THE INTERNET IN THE EDUCATION: Instrument in the construction of the knowledge With the increasing one development of the new technologies, is known that it is essential in such a way for students, how much for professors and all the community, to be in constant contact and to follow the changes in the technological sector, not to run the risk to be to the edge of the society, guaranteeing its participation in the digital Age. Amongst all the benefits and easinesses brought for the new technologies, the Internet was elect as source of propagation of the information, increasing the speed in the exchange of ideas between the people, breaching cultural borders, politics, economic and social, narrowing the differences between men, joining the most distant regions of the planet. According to Moran (2007) ‘ ‘ the Internet is a media that facilitates the motivation of the pupils, for the newness and for the inexhaustible possibilities of research that oferece’ ‘. It is responsible, thus, for facilitating the dissemination of the knowledge, contributing in well significant way for the education. The Internet is one of the computational tools used as source continuum of information on the real life, making possible the contextualizao of the learning in the education of them you discipline pertaining to school, with the problems of the reality and of interest of the pupils, for the construction of its knowledge.

It has certain confusion between information and knowledge. We have many available data, information. In the information, the data are organized inside of a logic, of a code of a definitive structure. To know is to integrate the information in our referencial, in our paradigm, appropriating it, becoming it significant for us. The knowledge is not transferred, the knowledge is created, constructed. (MORAN, 2007, P. 54) the Internet must be used of form adjusted, so that transformations in the education happen beneficially, through changes in the form to teach and to learn; since, with the aid of this tool, the pupil now is responsible for the construction of its knowledge and the professor becomes only one person who orientates and facilitador in teach-learning process.