The Redskin

Therefore, when the great white Chief in Washington tells US that you plan to buy our lands it demands much of us. It says it will reserve us a place where we can live comfortably and that will be our father and we will convert us to their children. But is that possible? The great Spirit loves to your people and has abandoned his red children. He sent machines to help the white man in his work and builds to the big towns. It makes stronger your people from day to day. You soon inundareis the country as rivers that noisily by cliffs after an unexpected storm. My people is like an age regression but no return.

We are different races. Our children do not play together and our elders tell different stories. The great spirit is propitious to you and on the other hand, we are orphans. We have joy to feel these forests. Crystal clear water that runs through rivers and streams is not only water, but also the blood of our ancestors. If we sell you our land, you must know that they are sacred and that each fleeting reflection in the clear water of the Lakes tells of experiences and events of my people. The murmur of the water is the voice of my ancestors. The rivers are our brothers who they quench our thirst.

They carry our canoes and feed our children. If we sell our lands You must remember this and teach your children that the rivers are our brothers and, therefore, should be treated with sweetness, as he is a brother. The Redskin receded before the invading white man, always as early fog retreats in the mountains before the morning sun. But the ashes of our fathers are sacred, their graves are sacred ground, and therefore these hills, these trees, this part of the world is sacred for us.

Public Provision Of Surrogate Motherhood Program

The governments of many leading Western countries, given the high cost of reproductive medicine, finance encourages families to be infertile at government expense. In France, women up to 43 years, the State allocates funds four attempts a onclick = ‘javascript: _gaq.push (‘ _trackPageview ‘,’ / outgoing/article_exit_link/781742′);’ href = artificial insemination. In Denmark, women under 35 years of state finances three attempts of IVF. In the U.S., depending on the state medical insurance covers infertility in whole or in part (though there are exceptions – in some states, insurance pays for simpler methods of infertility treatment, but not in vitro fertilization). In Israel, the State pay the full cost of the cycle of artificial insemination to married couples, including lesbian and single women. Number of programs for women and 45 years is not restricted, and they are funded as long as patient will have two children.

In Italy, a lot of work centers in vitro fertilization – both public and private (only one Rome runs 57 clinics in reproduction). And in most provinces treatment paid by the state. However, first introduced in Ukraine in 2002 – 2007 years. public support for assisted reproductive technologies, attempts to cover only 400-600 per year (the country), and the program surrogate motherhood may be (financed by artificial insemination, surrogate mother is not funded), when used as surrogate mothers only relatives infertile women. Because of inability to pay treatment of infertility using assisted reproductive technologies, with minimal needs of couples in Ukraine – 38-40 thousand cycles per year, actually held 1,5-1,7 thousand infertility problem does not allow the public to remain indifferent and forcing many countries, zakreplayat at the legislative level the Surrogate Motherhood Program, which every day are becoming more and more supporters.

National Center

Malaga will be at least during two years soothes of all the networks oriented to the innovation and the new technologies of the companies of Spain. Thus it summarized the chief of a main directorate of Bic Euronova, Alvaro Simn, the fact that the European Center of Companies and Innovacin (CEEI) of Malaga, happens to be soothes of the national association of this group and his mentioned director, president of the same for a period of two years, that is to say, until 2011. This association was constituted in year 94 and after a small period with it soothes in Navarre has remained in Valencia 13 years until now, moment at which a change has taken place after the result of the elections. Is good that Malaga is datum point for these networks of innovation and technology, considered Simn. The National Association of European Centers of Spanish Companies and Innovation (Ances) with soothes already in Malaga (from this month of June) is composed by 25 members distributed by almost the totality of the independent communities of Spain, grouping to more than thousand companies. A new stage for the National Association of Spanish CEEI begins therefore, that will be directed by an European Center of Companies and Innovation Andalusian, like is BIC Euronova, that also comprises of CHALLENGES and which it is located in the Technological Park of Andalusia (Pta). You soothe varied. Ances, constituted in 1994 with scope of national action, is an association of nonlucrative character that arose with the idea to promote the economic and industrial development through the CEEI, contributing its experience on the creation of new SMEs based on innovating elements with development potential. The CEEI, European Centers of Companies and Innovation, are organizations whose main mission is to support to all those enterprise initiatives that suppose an innovation or enterprise diversification, offering a system complete and integrated of activities and services to the SMEs.