As you can see, live in the language, besides giving us the possibility of autoobservarnos and reach the reflex knowledge, generates an increase in the sense of differentiation of each other and the world that we experience as an objective and produces an extension and complexity of subjectivity. Therefore, just as we ordered the external […]

Cognitivo Delay

Intellectual deficiency or mental delay is a term that if uses when a person presents certain limitations in its mental functioning and the performance of tasks as of communication, personal care and of social relationship. These limitations provoke a bigger slowness in the learning and the development of these people. The children with delay cognitivo […]

Technology in Argentina

Atento Argentina constellation of human settlements, its potential for public policies or activities business, family or community of devolution, and bearing in mind that this constellation was generated in a substantive way by rail. And also, taking into account the process of dismantling the railway track closure and removal of branches, we understand that in […]


Such company is in the market has 59 years and today she is considered leader absolute in the domiciliary gas ring and tends to more grow in the segment granary. Currently the Paulnia branch office works directly with regional Se/CO (Southeastern/Center-West) that she is situated in So Paulo and it answers for the Matrix that […]

SelfRepairing PCs

Independent PC repair: Is it worth trying? What do you do when you start to feel bad? That's right! Dial a friend the doctor, go to the pharmacy or have to go to the doctor. You can certainly do and self, but would the consequences of self 90% of cases are not predictable? And what […]


Additional error introduced by changes in fuel temperature, consists of three types of errors: Error defined by the change in temperature of the fuel when the external conditions (temperature environment), Accuracy temperature of fuel in the tank when it is heated flow of heated fuel return line, The error due to the difference in temperature […]

Erpink Complete Software

GENESIS4Web now has expanded its ERPIIKomplettsoftware GENESIS4Web the demand software solutions GmbH with interfaces to common CAD programs and online shops to important standard interface. Companies in machinery, equipment and buildings can now seamlessly pair the solution commercially available CAD systems. The trade GENESIS4Web the connection of online stores OS Commerce and XT commerce solution […]

Hotel Software Distribution

HS/3 hotel software passes the HS/3 distributing products to the company wide screen in mils bei Hall in Tirol in Austria during the last 15 years the HS/3 hotel software has integrated connections on Onlinereservierungssyteme like Tiscover, webres, cultuzz (,, etc.) as well as interfaces to all common systems in the hospitality industry (including […]

The Choice Of The Appropriate Printer

Inkjet and laser printers for personal use in many areas have prevailed in the meantime digital innovations. Include cameras with film for many people in the bookseller and the letter writing was largely replaced by E-Mails and communicate via social networks. Still, many in everyday life on a printer are instructed however. The online Department […]

The Repair

A look at the current market prices is worth. A good and fair workshop should be set on Be able to estimate the repair price and to face the time value of the notebook. The same applies to the probability of consequential or inherent errors. Last but not least, the later ‘migration’ of the existing […]