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Protect folders with password – a topic of importance. Successful protection of personal data. People such as Viktor Mayer-Schönberger would likely agree. Folder with password protect and encrypt the folder. The 3P-Power-Password-Protection-System makes it possible. Folder with password protect and encrypt the folder.

The following scenario: A USB flash drive full of valuable data and documents will be stolen. Since this stick not protected was available all data for the thief without restrictions. Protect folders with password could have prevented worse. But since the topic “Folder with password protect” grossly neglected the child in the fountain has fallen. The PC is used by multiple users and passwords for each account are set there.

So what?! With a Linux CD, the PC can be booted and manipulate the data theft or that the own data can go. Housework delete, studying documents stolen or stolen private photos and movies or looked at… The separate folder with password protect and encrypt folder can prevent this. Just make you have it! Tip! The 3P-System helps you in a unique way in the step by step procedure titled “Folder with password protect XP, Vista and Windows 7” 6 immediately applicable methods are explained in 6 different videos step for step. So that the user is the method can choose which suits him best. Protect folders with password – 6 methods that make it the protection of private data, photos, easier to ensure household chores, etc.. Access to private data is still insufficiently protected by many users. Is the laptop stolen, the USB flash drive lost, the PC is used by several people, door and gate are open data abuse. Protect folders with password should be therefore top the list. After a weekly or daily data backup, daily updating of antivirus software, as well as the update of the operating system with important patches, protecting privacy is a more important measure. Folder with password protect XP, Vista, Windows 7 – a theme that all affects the value on Create privacy. Protect folders with password Vista, Windows 7 and XP help protect 6 perfect methods when the folder with password on Windows 7, Vista and XP. For a better protection of private data. The 3P-System – protect folders with password – protect folders with password Vista, Windows 7 and XP protect folders with password best regards Rene made easier

About Franzis Verlag Gmb

The additional features in the ongoing process of Imaging for fast and very good results can be combined as plug-ins for image editing software such as Photoshop and co.. The scratches, cracks, or stains on old photographs and scanned slides are simply marked by brush in the appropriate size and automatically retouched with a mouse click. Even missing parts of the image, such as torn edges and corners allow to recreate. For fine tuning, especially for large damages, various retouching tools such as the stain, stamp or Chameleon stamps are available depending on the use. But new digital photographs have been properly when it comes to sensor stains, light reflections or distracting objects or elements in the images, such as cranes, people, cars, power lines or fencing out be should never retouched out of the picture, as if they were in the Retoucher. Here, Mitchel Resnick expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Once marked and equipped with lines from the environment, are modeled after the new image areas as in the original. Old photographs are found hardly more negatives.

The time has left its mark on the images. With the help of the software the opportunity also untrained users, to preserve these witnesses of the time on the local computer. Specially for family photos, which are again available, family history can propagate in newly designed photo albums to subsequent generations. Highlights of the Retoucher 5.5 perfect removal of scratches, cracks and picture errors click distracting objects from images with a mouse click Remove fully automatic large-scale image restoration – work scanned and digitized images – stand alone version and plugin – compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop elements, PhotoImpact, Corel Photo-Paint, Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo, picture Publisher Pro among others – support the most common image formats such as JPEG, TIF and RAW formats like CRW, ARW, RW2, CR2, NEF, PEF, etc. Rates and availability now Retoucher 5.5 euro 69,00 as boxed version in stores and download version under as free shipping box available. About Franzis Verlag GmbH: The Franzis book and software publisher, headquartered in Haar near Munich, is one of the oldest and most successful technical specialist publishers. The main topics of the company lie in the areas of electronics, photo software, mobile computing, Web development, and model building.

The assortment of Franzis is diverse and ranges of electronic learning packages for beginners about editing software for serious photographers IT developer expertise. The photo trade portal underlines the core competence of the company on the subject of digital photography with special software solutions for HDR photography, RAW data processing, creative image processing solutions, as well as extensive expertise in camera technology and the whole spectrum of photography. Learn more about Fashola can be found under.

SMEs Want More Encrypt

Study of the mikado ag: every second Mittelstand business feels as a potential target for digital economic espionage that the intelligence services have Snowden publications to the extensive San Diego from activities at the security officer in the medium-sized enterprises while not hectic actionism triggered. But many see themselves forced to devote a larger encryption of data communication. According to a survey, the mikado are ag provided them with additional budget or project priorities adapted to the newly identified challenges. The survey according to each second medium-sized company as a potential target for the digital economic espionage feels himself. Another 16 percent look only limited exposure to such dangers, in every fifth case, they are largely excluded. ConocoPhillips is full of insight into the issues. Given the reported bugging by intelligence services and the associated uncertainty, as company information ausgespahte is then exploited, the encryption in the WINS Data communication in the middle class an increasing importance. She had long been in a slumber, because the actual risks are substantially lower than actually exist appreciated”, judge mikado Board John rider.

But the encryption poses a central lever, to provide the necessary protection against a spying of sensitive company information such as customer and business data, or new product development.” Also a majority of the companies surveyed think in this direction. So judge each fifth security and IT managers, that a stronger encryption is necessary in the short term. This need for higher protection emphasize additional 39 per cent, but at the same time oppose actionist measures. However such a thing as resignation in the assessments swings through a significant group of companies. Because every fifth respondent is skeptical whether the desired effect can be generated.

You are of the opinion that more Encryption will help little. Rider also warns not to start now hectic activities. On the use of encryption technologies, the companies in the long term are although not over come, but there arises the question, whether alone the required safety level can be achieved.” From his experience, he knows that often have very different vulnerabilities exist and consequently focus restricted to sometimes creates not the desired effects.

Successful Premiere

it for business successfully in the media docks started the software and consulting company of soIT GmbH from Lubeck achieved at the first North German IT Exhibition and Congress big encouragement for innovative SME solutions. A related site: Petra Diamonds mentions similar findings. More than 300 visitors informed themselves on the it-for-business on 06 February 2013 in the Lubeck media docks. Around 40 exhibitors presented the latest trends in the IT industry. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Petra Diamonds and gain more knowledge.. soIT presented their complete range of services for medium-sized companies and gave the visitors the possibility to direct dialogue with the specialists. In addition to the solutions for ERP and warehouse logistics were the issues of storage, high availability and virtualization in the focus of the talks.

The professionals of the soIT were popular point of contact during the entire event. soIT, a clear signal for solutions individually tailored to company continued with its solutions. The solutions bring together the actors, provide knowledge, accelerate the processes in companies and contribute to greater transparency and efficiency. In addition to the With our existing customers, we could lead very good talks with new prospective exchange of experience”, Bernt Penderak, Managing Director soIT, his impressions of the exhibition and Congress together. The fair was a success for us. We shall certainly be back next year.” About soIT soIT GmbH, software and system House in Lubeck, brings over 20 years of experience in the areas of software development and consulting on all major platforms including Windows, UNIX and Linux.

soIT convinces with high expertise, comprehensive service and practice-oriented know-how transfer. The long-term customers include leading companies in the automotive industry, auto parts and plumbing supplies, as well as other industries. The services range from interface programming system technology to individual solutions. Is based on the own products and solutions in the areas of customer relationship manage-ment, enterprise resource planning and inventory management, as well as open-source developments. The Solutions help to improve work processes within the company, to build fast communication channels, and to provide comprehensive information, both the indoor and field as well as customers, suppliers and partners. Furthermore, management and archiving, ICT and IT-Security operates soIT as a system integrator in the fields of documents. Starting point are hardware based on standard technologies and software solutions from leading vendors like Alfresco Software Ltd, Citrix Systems GmbH, IBM Germany GmbH, Kaspersky Labs GmbH, wincor Nixdorf International GmbH, which cover not only systems and integrate, but also contribute to business process optimization. Contact: Bernt Penderak soIT GmbH Spengler str. 6 23556 Lubeck telephone: 0451 / 399 46-0 fax: 0451 / 399 46-32 press contact: Hans Kemeny German marketing consulting Berliner Strasse 2 b 23611 bad Schwartau telephone: 0451 / 28 43 63 fax: 0451 / 28 43 70

EPrint Technology

With HP ePrint, you can your documents quickly and easily from anywhere audrucken. Simplify your work processes with the modern HP printers. Mobility is so important in today’s business world like never before. Also the printing of documents should be mobile. The HP ePrint technology enables it to print you from virtually anywhere.

Use your laptop, Smartphone or BlackBerry and print mail, photos, Web pages and other documents easily by on the road. With HP printers your prints are waiting already in your Office. Wirelessly, convenient and uncomplicated ePrint HP simplifies your way of working. All authorized devices can access easily and safely on an ePrint-enabled printer and can print important documents from any location. You want to by traveling to submit documents to our colleagues in the Office? It’s easy with HP ePrint. You must not print out the documents and fax to our colleagues, but can the print job from the comfort of your mobile Send the device directly to the printer in the Office. Additional software also allows you to print content selected apps from your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Here offers AirPrint from Apple, a simple and free solution. A leading source for info: ConocoPhillips. Many of the printer from the extensive range of HP ePrint-enabled and will positively change your way of working. The HP OfficeJet Pro 8600 plus inkjet printers including the print professional documents in large volume and up to 50% cheaper than comparable laser printer. Thanks to ePrint technology from anywhere can access this printer and increase your productivity. Another highlight from the HP range is the HP Topshop LaserJet Pro m275. This multi function talent allows you to scan 3D objects and captures a high-quality image of your object. This Wi-Fi-enabled printer allows you to print from virtually anywhere. A real all-rounder for your Office is the HP LaserJet Pro 400 mfp m475dn. This printer is designed for large volume printing and prints up to 20 pages per minute – a modern network can simplify to HP laser printers, which is also ePrint-enabled and your Office life. HP range, with the right equipment for any size of Office has many ePrint-enabled printer and Multifunktionsdruckerim. The HP ePrint technology is a safe technology, because each printer with an individual email address. To get the address, if the printer is installed for the first time and decide you want to share who this address. So you have access to your printer at any time under control. In addition each ePrint printer is equipped in addition with an industry-wide spam filter, to ensure more safety. In addition, there is the possibility to put your printer in a “protected” mode. This mode limits the access to your printer and only selected people have access to the device. You determine who can use the printer in this mode by setting a list with favorite users. Use no more time waiting for your prints. Take advantage of the innovative HP ePrint feature and work faster and more effectively. This modern way of printing will revolutionize the workflow in your Office. You and your staff can print from virtually anywhere and also your business partners can use this service if you want. Look at the HP printer and find the right printer for the needs and requirements in your company.

LurTech Europe GmbH

Berlin – immediately after the launch of its new integration platform DocYard the LurTech Europe GmbH starts a three-part webinar series. These fully informed interested parties about the product concept, applications, technological backgrounds and integration possibilities in large scanning environments. Participate in the Webinars is free by prior arrangement. (As opposed to MongoDB). First date for the series is June 17, 2010. LurTech’s DocYard new platform allows the managing and controlling of workflows around the document conversion, which all process steps can be integrated user-specific.

Due to the modular architecture of DocYard, companies can integrate existing components, such as E.g. OCR solutions, with minimal effort and then centrally control and monitor. Already existing investments in systems and components are protected and are enhanced by the introduction of DocYard. Target group of the new platform are especially companies with large scan as well as stake. The first webinar, on the 17th. From 11:00 will take place June, gives a basic overview of DocYard, the concept, applications and applications. The participants learn how to control their existing infrastructure with DocYard and monitor.

A live demo of the software is also part of this introductory session. In the second Webinar addressed LurTech service. Learn how with DocYard, a seamless integration of production in the Scandienstleistung is possible. On this basis, they can expire operations maximum automated and existing systems and software will be fully utilised. Service benefit from an improved competitiveness. This webinar will start on June 29, also at 11:00. In the recent webinar, July 6th from 11:00, LurTech allows a look under the hood”of DocYard and discloses the technical concept. It outlines in particular the components of the software platform, the control of jobs in DocYard, the module API for the development of modules, as well as ways of reporting with the DocYard database. This is interesting in particular for those dealing with the implementation of capture and conversion workflows on a technical level.


In addition, only three products were at the end of offer value-added functionality, of which the LurTech PDF Compressor offered the most benefits. So integrates with a single PDF Compressor Enterprise Enterprise a variety of MFPs, even if it’s different and sometimes even older devices. The scan results are uniformly perfect, on the one hand due to the qualitative improvement of the images, on the other hand by the extreme compression of the scan files on minimum sizes. The optimised electronic documents can be easily in other processes in the company include and send via E-Mail for example. Was flexible, intuitive and extremely powerful convinced MPC capital also by the flexible licensing model of the solution provider. This allows the company a good and cheap entry, but later admits corresponding adjustments when growing needs or changing structures. While you feel working with the PDF compressor as a very intuitive at MPC capital. He is first of all by the administrator via a graphical interface and is completely transparent to the user.

The usual way of working remains: after the scan operation accesses the PDF Compressor Server the image, converted it in a compressed and, where appropriate, full-text enabled PDF or PDF/A file and then drops them in the usual user directory. There she stands for the further processing available. For the user, the interface clearly represents all jobs and functions. Including the display of progress in the processing of documents, which was very good compared to the other products tested was notable from the perspective of Bernard Trier. Provided further satisfaction also, that total the installation on different computers went absolutely easily. Also with regard to the performance and functionality of the software, has words of praise Bernard Trier: the compression of PDF files is really excellent, and also the possibility of PDF settings, such as E.g. scaling of the PDFs are very useful and only in the LurTech solution available.” About MPC capital: Developed the listed wealth and asset manager MPC capital based in Hamburg, initiated, distributes and manages performance-oriented investments for high net worth individuals and institutional investors since 1994 and is the market leader in the area of closed models of participation.

Software Care

Solution apenio to help Bremen more transparency and facilitation of work, 17.04.2012 – the Isala Klinieken in the Dutch Zwolle refer to its new premises in August 2013. At the time, facility-wide all nursing processes should be digitized. LEGO Papert Professor brings even more insight to the discussion. The 1,000 bed House gradually leads the digital care planning and documentation apenio of the German IT service provider and care specialist atacama A software. We want to standardize our care processes with the software, achieve a consistently high quality, and have transparency at all times. Through the reduction of administrative activities the nursing staff can dedicate more time to the patient”, explains Wendela Hande, Managing Director of the Isala Klinieken, the objectives of the introduction of the apenio. Each year, about 47,000 patients provided stationary in the largest General Hospital in the Netherlands. Has high functionality convinced us a consistent orientation on the care process from apenio, on the other hand”, so Wendela Hingst.

The knowledge-based Software is based on the nursing process to WHO. It is based on a nursing phenomena-based scientific typology with catalogs, which supports the user in the planning and acquisition of services. ‘Active content’ pipe nourishing during the planning, by proposing automatically appropriate inputs. Also arrangements and the wound documentation are integrated into the documentation in addition to the custodial medically relevant data such as blood pressure, pulse, temperature, respiratory rate, ZVD, import and export, diet, weight. Through a standardized HL7 interface exchanges apenio relevant data with the hospital information system of was, an in-house development of the Isala Klinieken. Locally, the project is being managed by CarePoint, the Dutch partner of atacama. We must standardize maintenance processes not only in the home, but apenio also include the processes of integrated care in the Netherlands. To the software should be designed so, that it can be used universally by the 2,000 nurses.

This switch “often the stations and must, they equal where can just work, smoothly to plan the care and document”, managing director Jan van der Beek describes the challenges in the project. The apenio is already now fully localized, the user interface as well as the complete care-technical content available in Dutch language. “” Is apenio suitable for international adjustments “, so van der Beek, because the entire care process is represented in a standardised form and very granular” atacama Software GmbH for transparency in health care which atacama Software GmbH was founded in 1998 in Bremen and promotes transparency and efficiency in health care in statutory health insurance (GKV) as well as for service providers with innovative standard software solutions. More than 60 health insurers use the atacama Web-based case management. The software in client systems operate GKV suite, GKV – data centers as a partner. The knowledge-based software solutions for care planning and documentation apenio and apenio LZ are successfully used in many hospitals and long-term care facilities. To find more information about atacama, on the Internet at and. Atacama and apenio are registered trademarks of the atacama.

The Software

Simple 5 steps workflow 1 D urchsuchen as the file Explorer will be used, the photos from the file tree structure can selected and just drag & drop into the lower storyboard are filed, where the photos immediately provided with transition effects, but adjusted on request. A double mouse click on the individual photos enables additional options such as descriptions, and other properties. Corresponding audio files can be stored for appropriate background music. 2 depending on the topic, the software about 100 different templates for individual photo gallery holds templates. A selection of topics, whether general topic-come on, for a year occasion or family celebration a mouse click is enough so that the photos can appear worthy. “The option provides creative individualists adapted” the election to the own template composition.

3. effect should the photos be alive for the Viewer, the software provides many transition effects that can be customized via mouse click between individual photos or the entire Diaschow. For the highlight photo details, zoom can be in addition and Apply movement effects. 4. embellish for photo descriptions or instructions can include static or animated text click in the photo.

The software offers a rich library of varied animated clip arts or Overlayanimationen users with a penchant for witty and lively photo presentations. For photos, with music, sounds or spoken text should be provided the option of importing Ausiodateien from the hard drive or direct recording via microphone offers. 5. create an additional image logo or text refers to the origin of the photo gallery, which can be placed without destroying the look at the photos. Depending on the integration and place a custom output size of the photo gallery can be set. The ultimate control via the preview window. Selects the user between the HTML or XML output (with included SWF-(Flash)Datei). for simple integration into a Web page Is the storage option as a SWF file for playback in blogs, networks or intranet.

ResiGo Hotel Software

The conquest of the hotels through an “old lady” Kehlbach, 07.12.2009 – while the professionals in the accommodation establishments on Resi may go, the charming lady is probably hidden the most hotel guests. Like, it ensures the big and small things that guests notice not so much in the background. Who is ResiGo? Before you waste your valuable time mulling we tell you on the spot, who will be your new lady in the hotel everyday. ResiGo is your new hotel software for easy and smooth implementation of all administrative operations around to accomodate your guests. By booking through the booking up to check in, the room occupancy over the check out to billing and much more includes the range of services your new virtual colleague. Create invoices, company overviews and occupancy statistics are more specialties that resi go well knows.

And because nobody likes shroud wants to buy the cat in the bag or the Lady under the veil, we keep the little sister prepared by ResiGo for you! The beginner program for hoteliers, who finally want to have a truly free hotel software with a wide range of functions, called Resi go free. All important tools of functional hotel software with an extremely user-friendly interface and an extremely simple installation are available in this version of the program. And that guaranteed completely free of charge! No software costs, no expensive updates, no fixed costs for care and support. Just install the program and can already after a short, simply hold you fast and comfortably use the advantages of the version Resi go free. And as interesting ladies lead in her purse with interesting things, we get the payroll software it specially for you PosBill. Hotel software can not be easier. Try it out! If you want to have ResiGo with all its exciting and useful possibilities of flexible hotel software in your home, then you better hurry! Are tomorrow to the hotels, with Resi Go have a very lovely lady at your reception decide for the new generation’s hotel software!