Brazilians Time

Brazil in recent years comes if detaching not only for the growth of its economy, but also for the great interest of its population in social nets. As much that the parents already occupies the first world-wide place with 86% of active users in the social nets, second research of the Nielsen global company of information and media. Each time more the Brazilian society spends more time in front of the computer in facebook, to twitter, Orkut and hundreds of other social nets. Leaving each time plus its values of side and if becoming hostages of the Internet. The writer Nicholas Carr cites in its new book The Shallows, What the Internet is Doing you our Brains (What the Internet is making with our brain) argues that the last advances of the technology became in them less capable of deepened thoughts. That is I vitiate, it to the social nets is becoming the Brazilian society that already inhabits does not have it to read book a society each more ignorant time. The Brazilians are if becoming each time plus a distracted society and robotizada, becoming them each time more incapable to filosofar, to argue and to question the tasks of the life. But Brazilian society has a solution it to come back to be cultured, to moderate the use of the Internet and to practise the abilities of contemplation, introspection and reflection.

Hacker Companies

Common to hear to nowadays say on cases of hackers and/or crackers that they invade system of definitive company or companies to test the system or same to practise the calls vrituais crimes as robbery of passwords of banks among others. But come the question there Which the differences between Hacker and Cracker? It will be that all the robberies of bank passwords happen by means of the action of a Havker or Cracker? The reply of the first question it is that the difference between hacker and cracker and well simple hacker it even invades systems of companies in some cases for being contracted by these companies to test and to verify the vulnerability of the segunrana of the system. It is understood as system vulnerability: the Capacity of a system to be invaded by not authorized people that is the security of the system and to point possible imperfections of vulnerability of the system. Whereas cracker he uses knowledge the same technician of a Hacker to invade systems of companies to catch and to commercialize through a black market passwords and accounts you would bank and of orkut, social nets among others types of accounts of computadotr going until robbery of industrial secrets. There we have another question which the ethical limits of this activity? The ethical limits of this activity practically do not exist therefore of certain form the knowledge technician for these activities can be ultilizado in such a way to protect companies and customers of attacks of criminals as well as to invade companies and to practise the most varied crime. Everything depends and turns around one alone person who will go to ultilizar these conheciementos the behavior of this person and oque will define the ethical limits of this activity. For it saw generality to cracker ultiliza of programs of computers and nor does not send virus of computers for capture of password of users of computers generally who develops this the computer viruses professional are known as programmers who are contratatados by other people as: groups of people or same a person who can make possesss personal account a virus of same computer or to appeal to a programmer of computers to develop virus of computer and to vender these viruses for these people whom not necessarily they need to have some conhecimeneto computer technician to distribute virus of computers through diverse forms it saw Internet.

ICT Creation

As a mechanism is the authorization so that the ICT can share its laboratories, equipment, instruments, materials and too much installations with microcompanies and small business companies in activities directed to the technological innovation, for the achievement of activities of incubation. It also allows the use of the laboratories, equipment, instruments, materials too much existing installations in the proper dependences of the ICT for national companies and organizations of private law without lucrative ends directed toward activities of research. In relation to the technology transfer properly said, the Law of innovation is, normative that they constitute the regulatory landmark, the most specific one. It establishes some forms of transference between which: the commercialization of creation developed for the ICT, the rendering of services and the innovative establishment of partnerships for the development of products and processes. How much to the commercialization of creation developed for the ICT, in its article 6o, the Law authorizes to the ICT to celebrate contracts of licensing and technology transfer for grant of right of use or exploration of creation for developed it. In following articles if it details as one will in such a way give to this transference establishing rules in relation to the process how much in relation to the results of research of innovation proceeding from contracts between ICT and private companies. The Law determines that when this act of contract will be made with exclusiveness clause, the transference will have to be preceded of the proclamation publication. However, when exclusiveness to the receiver of technology will not be granted or the permitted one, the contracts could be firmed directly between the parts. The legislation also determines that the company detainer of the exclusive right of exploration of protecting creation will lose this right automatically in case that inside does not commercialize the creation of the stated period and conditions defined in the contract, being able the ICT to proceed the new licensing.

Work More

One of the different falhanos of the professionals, who want to have a routine as mine, that and destined 100% to the virtual work, and that they live of the same one to gain euros or for and without edge for error the will lack to come to work. For times the incomes that we obtain are weak, and were the wait of more or same we want to gain better incomes but not. This is a series of errors that lead in them to the error and makes to give up us the work. therefore that each time if sees projectos more of very little months to close, therefore the workers in the Internet wait to have a bigger income come of the Internet, and at the beginning difficult to start, this takes many to stop. A tip that of my point of view, motivates me therefore I use it and with more or less income, in more or less hours, I always conquer what I wanted and that as much I fought to reach. What it must to me make them e, before trying them a work to me, thinking them to me about what we want to relieve with this work exactly, to think them about our desires, and in what we want to buy or &#039 to me; to become realidade' with the money profit. It must to me take them this dream connosco, to place a paper close to the computer, in the door, the table, everything what it makes in them to desire of the such objectivo in time relieving, therefore when remembering the reason for which this always strengtove anger to give to greater motivation to it to work, however, more we will be motivated and we will be much more capable more obtaining elaborated and well paid works! We have that focar in them in our main objectivo and working to only obtain working it ties to be successful, to put, it does not have to be led as an obsession, can always stop to read the periodical, to drink the coffee, to be with the namorada one, to read some dry anecdotes and jokes or to practise some sport. It fights for its works and that they are very productive, if it does not forget it objectivo for which this to strengthen and later or more early anger to obtain!.

Biggest Social Net

The Facebook is one of the social nets that more grow in Brazil and the world, after the success of the Orkut the Brazilians already were prepared to adhere the new social nets, as Facebook and the Twitter for example. To each day more and more people I register in cadastre they make it in the Facebook and connect it the friends. The platform of the Facebook is easy of if to use, the updates of its contacts and friends appear in the Home Page, photos and videos also, the people finish quickly changing the Orkut for the Facebook. But after all as to make Facebook? To make a Facebook is easy excessively, is enough to have an email any, can be of the same Hotmail, registers in cadastre make it in the site, is well simple and fast. I register in cadastre in it of the Facebook, you can still place its email of the MSN, so that its contacts of the instantaneous messenger are part of its friends of the Facebook also. Beyond adding its friends of the MSN, the new Facebook also it adds the people who had studied the same in local that you, or are friends of one or more friends its and you ask if you know these people.

Thus when creating the profile of facebook you already start with many friends. Beyond the updates of its friends the old communities of orkut function in a similar however more interesting way in the Facebook, in the social net Facebook the communities are as friends who you tan, are alone to search a term for example: Neymar, to enter in fanpage of it and to clicar in tanning, all the updates of fanpages together with appear in home the updates of friends. As nobody lives without diversion apps of facebook brings many games online amused to interact with its friends, as The Social Sims, Farm Ville and many other games you to pass the time. Applicatory a very interesting one of facebook is My Caledrio that shows which of its friends is making anniversary and still it can automatically send personalized cards of anniversary with anniversary messages. Speaking in messages for who it has communication difficulty exist sites with innumerable phrases for facebook that you can use to improve interaction with its friends, the types of phrases of facebook exist all: funny phrases of love, phrases, phrases of friendship and much more.