Internet Explorer

The navigation is one of the usability factors that can affect its success drastically online. A simple and easy site to use, passes to the visitors a good impression of its business. A site that does not obtain to execute in its computer goes to make the opposite accurately. Generally, we do not know the […]

Brazilians Time

Brazil in recent years comes if detaching not only for the growth of its economy, but also for the great interest of its population in social nets. As much that the parents already occupies the first world-wide place with 86% of active users in the social nets, second research of the Nielsen global company of […]

Hacker Companies

Common to hear to nowadays say on cases of hackers and/or crackers that they invade system of definitive company or companies to test the system or same to practise the calls vrituais crimes as robbery of passwords of banks among others. But come the question there Which the differences between Hacker and Cracker? It will […]

ICT Creation

As a mechanism is the authorization so that the ICT can share its laboratories, equipment, instruments, materials and too much installations with microcompanies and small business companies in activities directed to the technological innovation, for the achievement of activities of incubation. It also allows the use of the laboratories, equipment, instruments, materials too much existing […]

Work More

One of the different falhanos of the professionals, who want to have a routine as mine, that and destined 100% to the virtual work, and that they live of the same one to gain euros or for and without edge for error the will lack to come to work. For times the incomes that we […]

Brazilian Taxes

Who some time already travelled to the exterior certainly was abismado with the difference of the prices of electronic products in Brazil when compared with the prices practised in the United States, same China or in our neighbors Argentina, Paraguay, etc. it is not secret for that the smashing majority of the electronic today is […]

Biggest Social Net

The Facebook is one of the social nets that more grow in Brazil and the world, after the success of the Orkut the Brazilians already were prepared to adhere the new social nets, as Facebook and the Twitter for example. To each day more and more people I register in cadastre they make it in […]

Old Greece

In relation to these data Robert Borges Martins makes the following comment: the observed differentials are preoccupying, therefore, if they will not be quickly reverted, certainly they will consist in plus a powerful mechanism of generation of other inaqualities and magnifying of the existing exclusions already. (MARTINS, 2004, P. 29). The not governmental organizations and […]