The Redskin

Therefore, when the great white Chief in Washington tells US that you plan to buy our lands it demands much of us. It says it will reserve us a place where we can live comfortably and that will be our father and we will convert us to their children. But is that possible? The great […]

Public Provision Of Surrogate Motherhood Program

The governments of many leading Western countries, given the high cost of reproductive medicine, finance encourages families to be infertile at government expense. In France, women up to 43 years, the State allocates funds four attempts a onclick = ‘javascript: _gaq.push (‘ _trackPageview ‘,’ / outgoing/article_exit_link/781742′);’ href = artificial insemination. In Denmark, women under 35 […]

National Center

Malaga will be at least during two years soothes of all the networks oriented to the innovation and the new technologies of the companies of Spain. Thus it summarized the chief of a main directorate of Bic Euronova, Alvaro Simn, the fact that the European Center of Companies and Innovacin (CEEI) of Malaga, happens to […]