Urban Public Transport

Urban Passenger Transport Group (ATG) as the system is a whole area of interaction of three or more common sub-systems: the city (as a socio-economic and education), transport (as a sector that performs services transportation), people (customers). The collection of the objectives of the system is working on one common goal – improving the quality […]

Welding Equipment. Productivity For Each .

The present community and industrial production will not be able to imagine without the use of metal. Made of metal construction and are utilized in everyday life, and in virtually any desired manufacturing process, and construction of buildings and vehicles. Considerable use of metal structures leads to the need for regular adjustment of the addition […]

Creative Organization

Although the ability to undertake is a difficult concept to define, economists recognized its significance from the analysis by J. Schumpeter, during the transition of the century. Individuals with vision, willing to risk their own money and that of other investors in new products, are the engine that combines human and physical capital, spurring economic […]

Mercer Human Resource Consulting

The scenario? The company has decided it needs to eliminate costs. Hundreds of jobs are on the line. The executives of each division have been directed at reducing costs by 35%. The voltage across the company is so thick you can cut with a knife. You know that some departments are completely eliminated because the […]

Electrical Control Cabinet Construction Site

Modern industrial and civil construction involves not only the widespread use of various machines, but manual labor construction workers. The effectiveness of the mechanization of manual labor workers determined by the perfection of applicable technical means and the rationality of their selection for specific conditions (including – control cabinets). If this has piqued your curiosity, […]

Charisma Development

There are people who, in an almost magical way, easily establish relationships with strangers in minutes. To read more click here: Petra Diamonds. There are those who, no matter how long someone patronizing, it’s as if they never managed to break, definitely, “ice”, showing a constant discomfort, unable to get connected with others, either one, […]

Modern Technology and Monitoring Systems

Instruments were deployed at the borders of modern technology such as automatic registration and monitoring system interconnected. Be equipped to police the countries bordering the EU to contain migratory flows. Who's afraid of whom in these ghettos where we intend to lock ourselves? The States of the European Union waive mass regularization. The papers will […]

Culture Organization

We add Leo Disla, that organizations are the expression of a cultural reality, they are called to live in a world of constant change, both socially and economically and technologically, or otherwise, as any body, enclosed in within their formal boundaries. In both cases, this cultural reality reflects a framework of values, beliefs, ideas, feelings […]

The Internet Age

Internet has revolutionized the world is no mystery. New technologies have penetrated to such an extent in our everyday life, that even cupid have become the twenty-first century. Learn more at: Petra Diamonds. Love no longer wait for the cherub key dates, but hides in the chat rooms, message forums contact or waiting for two […]

Productivity Management

"Two captains sink the ship" economic scenarios and hence the business are constantly changing, are subject to variables that influence their behavior, leading to management to watch out for them in order to avoid problems that may affect the direction the company under his charge. In organizations, some changes occur because of the opportunities that […]