The Applicant

In later posts, the author will disclose the success factors and many practical solutions to success with this recommendation chain. The right start of this long-term business decides on high incomes or frustrated task in this growing worldwide industry. Communication in a self-confident approach as is condition. With some tips for the practice it is […]

Stephane Etrillard

He is regarded as a leading European expert on the subject of “personal sovereignty”. With decision makers and executives, he is searched and known as Advisor and “Coaches of the new generation”. He enjoys an excellent reputation as a coach and writer. With its open seminars in the field of rhetoric and dialectic, as well […]

Ideas For Your Own EBook

You will write it sent with the eBook, then it can last a lifetime to earn his money and get a passive income. Many people have to want to write an eBook with the idea and then to earn their money. Most eBooks is to guide, written to the wide range of topics. Wrote an […]


Annual general meeting the FIDOR AG approves the development to the FIDOR Bank Munich, 04th June 2009 with almost 100% of the present capital the AGM of the FIDOR AG has decided the development to the FIDOR Bank. After the BFin had granted full banking license in April 2009, is now with the entry of […]

Stephane Etrillard

You need only a few rules to comply with: go on the offensive: when problems arise, talk about it before others do it! Do not hesitate this, to admit their own misjudgments. You cover up nothing: A crisis to conceal or deny, cannot succeed. All the public will end up ultimately. A previous attempt to […]

Cavalcanti Health

However in the first decade of this century it observed a change, a reconfiguration of as to treat these men being allowed that these if also become object of attention in the public politics, to elucidate principles and lines of direction contained in the document National Politics of Integral Attention the Health of Man PNAISH, […]

Patient Transformation

The patient has a generalized infection can occur as the local infection, through the unsatisfactory asepsis, resulting in bacteremia, and provoking pain in the coasts, hiperthermia, vomits and discomfort In the current days the necessity of continued education is unquestioned, in way to enable the professional through a reflexiva and participativa education. In the nursing […]

Intensive Therapy

We perceive that diverse of the cited actions they are common in the Units of Intensive Therapy, however, many times executed without perception of its importance or erronia way and without the indispensable asepsis. In order to solve this point, we detach the importance of the education in health of the team how much to […]

Home Care Assistance

The domicile can be considered an only place so that the nurse gives assistance, leading in account the economic, social, affective aspects, the historical questions and the cultural experiences of the familiar ones. Ahead of this, the rendering of services of health in the domicile is one return to the roots humanists in the attention […]

Social Assistance

Reaching the white public with profile to participate of the Social Programs so that they can be inserted in the market of work for socioeconmico and intellectual development of the individual and its family. For the efetivao of the intervention project if made necessary the promotion of partnerships, carried through with the Association of inhabitants […]