Carlos Drummond

As beginning in middle of years 50, pertaining to the generation of 60 of our literature, the maranhense poet would have found as next poetical horizon, the idealistic esteticismo that starts to be the defining mark of the poets of 45 the spite of its undeniable individual differences. At that moment, however, such esteticismo already […]

Literary Rules

Leonardo was gotten passionate tremendous, foot antep, stopped and been imvelcomo one decrees behind it that, extended for it are, you are welcome had given faith. It was thus for long time, calculating if it would have to speak in foot or be kneel. Later it made a movement as if it wanted to touch […]

The Phrase

Leaving of the opposition it enters the sphere of the nature and the sphere of the society, we find the man wild living of the fruits of the land, not being necessary to force it, nor neither to use too much effort to get its sustenance. On the other hand, after innumerable progressos, increased of […]

Hidden Wealth

Dear Friend: It is our daily work, that we make with much dedication and respect. We wait for benefit of the same. A fraternal greeting. The Group of the Hidden Wealth the primitive Man was more intuitive than the present Man. It could perceive subtle elementary forces of the Nature because its language was in […]

National Curricular Lines

According to National Curricular Lines of direction for the Education of Ethnic-Racial relations and for Ensino de Histria and Cultura Afro-Brazilian and African (2005, P. 25), are necessary to provide Edition of books and didactic materials, for different levels and modalities of education, that take care of to the made use one in this to […]