VCR Camera

By the multiplexer can be connected to an alarm system (to Special 'ALARM' – input). This allows you to automatically view the picture with the camera, which shows the location of violations. Most of the multiplexers are either 'dynamic allocation record time' for each camera. This means that the camera is the most often recorded on a VCR, the picture is often different. Additional devices swivel device. Such devices are composed of several electric motors, managed remotely, which can move the camera in the desired direction horizontally or vertically. Some of them allow you to pre-configure the camera to work in several program modes. When receiving a control signal (eg from an alarm device that is installed on a particular stretch of protected subject matter) the device automatically sorintiruet camera to quality Image is from the desired area.

Other features make it change speed camera rotation in the horizontal or vertical, self-resetting (after working in the 'alarm' mode camera again begins to function in the normal), and adjust the camera on automatic mode survey (in this case, the camera constantly rotates horizontally between two given points in advance, looking swath of land in a particular sector) Motion detectors. Protection of large objects (such as banks, factories, large office) requires a large number of cameras. In this case the duty is necessary to control more four cameras. As a result, effective protection is markedly reduced. The solution to this problem is to use motion detectors. Motion detectors allow you to display information on multiple screens, include at 'Anxiety' spetsvidieomagnitofon, as well as connect to a computer console and the general alarm.

System setup allows you to exclude false positives such as 'rocking the branches', rain, etc. Video printers. Video printer enables print with a monitor, camera or VCR: photos yet, unwanted visitors, staff of the emergency and any others you may have with a recorded cassette Illumination important point for quality of surveillance systems is the illumination of the object.

PKP Petroprom Produces

PKP “PetroProm” produces and sells: a new generation of capacitors without water cooling KBSP “Ark”. 1. Economy (from 2100 to 4200 cubic meters of water per year, as consumption of water for cooling the old type of capacitors is 0.18 cubic meters / hour, except that additional hardware and equipment (hoses, valves, flow meters, hoppers, etc.) and periodic washing with concentrated hydrochloric acid cooling channels), 2. Environmentally friendly (complete absence liquid filling), 3. Maintainability (the breakdown of the internal capacitor cell replacement is subject to only the cell and not the entire capacitor, capacitor spare cells are also available) 4. Security (Open construction of “dry” capacitors allows you to set alarm temperature sensors on each cell capacitor in order to protect them from thermal overload) on all products is set to 1-year warranty. There warranty service. PKP “PetroProm” renders services on designing, manufacturing, installation and repair: the high-frequency equipment for hardening, melting, tempering, heating of metals, welding, ultrasonic systems for cleaning parts, welding metals and plastics, production of fine emulsions, etc..

Canadian DSC

Tasks rather diverse means, including non-proper to the protection of the object. For example, can be linked into one system alarm (fire alarm, CCTV and access control, perimeter protection, etc.) with automatic organizing the livelihood of the house: to block any action, switched on and off street lighting, irrigation, etc. Vista, like some other systems are versatile, can do it, as opposed to other, less expensive equipment, was created to address a narrow range of specific tasks. Another popular group of equipment we have – it’s hardware for security systems by Canadian firms DSC, which manufactures a wide range of products are very decent quality and rich features. The equipment of these two companies are comparable in quality and degree of universality. Today, however, the share of ADEMCO accounts for most of the Russian market of security systems. In particular, departments non-departmental working on the equipment of production of the company. While in the 90s, at the dawn of the technological revolution in home security systems, when a change of equipment with primitive tools Russian production on the more advanced Western models, DSC became very powerful in our market for some time kept him on the leader.

Installed equipment and DSC state security structures. But in subsequent years ADEMCO gradually recovered from competing this tasty DSC market segment. To be fair to add that in recent years, and domestic development of universal security. It attempt to copy the best foreign models. And if in terms of functionality Russian products significantly lower than the imported analogues, competitive price, of course, is their forte. Security organizations have already taken these developments into service, which is an indirect confirmation of their quality.


Appears "Oka-6", the first model of a twin-cooler, equipped with a glass cabinet for drinks, which was located on the inside panel of the freezer and dispenser. Leaning glass of a button, you can pour the cool juice or other beverage without opening the refrigerator door. This model remained popular until the late 90s. In the 90 years of production of refrigerators sharply reduced. The domestic market is flooded with imported models, for example, Bosh and Siemens, which have become popular thanks to heavy advertising. Perhaps the only domestic brand at the time was 'Stinol' Hardware which, however, were not produced in Russia and shipped from Japan, Denmark and France. Modernity Modern refrigerators practically leave no room for imagination. Today, refrigerators are not necessarily white and rectangular.

It can be black, red, metallic colors, retro or hi-tech, with finishing wood or marble. The form of the refrigerator can also be different from the classical to the most unusual. If you not afraid to experiment and have a good sense of humor, the market can even find a refrigerator in the form of a penguin who will love your children. For those who do not like to bother with unnecessary movements, fit refrigerator with a special panel on the door, which at the touch becomes transparent, showing its contents. In Japan, bold designers went further, introducing a fully transparent model of refrigerator. For environmentally conscious consumers are offered a model with an antibacterial coating. Today, there are refrigerators with built-panel TVs, refrigerators with inlay for lovers of luxury, refrigerators with a special coating, which can safely draw the marker and leave the household of his orders, as well as models of a new generation of LCD displays with touch, you can record voice messages and enjoy culinary books or tables of calories, as well as to regulate the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer compartments. However, such "advanced" models are available is not for everyone, so most buyers preference for a reliable model of Bosh or Siemens, and buyers with high income choose from these popular refrigerators German manufacturers like Miele, Gaggenau, Liebherr, Kuppersbusch. This is justified because these manufacturers are on the right considered the best, combining their models in great quality, comfort, environmental protection and cutting edge design.

Electronic Scale

Libra counting. Counting digital scale designed to measure the mass, as well as calculate the number of specimens weighing products on gruzopriemnoy platform. These scales are used to determine the amount of hardware, buttons and other small parts. To calculate the number of specimens weighing products during the mass measurement, all samples should have the same weight. Counting digital scale calculates the number of samples for two principles: the introduction of weights in memory of the mass by weighing the product or the introduction of a known mass of a unit in memory of the balance by typing. Many electronic scales have the function of counting mode, but the scales are originally developed for use in counting mode more user-friendly thanks to three indicators, which shows the total mass of the weighed product, the weight of one unit that previously entered into memory weights and number of units of samples on gruzopriemnoy platform.

Accordingly, you see all the parameters of weighting whereas in conventional electronic balance with counting function of the operator will monitor the weight, or number of samples on the platform. Some manufacturers produce counting scales with RS232 interface by default, which makes it possible to connect them to a computer or printer, depending on production needs. Complement accumulator counting scales virtually all manufacturers, since this is not the most expensive segment of the market weight and lack of independent power supply is often the cause of failure consumers from buying. Counting Electronic Scale is a modification of floor up to 300 kg, some manufacturers have similar models, but on the Ukrainian market, these scales were not recognized by the consumer as opposed to the desktop. This is due to the fact that to obtain the required accuracy over a large gruzopriemnoy platform that would count the number of nuts M4 is possible but very expensive, whereas you can use the desktop to 3/6/15/30 kg weights and still get accuracy to 0.05 g. If a sample weighs more than 10 grams and weigh them to the hundreds, then in any case, you have to use floor.