Fortified Town

The sources sufficiently accented dominate the landscape, for where if they cross water subsidiary lines of the River Flavor, as it is the example of the Ribeiras of the Xedal or the Relvas, among others. The balanced symbiosis between the mountain, planltica zone and the hidrogrfica net (Rivers Sabor and Douro and Ribeira of the Vilaria) make strategically of this region one of most fertile and most located, what it determined, throughout the times, the strategies of occupation of the space. 3.2. Description-Archaeological framing the antrpica occupation of the current enclosed territory, administratively, for the Concelho de Torre de Moncorvo retraces to Daily pay-History, lasting until actualidade. You dated of the Daily pay and Proto-History is the rupestres artistic manifestations of the Ribeira of xedal 1 (CNS 11404) and 2 (CNS 11415), the diverse vestiges in return of the Car (CNS 16675), the Shelter of the Ribeira de Chibos (CNS 16687), the diverse findings of the Pvoa (CNS 11405), the Town of the Baldoeiro (CNS 1008), the Fortified Town of Cigadonha (CNS 2094), the Cabeo de Alfarela (CNS 4801), the Castle of the Moiros (CNS 5461), the Rupestre Art of the Mills (CNS 11410) and of the Ribeira of the Sardine (CNS 11402), Castle (CNS 5052), habitat of Fraga of Fojo 1 (CNS 11441), the Cabeo of the Apostolnios (CNS 5320), the Walls and the Ruins of Old Village of Santa Cruz or Derruda (CNS 10888), the Town Mrs. of the Castle (CNS 1512), the Necropolis of the Junqueira (CNS 4716), the Cabeo of the Mua (CNS 3546), the Olival of the Fragas (CNS 4121), the Tapir of the Cabeo of Walled the 2 (CNS 27934), among others. You dated of the time Roman are the vestiges identified in the Nucleus of Povoamento de Cilhades (CNS 11409), in Fifth of the Tarrincha (CNS 6672), in the Cabeo de Alfarela (CNS 4801), in the Chapel of N. . Futurist is often quoted on this topic.

International College

Considering this it is necessary that same the involved ones look for to search alternatives that come to change the educational process. Through the study of them you discipline formation and teaching professionalization and cognitivas Theories of the learning had contributed still more, for the teaching professionalization, since the necessary professor is constantly if bringing up to date, looking for to improve practical its. through the reading of books and the lessons of these you discipline that the professor goes acquiring more knowledge. The process of continued formation, is effectively about a process continues that it takes as broken knowing experiencial of the professors, the problems and challenges of the practical pertaining to school. In to this it practises it context pedagogical will be in this process I always continue in search of the construction of knowing, what it means the constitution of a behavior of professional life. Such behavior was to lead the educative process of the levels of the practical reflexiva and applied science. The importance of this practical change in the pedagogical one implies the releitura of the function of the professor as professional reflexive and the school as promotional organization of the development of the educative process. The valuation and better remuneration that the teaching professional longs for in good part of its formation and initial performance as still of its formation continued beyond good conditions of work, wage and career.

Armed of these elements the environment inside and outside of the classroom it will give good fruits. This walked in search of renewal implied it to knowledge and if it processes during all the professional life. This process left of estimated of that the education of a narrow level correlation with other levels that the other completes. Armed of these to know elementary, the fruits they will be harvested in such a way on the part of the professor who will be reaching its objectives how much to the learning. REFERENCES OAK, R.Q and Schmitz, H.O fordismo are alive in Brazil. new studies Cebrap, So Paulo, n 27, 1990. FREIRE, Pablo, pedagogia of the autonomy: To know necessary practical the educative one.

Presentation Images

Soon a infindvel gamma of details had passed to be known through the presentation photographic. With the advent of the digital technologies in the treatment of the image, this manipulation becomes more evident, the social medias, is not exception to this adoption of new technologies, where it can be sent photos of a point to the other without loss of quality and time, and eliminates the process of chemical revelation of the conventional film. Nor everything are flowers, the digital technologies drag obtain a danger, the considerable increase of the modification capacity and disfigurement of the image. In the truth, the possibility technique to modify visual elements present in the photographic image practically exists since that the same one was created in century XIX, through made chemical processes in laboratories, but with the advent of the digital techniques a bigger capacity of manipulation is configured, through diverse informticos programs, that allow to alterations of all the species. Credit: MIT Media Lab-2011. More powerful programs each time allow to counterfeit any image pparently real. With the current ones technologies, the modification of the images leave of being one privilege of the experienced photographers, and become accessible the lay public.

The gotten results are for so efficient times that identectveis become same the look of professionals of the photograph. Some of these photographs are made with pure objective of trick, others of them are however more dangerous military objectives or politicians are made with. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Xcel Energy. It has others however that they are constructed with the objective to obtain a spectacular image and of great impact of that did not exist of this form. Some of these images had exactly arrived to be published in the press, leading exactly to the taking leave of of some photographic reporters, with the justification of manipulation of images. The problem that if places is that the photographic image can be modified of form to transform the reality initially registered. .

Carlo Ginzburg

To lead the historiada written culture giving to it as basic rock the history of the representations is, therefore, to tie the power of the writings with the one of the images that allow to read them, to listen to them or to see them, with the mental categories, socially differentiated, that are the matrices of the classifications and the judgments. (P. 52) In the chapter Micron-history and globalidade, it is said of totalizante history and its rejection for the micron-historians and that now it has a movement for a global history but using a game of scales, nor only ‘ ‘ micro’ ‘ nor only ‘ ‘ macro’ ‘. The union of global with the place generating a hybrid glocal that in the theory would correct the distortions in the use of scales micron and macro. When discoursing on history in the digital age, Chartier it defends that all technological innovation not cause a sudden change in what it says respect to the production and consumption of historiogrficas workmanships and that many waited that the advent of the Internet, and for consequence the launching of electronic books, would be a revolution in the spreading and historiogrfica distribution, what not yet it happens.

A problem in the electronic book spreading is that in the book printed matter the notes send the texts that the reader, in general, will not read, perhaps but in the electronic book the reader makes the inverse process, leaving to read the workmanship, to look the displayed references of the author in notes. The disappearance of publishers specialized in electronic books sample that not yet is a reality the success of this new publishing market. In its Chartier conclusion it uses the times of History since the long braudeliana duration to micron-history of Ginzburg, Levi and others, beyond the quarrel if the temporalities is external or to the individuals and does not conclude affirming that (…) the reading of the different temporalities that make that the gift is what is, inheritance and rupture, invention and inertia at the same time, continues being the singular task of the historians and its main responsibility stops with its contemporaries. (68) In its Chartier assay, of form until certain didactic point, it goes discoursing on the questions that pululam day-by-day of the historiogrfica production? mainly after the call crisis of the history, lived in years 80 and 90? thus goes passing in magazine some aspects of the historiografia, also its workmanship, in a book of fluid and not tiring reading that the reader arrests until the end.

National State

From now on two chains if had formed: of that they saw in the man the representative of the absolute one in conduction of the process and to another one, of that they saw the nature with this function. It is for absolute that if of the first the rupture in the field of the ideas, that is the idea brought for the Christian vision of world, of the equality of all the men before God. Before the Christ coming the men they were divided. Darc walks for the dualidade proposal for Hegel. Hegel as the philosopher presents that the historical evolution results of the solution of the tension between the opposites, if of the one of sudden form. Disappearing the opposites, it disappeared, in the vision of the philosopher, the tension. It could, then, to be the conclusion, of who is working under the hegeliana optics, when dealing with to the dualidade center and periphery, or the dualidade barbarity and culture, that would exist solutions in the tension between these opposites. To if dealing with these dualidades the two parts they are multiple, what it guarantees the permanent tension and, consequently, immortality of history.

Made synthesis, placed antithesis. New center, new periphery. New culture, new barbarity. We can conclude that the civilizatrio process, nominated ‘ ‘ theory of retardo’ ‘ , it can thus be summarized: all periphery searchs the center and all the barbarity searchs the culture. The center exerts on the periphery two papers: of repulsor and of articulador. It can be said that the central point of all its line of thought was based on a trilogy, called of dialectic. This idea was based on the following elements: thesis or affirmation, antithesis or negation and synthesis or negation of the negation. Explaining a little better this hegeliana dialectic, can be said that in the thesis something is affirmed and that the antithesis is the negation of what it are affirmed before.

The tension between these two moments finds its conciliation in the synthesis, that is, in the negation of the negation. In accordance with the complex seen questions will be processed in the scope of the National State. Simplifying, the periphery dreams and when dreaming it leads the civilization process and the historical evolution results the solution of tension between the opposites. The Modern State, in the hegeliana philosophy proposal for Darc Coast, is the maximum manifestation of the Objective Spirit, where it explains using a national project. a national project is the result of the joint between ways and ends, that the national politics conjugates, the national strategy and the national power in a strategical planning.

River Going National

The reference to the Vietnam is not despropositada, therefore it allows in them to illustrate an important question concerning the destinations of the national movements in the Asian Southeast. While in some countries Asians the communist parties divided with the parties and nationalistic groups the processes of national release, as it is the case of China (where the Kuomitang enjoyed of hegemonic moments), the case of the indochinesa peninsula, in particular of the Vietnam, are significantly diverse. The Vietnamese nationalistic front, where the Communists hegemonizavam, the Viet Minh, angariou considerable force to define the national futures in accordance with the practical theories of Ho Chi Minh. Its strategy of unconditional of the project politician to the Vietnamese practical conditions, express subordination in the alliances with ample sectors of the society (also with the rich peasants), is signal of the ability of the Communists in leading the national movement against the foreign imperialismos (French and North American, beyond a brief Japanese period).

The strong communist presence in Asia, in general, must to an internal process, the evolution of the radical section of the national movements and the capacity to lead them (already that the social antagonisms could not be created artificially); also of a external process, the extension of the activities of the Komintern on Asia, whose influences and instructions had been almost always adapted to the particularitities of the Asian countries, instead of knowing an application indiscriminate. Coming back us now toward the south of Asia, more specifically its representative greater, India, we will contemplate a region that long ago is palco of one of the oldest civilizations of the world. The civilization of the River Going or Harappa, name derived from one of its capitals, blossomed during about a thousand years (of 2500 the 1500 B.C.), and represented a great civilizacional jump in the history of southern Asia. Greater for its extension of what the Sumria, occupied an enormous triangle whose sides measured 1500 km.

Contemporary History

Exactly contributing with the increase of the income of the companies where they worked, they were at the hands of the standards and enters the high classroom that concentrated the income, these had acquired greater to be able of purchase starting to consume more. The automobile industry is an example clearly of this process of expansion: it diversified intensely its models, always aiming at to a market each more demanding time in sophistication. Another data, that demonstrate the strong repression of the military dictatorship were manipulation of information, especially in the Mdici government, when they had been frequent cases of disabilities and exiles, followed of death, as the Getlio Foundation standes out Vargas – FGV – and Center of Research and Documentation of History Contemporary – CPDOC: According to dossier of the exiled ones, cited for the Magazine That is, in 1978, in the period of 1969 the 1973 had registered 77 cases of deaths of prisoners politicians for torture. Of the extensive list of missing people – those whose arrest or death had not been recognized for the authorities – elaborated by the Brazilian Committee for Anistia (CBA) and relative to the period, consisted, enter the known cases, of Mrio journalist the Alves, prisoner in the River in January of 1970 more, and of the former-member of the house of representatives Rubens Paiva, also imprisoned in the River in January in 1971 ( 15/05/2002 20 Hours). Although the military having if used of many subterfuges to manipulate the public opinion, these had been unmasked. In the specific case of the movement syndical, the recovery of the unions happens with the sprouting of the New Unionism, with the combat to the authoritarian State and the Laws, that privileged the patronal classroom unmasking the humbug of the economic miracle, leaving in defense of the wages of the workers and defining the strategy striker as form to reconquer the citizenship politics.

History Samovarov

So far, neither of which is not known when and who invented the first samovar. Many believe the country is Russia samovar, but it is not. The first semblance of a samovar can be found in Ancient Rome and China. It was a large vessel, which had the chimney and ash, the principle of his actions was the same as a conventional samovar. Also, there is a perception that the first samovar yet invented Tula, who took with him to the Urals, Tula smith-industrialist Nikita Demidov in 1701.

Once on the uninhabited place, longing for the hot brought down, and they came up with a widget, which itself is all cooked, initiating the samovar production. In Russia, a samovar was already known from 30-40 years of the XVIII century. The first mention of a samovar and samovar production is mentioned in 1745, "the Register how many made and given to Mr. Gregory Akinfievich nobleman (Demidov) in different copper utensils title in 1745 and at what price the market is 'and' seizure of property Onega, second-class monastery ', which dates from 1746 and a year where, among other things mentioned, and' two samovar with green copper pipes. " But the available data do not show the what the shape and the device was samovar at the time. We only know that in these years, the samovar is used in the Urals, and later in Moscow, Tula, St. Petersburg, and in the XIX century samovar appeared in Vladimir, Yaroslavl, Vyatka province.

London Advisory

Made all these considerations, we arrived at the climax of the matter, and it is that as a result of the systematization of the accounting and administrative processes, existing programs on the market conform to the requirements of State control, and the State through the SENIAT 6 requires that declarations are made using the technology platform designed for the purposewhich prevents the registration of operations if not incorporate all the data required by the system, including the number of invoice, number control, base tax among others, many of these data are exclusive of the invoice and other documents not therefore the system would not incorporate them. Now according to the physical delivery of the goods or the effective provision of the service, being that any of these is the first thing that happens, it is common in our commercial practices and pursuant to the business relationship vendors, to deliver goods to your customers or you read to provide services, to cover shortcomings of last-minute inventory, for respond to situations of urgency, or for any other reason, without using any documentation, the operation occurs with a simple phone, according to the standard communication, already opened born the tax obligation, now well, how can be recorded these operations both in systems of the taxpayer and on the platform of the SENIAT?, the biggest problem arises when these events occur near the scheduled dates for the Declaration because there is a risk of the extemporaneous. In conclusion, the opinion of the undersigned, we have standards that are unenforceable in a practical sense, it is time to revise the regulations and honest to the reality of our country, and technological advancement. 1 Arts. 1 and 3 LIVA 2 law that establishes the value added tax 3 recommended reading the article the temporality of the taxable transactions in the case of sales and services to State enterprises (Sunday 6 June 2010). Camilo London Advisory tax 4 subsection of the author 5 subsection of the author.