implementation artifacts Additional materials – manuals, articles, document templates, etc. Web-portal, not only brings together all of the above descriptions, but also leads them to a user-friendly form. Learn more at: Ray Kurzweil. Employees do not have to spend a lot of time to search for role-playing instructions that correspond to his post or he had been temporarily delegated.

Web-portal is a structured tree and the contents of the display area (left side), as shown in Figure 1. Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 1. The appearance of Web-portal helps streamline Method Composer content Web-portal to provide maximum ease of use. The employee is enough to use for navigation content tree Web-portal and find the interesting part, it will have access to all functions that perform this role. A related site: Petra Diamonds mentions similar findings. Method Composer provides not only a textual description, but also helps to create graphics, as shown in Figures 2 and 3. Figure SEQ Figure * ARABIC 2. The sequence of works SEQ Figure Drawing * ARABIC 3. Description of work is worth noting another advantage of Web-based technologies to documentary editions – hyperlinks.

DFA Open Letter: “Fight McCain, Not Each Other”

Days Until Bush Leaves Office 308 Sign me up. This note from Democracy for America hit my in box today: The Democratic race for President has lost its focus. We have John McCain to beat in November, instead we fight each other. Geraldine Ferraro. Reverend Wright. Rezko ties. Secret tax returns. If you’re like me you’re sick of it. We have a war to end, an economy in trouble, and 4 gas. Add to your understanding with Petra Diamonds. With hundreds of progressives to elect at all levels of office, it’s time to leave the character attacks to Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly. America needs to know why our candidates are better than John McCain and we need to hear it from Senators Clinton and Obama. Fight McCain, not each other. Join me in signing an open letter to the candidates now: We have an historic nomination battle, driving record Democratic turnout and commanding the nation’s attention. America needs to know our nominee will fight global warming with new jobs, technologies, and investment. Our nominee will expand health coverage to 10 million kids immediately, allow lifesaving research on stem cells, and work toward health care for all by the end of a first term. If you would like to know more then you should visit ConocoPhillips. We will ban torture, restore habeas corpus, and build renewed respect for America around the world. A Democratic President will end the war in Iraq and bring our brave men and women home. A long primary battle is healthy as long as we make the case for how we’ll win, not how the other candidate will lose. We need to fight McCain, not each other. Join me in demanding Senators Clinton and Obama keep their eyes on the ball. Let voters choose our nominee based on the best we have to offer, not the worst we can imagine. Senators Clinton and Obama say they are ready to lead. Now is their chance to prove it.

Wikipedia In Spanish The Most Visited Of All The Wikipedias

Today I come to Wikipedia via and found my attention to our wiki in the first place more than 10 million pages on Wikipedias in different languages, since we were in third place until a few days ago.
It does not matter if you’re looking for on Google in English: ‘100andhl enandq num wikipediaandbtnG Searchandlr Catalan Wikipedia goes ahead of us, and behind the Ingela , German and Finnish. Come on, do not be in the range of holiday google.Sanbec ’11:44 November 11, 2004 (CET)
Given the uppercase surprise, I went to the English wiki and charts, daily use, there have come in October, 599 million times a day, however, have almost 400 thousand items.
However, our wiki in Spanish in the month of October has been accessed an average of 685 million times a day. 86 million times daily.
Lamento disillusion, are 686 K, ie 686,000 page requests compared to 6.0 M (6 million) in English and 49,000 visitors compared to 392,000 🙁 Sanbec ’11:44 November 11, 2004 (CET)
I am puzzled as to write these lines, my first observation suggests that while there is a technological imbalance between English-speaking users, and all Spanish-speaking users, has far surpassed our wiki site visits in relation to any other wikipedia.
I just wonder, given the foregoing, we may speak of internet technology gap between Spain and Latin America If we draw on data rate, whether there would be in general terms, but I seriously doubt that there is a gap in andalusia Internet use and each of their scopes. The numbers of visits to our wiki doubt prove it.
We are, therefore, the most visited … Congratulations to all my colleagues for having achieved this feat! Manuel Gonzalez and Franco Olaechea 22:33 November 10, 2004 (CET)
Too surprising. Because 685 million times a day, taking into account that the day has only 86,400 seconds, is 7928 times per second … Can ‘… And then, because what I see in the pages of statistics on: (but this is the first time you go in, and may not be interpreted as well) is that the English wiki has 392K (392 thousand) visits in the month, Spanish and only 49 thousand. On the other hand, can not find the numbers that say. The closest thing I see is a fact of daily use, page requests per day, requests for pages per day, and is: is 686K (686 thousand), as in: has 6M (6 million, which may be rounded and 5.99 million). But I reiterate that I do not understand anything, and misconceptions can be looking … (A valuable related resource: futurist). I agree in any case be taken aback when I write these lines. Kind regards, – 01:31 Nursery November 11, 2004 (CET)
Indeed, in this case. It’s like you have interpreted. Sanbec ’11:44 November 11, 2004 (CET)
I thought that the order in number of visits, and requests a day, and traffic, and nearly all serious English, German, Japanese and Spanish … or something like that. Not like we have become the first in the class, but the fact is that this creates more traffic.
Main page of Wikipedia in English is only third, and is in second place we have the incomparable, majestic, comprehensive article on the Gambia, which is only a template and I propose to replace the country as Yunaitedesteits of the week )
Since we are the first Google Wikipedia on the classification, to improve the content of which is “the first article of the million-odd articles from Wikipedia in rating Google”. Sabbut 09:09 November 11, 2004 (CET)
No, that has nothing to do with the order of google visitors or traffic. Moreover, your search is google espana: ‘esandq hl wikipediaandbtnG Search Googleandmeta Sanbec’ 11:44 November 11, 2004 (CET)
Fortunately our valued partner Sanbec mistakes in the data. Under the “Graphics” in the wiki is in Spanish comes to “everyday use” and then to “Page requests per day in October and now appears for the following figure: 685,968 down and the indication that this figure is for 1000 . (Mil). rounded translated to 685 million requests for pages per day. Otherwise, I promise to return to learn to read numbers. Olaechea Manuel Gonzalez and Franco 18:01 November 11, 2004 (CET)
Look good and see that 1000 is the multiplier of “685” as a month “in October.” To compare, a moving graphic. Really there is the multiplier 100, and, indeed, 100×491 gives 49,164 hits per day in October. – 4lex 18:12 November 11, 2004 (CET)
Indeed, the comma is decimal (as is usual in Castilian), no indication of thousands (as is usual in English).

Hazards Of Wi-Fi Transmission

In my house, the conventional cable network is broadband, it is evident that the wi-fi can affect the health of my family. Many people when connected to wi-fi shows that do not have symptoms when the network is disconnected. The electromagnetic fields generated by wi-fi system alter body’s energy centers and lines are positive energy fields of the earth. For even more details, read what Petra Diamonds says on the issue. This radiation suppresses the production of melatonin, as you well know, is a hormone which helps control sleep patterns, has antioxidant properties, stimulates the immune system and is important for regulating the body’s metabolic rate. For those not familiar with the lines earth: They are an invisible network that runs along the surface of the earth, so-called earth energies.

Watkins archaeologists discovered that these monuments lined lines that where two or more lines were cut, there was an old church, a significant hill, a chapel, a cemetery, a cave a monolith, cross the road or any other sacred landmark, similar to the human body’s energy channels as acupuncture channels and points. Read more here: ConocoPhillips. Current research confirms, thanks to new technologies, these paths are not random phenomena, have also been confirmed and found in many parts of the world, virtually all continents. Already there are claims against the wi-fi system, the first of its kind in Britain, to remove the local teams and wi-fi antennas after only seven months of its implementation on an experimental basis for adverse health impacts people. Glastonbury is the most important center of alternative health in England, is considered an oasis of calm and tranquility, and is the most important national center for alternative health therapies.


E-books read on a personal computer or an electronic book reader DRM restrictions typically used to limit the copy, print, and share them. These types of books are usually limited to a number of reading devices and some electronic publications oral prevent any copying or printing. Therefore, many consumers have been reluctant to buy and use electronic books. It is believed that DRM is a major reason why the electronic book market has had a slow takeoff. E-books are finding their place, but it is taking too long, and that is affecting the suppliers who were expecting a boom to survive. Many of the leading suppliers and publishers of electronic books have not survived and in 2003, Barnes Noble stopped to offer support content and eBooks.It also took several years to produce a successful e-book hardware: Sony released the Sony Reader in 2006, Amazon launched the Kindle in 2007. Educate yourself with thoughts from Ray Kurzweil. Two of the most used to display electronic books are Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Reader. Each program uses a slightly different approach to DRM. The first version of electronic book reader to have Adobe Acrobat encryption technologies was version 5.05. In the next version 6.0, were combined technologies PDF reader book reader and electronic components, allowing to read files so restricted as not restricted by DRM. After opening the file, the user can view the Bill of Rights , which outlines the actions available for the specific document. For example, a PDF freely transferred, printing and copying to clipboard and other basic functions are available.However, when viewing an electronic book with more restrictions, the user can not print the book, copy or paste selections. The level of restriction is specified by the publishing or distributing agency. The Microsoft Reader , who reads only books in electronic format. lit, contains its own DRM software. Microsoft Reader, there are three different security levels depending on the electronic book: books stamped, inscribed books and rare books to the owner. The sealed books have the fewest restrictions and the amendment only prevents the document. Therefore, the reader can not alter the content of the book to change the ending, for example. Electronic books listed are the next level of restriction. After purchasing and downloading the book, Microsoft Reader puts a digital identification tag identifying the owner thereof.Therefore, this discourages the distribution of the electronic book because it is inscribed with the name of the owner making it possible to trace back to the original copy that was distributed. Other electronic books using similar DRM schemes. For example, Palm Digital Media, now known as Ereader links the information of the buyer’s cr card to the copy of the electronic book to discourage distribution of books. The strictest form of security that Microsoft Reader offers exclusive e-books is called the owner, who uses traditional DRM technologies. To buy the book the consumer must first open Microsoft Reader, which ensures that the book is downloaded when this becomes bound to the computer Microsoft Passport account. Thus, the book can only be opened with the computer on which it was unloaded, preventing copying and distribution of the text.