Smartphone Water Damage

What should be done and how should I not respond with a Wasserschadem when my Smartphone who knows that, you find yourself in the car and wants to check his messages but moves on the display nothing. Findings: water damage. Here the Smartphone must have been forced into the water, so that such a mistake […]

Easy Software

Make PosBill to the key of your success! The new PosBill POS system was developed specifically for ice-cream parlours. So, you can keep a cool head on sunny and hot days. The mobile checkout is about the touch display easily with your fingers or a stylus very easy to use. The sophisticated POS software is […]

Best Friend Of The IPad Mini

WEDO has case ‘TrendSet’ iPad mini for a stylish Pack of Mini-tablets Dieburg, October 2013. Apple’s iPad mini is the computer, television, camera, book, shopping companion and co-worker in one. Always ready for use in the hand bag and constantly in the usage it shows just as vulnerable as its larger siblings. The new iPad […]


The integrated ThinPrint client of the TPR-10 also provides for more important security features such as encryption of print data. Bundled security for the first step common pull printing solutions are in the control either by the printer manufacturer-dependent or complex IT ecosystems. The TPR-10 Starter package allows companies, however, such a solution without much […]

Electrical Installations

Whether computers, phones or large production machines, electrical appliances are indispensable in everyday work and need to work so flawlessly. Whether computers, phones and kettle or large production machines, the electric current is indispensable in everyday work. All electrical equipment and facilities must therefore always reliably work and may have no damage, which represent a […]