With this, the government waits, among others goals, to extend the fixed investment as percentage of the GIP of current 18.4% for 22,4% in 2014, to raise the private expense in P& D in percentage of the GIP of 0,59% for 0,90% in 2014, beyond increasing the national aggregate value, transforming the relation Value of […]

Analytical Tools

To remove data from the performance of a site can not be easy. To be considered variables are several, and, to complejizar plus the situation, it is made inexcusable contemplate the performance of our competitors. This way, and watching external datum points, we will only know if ours website has reached the ceiling of its […]

Hardware Issues

Nowadays almost all we know to handle a computer with knowledge more or less but We could solve a problem related to our hardware? All we are something customary with the programs more habitually used and therefore those small inevitable misfortunes due to confused of the programming and the inevitable attacks that can undergo our […]

FUNDEB Programs

The crucial point to have a society joust and participativa is the adoption of public politics where it is present the education and the digital inclusion as source of the knowledge. Disponibilizar new production forces so that they are to the reach of all the potential users, can be an alternative to reduce the social […]

VOIP Services

Some companies they center the opportunity of business in a single product, whereas others concentrate in many products and of high consumption, if you it really wishes to work from house this is a factor to consider. When you apply the mathematics, it is easy to see because he is preferable to choose a company […]


. Newton Boiler Mosque At the beginning of this new century, we live deeply transformations that finish for determining social changes, cultural politics and, with extreme growth of the cities, them social institutions and them technological innovations. The technological Evolution has grown on way and this can supply given qualitative and quantitative on the results […]

Jean Yves

Everything this is placed in a perspective where the work of the Arquivologia has each time more if deepened in groups interdisciplinares of research. The conclusions that many authors arrive are that, as some areas are emergent, not yet have a recognition, and definition, greater of its borders. Thus, also the work objects can be […]

Eito Brun

The collections can vice versa be exported to DSpace and. In conclusion we can say, that the developments in free software as document managers for the information units are having a degree of success important as far as the fulfillment of the objectives to program with standards and to take into account the use from […]


To speak to the cellular telephone is something very common nowadays. Some are not contented in having a device and have two or three. But, beyond the function for which it was conceived, the cellular one is practically a portable minicomputer, since he is possible to take off photographs, to have access the social nets, […]

Social Relations

With the advance of the technologies of information, brought baila for the wild capitalism that we live nowadays, we can affirm that the people are having access and appealing to each time more the Internet, this is a fact and them the activities launch hand of this technology to carry through almost all that before […]