Introduction to preprocessor What would be even an average programmer, it is necessary to provide functionality to the preprocessor. To understand the basics let's deal with the wording: preprocessor – a program that performs editing the original code. Ie It converts the code before the start of the program. Many web-programmers use a preprocessor to […]


1. What is extruded aluminum? Extruded aluminum – is a complex process in terms of technology, which includes a set of operations and equipment used. The process involves the extrusion of aluminum closed cavity through a hole in the matrix corresponding to the pressed section profile. 2. What is a matrix (die, press tooling)? Tool […]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

We grew up on a children's movie. Someone from the adults still loves him to watch. And of course, it is watched by our children. The main issue of child cinema, many now believe that the lack of good new national children's films. "We do not have any children's films today," – sighs of the […]

Board Games – For Home, Office, Travel

'All of our lives – the game' – said the great Shakespeare. And this is true, all kinds of games take a human life a great place. In our lives, much depends on the will of the case, we put on different masks and play one, then another role However, we will not go into […]


Playing with the image in the editor, sometimes you forget that photographers last required hours of work in the laboratory to ensure the similarity of those effects. That are possible today. Click the mouse, click a few buttons on keyboard, a pen conduct regular product of computer art. The coup, which took in photography digital […]