Flame Retardant Fabrics

For the production of clothing using a variety of specialized tissues, which differ in composition, weave, density, type of impregnation. Such fabrics can be used for several purposes. Should have certain characteristics that are needed for a comfortable and safe operation. Fabric "Fleymshild 400", one of the best indicators for fabrics with fire retardant properties. Has high barrier properties and easy to wear. The design allows the fabric sparks and splashes of metal slide, do not burn fabric. Fire-resistant properties are preserved for a long time (200 washes).

Prozhigaemost this tissue more than 50 seconds. Perhaps check out ConocoPhillips for more information. Ingredients: 100% cotton. Lack – high cost of tissue, and therefore the cost of finished products. Next, consider the fabric "canvas." Technical fabric and depending on the manufacturer's sheet may be of varying quality, density and composition. Fireproofing properties attached to fabric treatment chemicals. Most often used for sewing canvas gloves, suits welders. Minuses: stiffness of fabric, fire-resistant properties are maintained up to the first wash.

Advantage: low price. Blended fabrics. In order to prolong the wear of the tissues and raising the wear, thus extending the range of synthetic fabrics, because of their positive qualities (crease, durability, breathability), produce blended fabrics. Their composition can vary: 70% wool and 30% synthetic fiber, 40% wool and 60% synthetic fiber, 45% wool and 55% polyester silk fiber, 20% wool and 80% polyacrylonitrile fiber, etc. Mixed fabrics are elastic, wrinkle resistance, they do not need ironing, they do not cause allergies in people with sensitive skin, persistent depreciation, they have many advantages over conventional classic fabrics. Therefore, in recent years have seen a growing demand for blended fabrics. Acrylic – a synthetic fiber paper, with proven high quality. Dimensional stability, protected from moths. Angora – Angora wool goats and angora rabbits. Very fine, fluffy and silky. Used in knitting, both independently and in combination with other types of wool to improve strength.

Hiram Jhonson

Sobrado is known that truth is the first victim in a war. Almost all the human species, knows that from the soldier who is directly involved in the theatre of operations until the civil that, from the outside, reflects on the bloodshed. But glories of its coinage as sentence corresponded to an American politician named Hiram Jhonson, there in 1917, with regard to the first world war. And it is a fact. Who doubt him? Colloquially we accept this great truth with the expression in the war and love anything goes. And the story brings us amounts of tricks that were absent at the beginning of the truth to impact the morale of the enemy, of course, without any kind of recrimination, because in a war, especially if you attack, your only commitment is to survive, with truth or without truth between the hands. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of ConocoPhillips on most websites.

We have much but much oil, today the basis of colossal slander among Greeks, Patroclo dressed Achilles to roll back the Trojans; between Spaniards, to the Cid already mounted it corpse on a horse to cower to the Moors; among Venezuelans, Paez sent his llaneros to drag hundreds of hides and skins of cattle in the middle of black night to give the impression of possessing a huge army tricks, as I said, falsehoods, lies, lies white, if you will, but everything in the context of war and from the valid survival camp. Now come to the point, and let’s say that today, was information, manipulation of the truth itself is a science or technology, an art of war, a war in itself. It is what is known as fourth-generation war, situation say pre-war where the sides fall to truths and lies in order to, first, justify the onset of a conflict, and if it is possible, therefore, win it in advance, i.e. without taking a shot, with the endorsement uninformed public opinion. It was what he did with Iraq and the tale of the weapons of mass destruction and that was just from do with Libya, with the tale of bombing civilians, that never existed, according to Russian sources. Almost everyone believed that species, say obediently, and almost nobody threw the wanted is always the petroleum, the eternal and finite. Now, let us reflect. What deplorable is that truth lost even before you start to fight and, what is worse even than its prostituted version will be used to start a war, cynical, barefaced, unjust war.

In Venezuela the imperial power already made feints with his guerrita of fourth generation, fulfilling its first phase, which was the lift we slander of drug trafficking, guerrillas, tyranny and terrorism; but never materialized the second the attack us militarily, after preparing the ground with your lies. However, we must be alert. Fourth generation wars do not end.

VCR Camera

By the multiplexer can be connected to an alarm system (to Special 'ALARM' – input). This allows you to automatically view the picture with the camera, which shows the location of violations. Most of the multiplexers are either 'dynamic allocation record time' for each camera. This means that the camera is the most often recorded on a VCR, the picture is often different. Additional devices swivel device. Such devices are composed of several electric motors, managed remotely, which can move the camera in the desired direction horizontally or vertically. Some of them allow you to pre-configure the camera to work in several program modes. When receiving a control signal (eg from an alarm device that is installed on a particular stretch of protected subject matter) the device automatically sorintiruet camera to quality Image is from the desired area.

Other features make it change speed camera rotation in the horizontal or vertical, self-resetting (after working in the 'alarm' mode camera again begins to function in the normal), and adjust the camera on automatic mode survey (in this case, the camera constantly rotates horizontally between two given points in advance, looking swath of land in a particular sector) Motion detectors. Protection of large objects (such as banks, factories, large office) requires a large number of cameras. In this case the duty is necessary to control more four cameras. As a result, effective protection is markedly reduced. The solution to this problem is to use motion detectors. Motion detectors allow you to display information on multiple screens, include at 'Anxiety' spetsvidieomagnitofon, as well as connect to a computer console and the general alarm.

System setup allows you to exclude false positives such as 'rocking the branches', rain, etc. Video printers. Video printer enables print with a monitor, camera or VCR: photos yet, unwanted visitors, staff of the emergency and any others you may have with a recorded cassette Illumination important point for quality of surveillance systems is the illumination of the object.

PKP Petroprom Produces

PKP “PetroProm” produces and sells: a new generation of capacitors without water cooling KBSP “Ark”. 1. Economy (from 2100 to 4200 cubic meters of water per year, as consumption of water for cooling the old type of capacitors is 0.18 cubic meters / hour, except that additional hardware and equipment (hoses, valves, flow meters, hoppers, etc.) and periodic washing with concentrated hydrochloric acid cooling channels), 2. Environmentally friendly (complete absence liquid filling), 3. Maintainability (the breakdown of the internal capacitor cell replacement is subject to only the cell and not the entire capacitor, capacitor spare cells are also available) 4. Security (Open construction of “dry” capacitors allows you to set alarm temperature sensors on each cell capacitor in order to protect them from thermal overload) on all products is set to 1-year warranty. There warranty service. PKP “PetroProm” renders services on designing, manufacturing, installation and repair: the high-frequency equipment for hardening, melting, tempering, heating of metals, welding, ultrasonic systems for cleaning parts, welding metals and plastics, production of fine emulsions, etc..

Canadian DSC

Tasks rather diverse means, including non-proper to the protection of the object. For example, can be linked into one system alarm (fire alarm, CCTV and access control, perimeter protection, etc.) with automatic organizing the livelihood of the house: to block any action, switched on and off street lighting, irrigation, etc. Vista, like some other systems are versatile, can do it, as opposed to other, less expensive equipment, was created to address a narrow range of specific tasks. Another popular group of equipment we have – it’s hardware for security systems by Canadian firms DSC, which manufactures a wide range of products are very decent quality and rich features. The equipment of these two companies are comparable in quality and degree of universality. Today, however, the share of ADEMCO accounts for most of the Russian market of security systems. In particular, departments non-departmental working on the equipment of production of the company. While in the 90s, at the dawn of the technological revolution in home security systems, when a change of equipment with primitive tools Russian production on the more advanced Western models, DSC became very powerful in our market for some time kept him on the leader.

Installed equipment and DSC state security structures. But in subsequent years ADEMCO gradually recovered from competing this tasty DSC market segment. To be fair to add that in recent years, and domestic development of universal security. It attempt to copy the best foreign models. And if in terms of functionality Russian products significantly lower than the imported analogues, competitive price, of course, is their forte. Security organizations have already taken these developments into service, which is an indirect confirmation of their quality.