Urban Public Transport

Urban Passenger Transport Group (ATG) as the system is a whole area of interaction of three or more common sub-systems: the city (as a socio-economic and education), transport (as a sector that performs services transportation), people (customers). The collection of the objectives of the system is working on one common goal – improving the quality of life of the urban population. For even more analysis, hear from Petra Diamonds. The data suggest that state. stat. accountability – one of the main problems – low rates upgrade rolling stock.

Passenger traffic declined. Shorten the period of routes, some routes operate up to 19 hours, and other relevant issues. One of the most effective ways to increase efficiency of the atg is the wider use of the management system of the atg of the principles and methods of science of logistics. Logistics has proven its effectiveness in practice of economically developed countries. With respect to Passenger Transport Logistics is a set of design solutions, tools and techniques of organization and management that provide a given level of passenger service, safety, reliable and uninterrupted delivery of door-to-door at a certain time at minimal cost. Application of logistics in the passenger transport to optimize the transportation process, considered as logistic system operators and infrastructure, through logistics relationships involved in the process of providing services.

Welding Equipment. Productivity For Each .

The present community and industrial production will not be able to imagine without the use of metal. Made of metal construction and are utilized in everyday life, and in virtually any desired manufacturing process, and construction of buildings and vehicles. Considerable use of metal structures leads to the need for regular adjustment of the addition and different spheres of metal. Say, all the while having the latest additives, which allow a variety of metal compounds is much more robust, long-life and thus resistant to various types of influences, too – and a kind of corrosion. In order to work with the metal proved to be the most practical, currently applies the most sophisticated welding equipment, allowing to make high-precision welding. In this equipment provides a chance perform a variety of options for welding – from manual welding to welding machines designed for ac and devices produced by the plasma cutting.

In this present-day technologies provide opportunity to engage the welding procedures, including in an atmosphere filled with active or inert gases. In this case, are utilized welding semi-automatic device. However, there are many other development, providing an opportunity to achieve the highest quality metal, and in addition to control the quality factor of the resulting object. Computer technologies provide the ability to enjoy the really felt the quality of products. Must also say that the modern welding equipment, and more, and other specific equipment for metal processing to date can be chosen as the sellers who provide a line of products from different manufacturers most of the large number of countries around the world, to the same extent and with local manufacturers, offering a wide range of equipment of the highest quality standards in the most various segments.

In a medium equipment for metal production overseas to date the highest prevalence may use product line companies in China. Low cost explains the popularity of this product line. In the top segment is rastsenochnom Western manufacturers, as for the best combination of cost and reliability options, then really be noted that such options is the welding equipment of the Russian edition. A strong scientific basis for a chance to get good make equipment at affordable rates.

Creative Organization

Although the ability to undertake is a difficult concept to define, economists recognized its significance from the analysis by J. Schumpeter, during the transition of the century. Individuals with vision, willing to risk their own money and that of other investors in new products, are the engine that combines human and physical capital, spurring economic growth and progress. Impact: We are witnessing the advent of society information that has the ability to understand and use the value-added, allowing new tools, which include computer, communications networks and telecommunications (information technology). Mitchel Resnick may not feel the same. The machine itself is not news.

The big news was that the machine (computer) step to provide in regard to work organization. The reactions to innovation are very old and the reactions were observed against the machines in the Industrial Revolution and gave birth to the word “sabotage” by the tricks performed to remove them. But preventing the development of technology is not the correct solution. Professor Emmanuel Ferreira, in his monograph on entrepreneurship suggests that organizations, especially those using more modern technologies should facilitate the access of the unemployed or employed on training in entrepreneurship through the creation of schools for entrepreneurs. These schools will form the basis of a system information and retraining over the whole working life of individuals. Advantages: Entrepreneurs who create technology-based firms, are better adapted to function in today’s economy based on knowledge and constant mutation.

– The strategy is to learn. The development of methods that favor organizational learning, business administration in the universe. Learning faster than rivals, is the only true competitive advantage. – Being an entrepreneur means taking initiative, fertile imagination to conceive ideas, flexibility for adaptability, creativity to transform them into a business opportunity, motivation to think conceptually and the ability to perceive change as an opportunity. – Change of status, employment or unemployed graduates employer. Venezuelan reality: In a society increasingly third world where almost all activities is essential to use the computer and the benefits it provides, by regulation in terms connecting with the large information networks is becoming increasingly obvious that there is available labor. Venezuela is increasingly being increased to a high number of entrepreneurs that are manifested by problems of its informal economy. A percentage (56%) of the mass worker is unemployed in the informal economy. Government assistance with the creation of The Peoples Bank and the Bank of Women seeking to turn to informal workers in small businesses, and to apply the phenomenon of entrepreneurship. These initiatives are beginning, of course there is a serious commitment from the state and these universities to collaborate in training and staff development, for this may be the way to figure where incubation can provide the knowledge, guides to succeed.

Mercer Human Resource Consulting

The scenario? The company has decided it needs to eliminate costs. Hundreds of jobs are on the line. The executives of each division have been directed at reducing costs by 35%. The voltage across the company is so thick you can cut with a knife. You know that some departments are completely eliminated because the work can be outsourced to save money. You're a manager with over 20 years old and you know that your department is not being eliminated.

You breathe a sigh of relief, after all, you have personal ties with the owners. You presented at a weekly meeting with your boss, and he will take by surprise? His work has been eliminated. His world changed in an instant! You do not understand! His performance reviews have been good for 20 + years! You've done your job! Nobody said you're not doing a good job! The shock is consumed in the coming months as they try to make sense of everything. (I do not know is that it has a long reputation of someone who is very difficult to work with them. Internal its many customers have complained that all the time.

You dismissed the complaints, and your boss has decided to treat or reflected in their performance evaluations.) This scenario is, in fact, really! Unfortunately, companies deal with the same scenario (with some details changed) over and over again. The lesson learned here? "Inadequate systems performance management" detrimental to individuals and businesses. For firms in recent years have worked furiously to improve the effectiveness of their performance management systems. Are being established core competencies, identifying performance goals and measures, and even talking about coaching in progress. A 2002 study by Mercer Human Resource Consulting reveals that coaching is still ongoing in short supply! The data indicate that 78% of employees surveyed said their managers routinely conduct annual performance. He also indicated that 26% said managers routinely provide feedback on current performance and training. Reality Check Would be surprised by a situation similar to the one mentioned above? My personal opinion is that the directors (all levels) do not give information or a permanent coach for they know not how. Today, there are a multitude of training programs and support systems for managers who really want to learn to train continuously. They can get their own coach, or can attend a workshop as "The Coaching Clinic e." More information can be found in the meantime, here are three ways you can begin to manage daily performance through training: Acknowledgement Take time to recognize the contributions. Give credit where it's due. I challenge them to play a bigger game. Inspire them to give the performance of a lifetime. Partnering with them in development projects. Addressing ask for more eloquent. Truly curious about their ideas and concepts. Give them the lead. Support them when they stumble. Encourage them to get up and try again. Send comments Be specific about what exactly makes the difference. Teach them how to make a difference (no more, do less, keep doing). Incorporate "lessons learned" discussions on each project. If your business is one that says: "Our employees are our greatest asset, now is the time to lead by example. By providing ongoing training, you will manage the performance of every day. And above all, your employees will feel they are its greatest assets.

Electrical Control Cabinet Construction Site

Modern industrial and civil construction involves not only the widespread use of various machines, but manual labor construction workers. The effectiveness of the mechanization of manual labor workers determined by the perfection of applicable technical means and the rationality of their selection for specific conditions (including – control cabinets). If this has piqued your curiosity, check out LEGO Papert Professor. Typically, facilities have increased power consumption and receive electricity from the control cabinet. Currently on the market there are many different control cabinets. To perform the same tasks can be applied different standard complete control cabinets, but you have to choose the best set, based on the techniques of economic comparison of options.

sic ‘Instrument’ builds custom control panels that can meet all your requirements for use on construction sites, protection class electrical control cabinets, no worse than ip 54. They work outdoors in heat and cold, in rain and snow, in dusty conditions construction site, can be mounted on wheeled chassis and transported from place to mesto.Shkafy management are made to control specific electrical equipment, provide input and distribution electricity, opening and closing power interrupt circuits, power distribution in various lighting installations used for non-automatic switching for disconnection and overload protection and short-circuit three-phase networks with grounded 380V. In the absence of mains voltage on the primary input, control panels can be connected to the mobile diesel – generators. The cabinets sets up a special powerful step-down transformer, which provides three-phase current with voltage 42V special electrical equipment for wet and high-risk areas. All modes equipment rendered light indication. Information and warning labels, signs and name of the Governing Bodies and signaling elements on the cabinets are made by screen printing special high-strength inks that can withstand adverse weather effects.

Charisma Development

There are people who, in an almost magical way, easily establish relationships with strangers in minutes. To read more click here: Petra Diamonds. There are those who, no matter how long someone patronizing, it’s as if they never managed to break, definitely, “ice”, showing a constant discomfort, unable to get connected with others, either one, whether a crowd. The good news is that you start to join the first group is up to you: This article will tell you some secrets for you to become a charismatic person. How To Develop Your Charisma: Has a clear objective: the charismatic people always have a purpose, know what they want to achieve. It is a kind of internal security and certainty that, when it comes from, there’s no avoiding the other. This level of security can be achieved with simple techniques, I will discuss in another article.

Your Posture: If you are with the body erect, head high, and put your shoulders back, you can not say “I have fear” convincingly. Try the mirror and see. Similarly, the charismatic individual with your own broadcasts its security posture, inner strength, their attitude. It is rational, that is, that does not react, but thinks and acts according to their convenience and objectives. Everything he says or does has a purpose, so practice (thoroughly) before any public appearance. He knows that “the first impression that counts” and therefore does not give chance to errors.

Is optimistic: think a charismatic individual who does not have a positive attitude. You will not find one. The success of any individual is based on the mental attitude rather than their capacity. He worries about his image: without falling into pride or narcissism, a charismatic knows how to dress so elegant, neat, and according to the occasion. Know what to say and how to say: that is, it has a particular magnetism that allows you to invite people to get to know you better.

Modern Technology and Monitoring Systems

Instruments were deployed at the borders of modern technology such as automatic registration and monitoring system interconnected. Be equipped to police the countries bordering the EU to contain migratory flows. Who's afraid of whom in these ghettos where we intend to lock ourselves? The States of the European Union waive mass regularization. The papers will be given in exceptional circumstances and on a case by case basis. No country take administrative or legislative action without informing the rest. The governments favor a selective immigration of a professional nature: better-trained workers for the jobs that Europe needs to cover. As we did with the selection of slaves. For those who intend to join his family will take into account the integration capacity (resources, housing, language proficiency).

I do not remember that European immigrants to America, Africa, Asia and Australia will require this. And there will be a very controversial integration contract: To qualify for residence, in addition to learning foreign language, learn about national identities and values such as gender equality, tolerance and respect for our customs. States speed up removals, using joint return flights. Are the handcuffs and administered drugs they do not bother, as has been done many times? In five years, the European Union must be approved readmission agreements with key countries of origin. The punishing trafficking in persons are at least as harsh as those against drug trafficking. But nothing is said that European states to put an end to the plundering of the human and material wealth that we call a resources, good to be exploited. Or to invest in countries of origin of the income from their contributions.

Jose Carlos Garcia Fajardo Professor Emeritus at the University Complutense of Madrid (UCM) Director of CCS Solidarity Center Collaborations (CCS) is a service of social awareness of the NGO Solidarity, with the objective of informing and educating the society and media professionals on issues of solidarity, social justice, a culture of peace, human rights, with special emphasis on the fight against poverty, exclusion and environmental protection. The CCS part of the fundamental need to integrate information and communication development as an element of cooperation. Through its analysts made articles in professional format high-quality journalism spaces adapted to the media and disseminated through their international networks. In the CCS website (you can find all the items, developed to date, classified by topic.

Culture Organization

We add Leo Disla, that organizations are the expression of a cultural reality, they are called to live in a world of constant change, both socially and economically and technologically, or otherwise, as any body, enclosed in within their formal boundaries. In both cases, this cultural reality reflects a framework of values, beliefs, ideas, feelings and wishes of an institutional community. The organizational culture serves as a frame of reference to members of the organization and gives guidelines about how people should behave in it. In many cases the culture is so obvious that one can see that people’s behavior changes when it goes beyond the factory gate. Learn more on the subject from Ray Kurzweil. Today, he says, is necessary for organizations to design more flexible structures to change and this change occurs as a result of learning of its members. This means creating conditions to promote high performance teams, understanding team learning that involves generating more value to the work and adaptability to change with a broad vision for innovation. The focus of the organizations for the success is the quality of their leaders in full freedom in the sense of autonomy, possessing a high level of capabilities, which allows you to manage the change with proactive vision. New management schemes are a reflection of the way the organization thinks and operates, demanding among other things: a worker with the knowledge to develop and achieve their business objectives, a process flexible to changes introduced by the organization, a flat structure, lightweight, reduced to a minimum to create a work environment that meets those involved in the implementation of organizational goals, a system of rewards and incentives based on the effectiveness of the process of sharing the success and risk, and a team of workers participate in the organization’s actions.

It must be remembered in the analysis of culture, which is to meet with various functions within an organization. Firstly, it serves to define the limits to which behaviors differ from each other. Second, it conveys a sense of identity to its members. Third, it facilitates the creation of a personal commitment to something larger than the personal interests of the individual. Fourth, increases the stability of the social system. Culture is the social bond that helps keep the organization together by providing appropriate standards should act and speak as employees. Finally, do not forget what we quote: Culture organizational culture is a specific agreement with the aims of the companies. It consists of a combination of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that enable an organization to work effectively, to obtain competitive results, which implies that integrates attitudes and commitment of the participants, working styles, respect , professionalism and ethics.

The Internet Age

Internet has revolutionized the world is no mystery. New technologies have penetrated to such an extent in our everyday life, that even cupid have become the twenty-first century. Learn more at: Petra Diamonds. Love no longer wait for the cherub key dates, but hides in the chat rooms, message forums contact or waiting for two lovebirds fall in love. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Mitchel Resnick. When the Internet was just beginning to dawn came the chats, which are now the undisputed kings of love. Through the channels of conversation hundreds of people chatting under anonymous identities.

Between each word, there are those who falls in love. Sometimes cyber relationships materialize and kill fairy tale ending. What matter the distance when love is real? For those who prefer something quieter, the dating sites are the perfect alternative. This is the equivalent to marriage agencies in the past, but through the Internet. Men seeking women or vice versa, men seeking men, women seeking women, farmer farmer looking asian looking Asian … There are all possibilities! Simply fill out a form with your details and preferences and have at your disposal hundreds of profiles that conform to yours.

The forums also offer many possibilities for romance. With a large number of users, people say and think about common themes: fashion, health, art, film … This link may be the trigger of a beautiful love story. Thanks to the Internet part of the solitude in which millions of people around the world has broken. Who said that new technologies were cold? Quite the opposite! Through the network can send flowers, cards and poems of love Who does not know some couples today emerged thanks to the Internet? One of the great inventions of the Internet and social relationships have been the Meetups, meetings where the people have spoken through chat or a forum to meet in person. It's very exciting to face all those people with whom you shared secrets through net! These are usually held in big cities like Madrid for people from all over Spain to come more easily. Would you like to know the Spanish capital? Rent and fall in love! .

Systems and Consultations Services

TOULOUSE, FRANCE and CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM – (Marketwire – February 15, 2010) – Airbus has chosen to expand the production Ubisense network of radio frequency identification (RFID) world’s largest, with the addition of the location system precision in real time (RTLS) Ubisense in multiple installations of Airbus. The 10-year contract will deploy production solutions Ubisense in a series of projects to assist in continuous processes, reduce delivery times and provide Airbus with a vision and an improved control on multiple floors. Connect with other leaders such as Viktor Mayer-Schönberger here. Finding solutions will equip Ubisense Airbus with the vision of the operations, monitoring processes and assembly of components and planning activities in real time. The range of manufacturing solutions including Visible Ubisense Industrial Process, Process Tracker, Tool Tracker and Enterprise Browser. Moreover, the solutions for the production of Ubisense have been used recently for the Atlas Copco RTLS system, one of the large suppliers of tools. Ubisense is specialized in precision RTLS, a leader in the United Kingdom, which holds the precise location tracking of assets within the geospatial sector in projects of any size. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

The company has recently been awarded the Best British Inside Award, has achieved the 8th place in the Microsoft Tech Track 100 2009 The Sunday Times, and is among the top twenty companies cited by the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 for the second consecutive year. “We are very pleased that Airbus has chosen us,” said Richard Green, President of Ubisense. “Ubisense solutions will help improve vision and control in all facilities, assisting them in decision making and planning process. Airbus acknowledged the need to adopt an RFID system with proven experience to help them maintain their competitive advantage and its manufacturing process known throughout the world. ” Notes to editors About Ubisense Ubisense is the world leader in systems and consulting services precision location data in real time, makes the track people and assets with unparalleled accuracy, providing companies the ability to view and control processes that were previously impossible to follow.