T?TECHNIQUES of teaching communication has a transcendental importance within the education at distance. Orientacion-aprendizaje where there is a vital interdependence between the teacher and the learner and a strong presence of the law of action and reaction, extrapolated to the field of education is a fundamental point in the dynamics of the process. Its success […]

Inspection Technique

The report of ITE content of reports of technical inspection of buildings owners of real estate have a duty to keep them in conditions of safety, sanitation and public adornment, doing precise work and works to keep or rehabilitate them, in order to maintain at all times the conditions required for their habitability or effective […]

BlackBerrys Equipment

The General Secretariat of penitentiary institutions, within the Ministry of Interior, has awarded to Axpe Consulting responsible for the tasks of technical support and helpdesk support. AXPE Consulting will perform this service over the next three years, being responsible for giving support to the users of the central services in the following aspects: attention In-Situ […]

Beauty Techniques

There are a multitude of techniques of eye makeup using only a mascara, a very versatile product that any woman can use to alter your appearance. In addition to all colors as black, blue, Brown, there is also the mascara to lengthen eyelashes without much color. When it comes to applying mascara, there are different […]

The Walls

The ground that adapts perfectly to this particularitity of the atmosphere is the smoothed cement floor, that besides being easy to clean is quite economic. This type of floors is impermeable and owns a brightness that gives luminosity him to all the stay. A valid alternative is the ceramic floor, that owns characteristics similar to […]

The Blame

He goes to bind and to order emails to me all the hour and goes to feel my lack if I not to dedicate the same attention to it. But unhappyly I go to wake up one day and to remember that I spent one they will dinheiro with maquiagem and a dress that probably […]