Management Expertise

To date, every boss, working in business, always confronted with the necessity of a permanent increase their own management expertise. In reality, enterprise management – Is an offshoot, which at present is actively developed and, most importantly, permanently popular. In this case, in particular the extended enterprise in the special regulation of the financial downturn. One of the list of the most common educational development for qualified managers is business education. Clearly, business education – is a special education for those who directly received the education in the university and seeks to further its own utility to build a career in management and administration.

The task of the mba program – is to acquaint potential senior managers with the theory and practice manipulation of different business structures. Because he later graduates had gained a diploma mba, will act directly to top management positions. Because the main direction of learning development of the mba itself becomes an empirical application of certain hypothetical business models. Particularly relevant to mba education, whose firm willing to take the global financial field, but not extremely modest sector of the national market trading. And, of course, for activists who wish to create a career not only within the boundaries of medium-sized firms, but also in multinational organizations. mba opens a manager really attractive prospects, provides a chance to advance and promote the company. mba represents a package of techniques that help to develop practical management skills.

Since it is empirical activity is crucial to the professional advancement of a manager higher level, and learning mba is aimed at developing useful skills specifically in this area. Here, business education can improve managerial structure of the organization so as to create its extremely effective. This applies directly to the United Nations system and its economic activity, and production. Optimization of all branches the firm to form a really productive and rapidly evolving business structure – it will target an mba. Education mba program – is the best use of all abilities, which are offered manager in the present financial situation. Since the system is improving all the time MBAs, many chiefs aspiring to the heights of management, all the time can be trained on various options for an mba. At the moment any director who works in business, certainly confronted with the necessity of a permanent increase of personal managerial qualifications. Indeed, the manipulation of the enterprise – it branch, which is currently significantly promoted and, most importantly, always popular. It is especially in demand qualified management business in the parameters of the economic crisis. One from the list of most popular educational development of qualified managers to become iba.

Economic Justification

For example – the result of perform a certain task should be a 10% reduction in execution time of the application of IT-service; Develop programs to address each objective; concretization of the project implementation – the distribution of human and financial resources, definition of areas of responsibility for the tasks; Implementation of the project; Revision and correction system performance up to the introduction. In this step, possibly as a return to the stage formalization of performance indicators, and on the very first stage – the formalization of the strategic objective method bsc is primarily a tool for creating management strategies and is often used as part of the IT-oriented techniques of process management. However, use of bsc methodology for it projects implies that the balanced scorecard is used in the organization, otherwise the use of bsc could cause some difficulties. The rapid economic justification (Rapid Economic Justification, REJ) – a technique that was developed by Microsoft. tco is a development methodology by establishing a compliance cost it project priorities of the business process. In developing the methodology was tasked with financial justification of it investments. The key idea of a technique – look at it from the perspective of the business priorities of the company, strategic plans for its development, and key financial indicators (ROI, etc.). rej methodology consists of five consecutive stages: Binding targets and key performance indicators of it project to the business goals of the organization (this stage has much in common with technique BSC); making the choice on the list of "required features", largely consistent with the criterion "Benefits" methodology "The total economic effect (TEI); evaluation of profits and costs using the methodology "Total Cost of Ownership (TCO); risk assessment project on the eligibility criteria chosen solution to the original design, implement the chosen solution, its operating and financial risk; Calculation of financial indicators project implementation, involving the calculation methods "Net present value (NPV), Internal rate of return (IRR), Economic value added (EVA), The return on investment (ROI) and others.

Technological Complex

In modern conditions the strategy of forestry can be defined as careful forest management and reforestation, increased use of aac, in-depth processing of timber. This requires a new technological approach to all areas of the forest industry, which in turn leads to increased efficiency of economic activities and reduce costs. According to experts, one of the problems of the plight of enterprises engaged in forestry, is the depletion of economically accessible forest resources in areas of traditional forest near transport infrastructure and in areas of large forest enterprises. For many years, logging companies were using the powerful forest machines in places of clearcuts. Technology is certainly productive and effective, but only when working on large areas. In addition, the cost of such machines and their maintenance requires significant investment that under present conditions is economically inefficient. Working for many years on the market of specialized forestry machinery and equipment, generalizing experience professionals, we concluded that there is a more efficient vehicle logging and deep processing of timber. Virtually any forestry tractors there, which provides export of raw materials with place timber to the upper store.

Staffed offered by our company equipment, the tractor is a versatile pieces of equipment, able to carry out cutting, cleaning and removal of raw materials in the minimum time and without using additional labor. Installing the robot complete with a harvester head mounted harvester and processor significantly increases the extraction of timber by reducing the time to Prune, bucking the size and formation of stacks. Installing skidding winches will keep logging in remote places, marshy areas, in ravines, on slopes due to release the cable at distance of 100 m. The Loggers know – how hard in the offseason to organize the timber with the plots, so we offer the use of light and maneuverable Forest trailed forwarders, not decomposing forest roads, which, in contrast to the timber on the basis of the Urals, etc., carry only the forest, and not myself. If the forest road is broken or absent, a tractor equipped with devices for forming and sealing of forest roads, which will export timber all year round regardless of weather conditions.

In the development of the plots remain a large number , which is an additional source of income. Drive a tractor or a cleaver Universal Wood splitters will recycle virtually all of the remaining timber. If there is a need for chips, the availability of a plot chippers as pendent on a tractor, and autonomous (running from plots is mounted wood chipper. Advantage of it is that it not only grinds the chips in all the waste timber, but can in a short time to process all the vegetation on the plot. Remaining on plot allows you to effectively remove stumps stump grinder. There are modifications of the machine-through or a more powerful local type.

Subscription Accounting Services

Bookkeeping is an orderly system for collecting, recording and consolidating information on property, cash and debts of enterprises and their movement. Quality management is achieved by continuous and documenting all business transactions. Bookkeeping is carried out in accordance with the regulations. These documents have a different status – some of them are required to application, while others are advisory in nature. Bookkeeping required to keep all organizations on the territory of the Russian Federation, as well as branches and representative offices of foreign companies, unless otherwise stipulated in international treaties of the Russian Federation.

Anyway, any organization will face the clearance of primary documents, accounting and tax accounting, drawing a wide variety of declarations and statements, accrual and payment of taxes, the balance sheet reporting delivery, communication with inspectors from the tax and extra-budgetary funds. Therefore, optimization of the accounting support is one of the the primary tasks of any company, any company. Currently accounting for non-core subject taken to give to outsourcing, that is to pass a specialized company, providing accounting services. Thus, by subscription accounting service, or accounting services – that is, accounting firm under the agreement, service. With the right approach, outsourcing is one of the most effective ways to optimize corporate performance. Western firms largely focused on the use of third-party services companies. In Russia the market of outsourcing services is relatively small, but steady trend to develop it. It is assumed that outsourcing – including the outsourcing of accounting services – will gradually get becoming more common in the sector of small and medium business as one begins to realize the economic benefits from its use.

Russian Internet

Subscriber focuses only on the required You and useful for him actions. Rule number 8. Necessarily in every issue of watch list, so that a subscriber has full information and tools to manage subscriptions. Give him advice on how he can unsubscribe from the list if it does not like, or how he can edit your personal subscriber data, if there is an error. Remember that the subscriber can be on your list only for its frank interest and goodwill if they are lost, then he is entitled to instantly unsubscribe. Rule number 9. If the subscriber has subscribed to your mailing list, it does not mean that he automatically agrees to receive from you and your other mail! Note that man was initially interested in specific information and he confided to you my email-address in order to get there only information on the topic of their interest.

When you open a new feed, you can at an old mailing only mildly otreklamirovat his new posting and offer to sign on it. Or, just put the subscriber in popularity even before the first subscription that it may receive from you and other materials (newsletter). Then, the subscriber will be informed and will have no problems. Rule number 10. For the conduct of its mailings, use only quality software, and better Web services mailings.

High-quality script, program, or Web services allow you to technically comply with already by default many of the above rules. Software for mailing lists is a very important link in the process of mailing it must as soon as more reliable qualitatively and functionally to ensure your needs as well as the needs of your subscribers. One of the most comfortable, functional and well-known tool for keeping lists of Russian Internet service is a smart email-autoresponders and mailing lists Here you'll find everything you need to reference list, as well as full compliance with all functions of the network rules and regulations of voluntary email-marketing (the science of the conduct of e-mail mailings). Well, congratulations! Now do you know the main rules for the effective management of mailing lists. If you faithfully follow them, then I am quite sure that you will achieve a high response to their offers a strong confidence, the respect of your subscribers and as a result – higher profits. There is no need to invent anything – just use the rules and quickly solve your problem!

Group Construction

However, it is very important to the production process itself may not remain the likeness of a black box, accessible for inspection Only when analyzing the consequences of emergency situations. Ensure transparency of the organization of production allows the quality management system. Their operating principle is based on a simple formula: quality of products ensured the quality of production. "At the present time, we see that big companies are not waiting for the abolition of licensing and not relying on the assurances which it gave, introducing its own certification system", – notes Denis , Director of "Consent-Management, the chief auditor tuv cert. So, for about a year propleks Group, Russia's largest producer of pvc window-profile of Austrian technologies, conducts certification their partners to meet the requirements of the company to production technology and product quality. At the same time respected mutual interest: Certified Partners receive comprehensive support manufacturer, for example, assistance in vocational training. It should be noted that this practice is widely used around the world. There are international quality management system certification, for example, iso 9001.

However, some experts believe this standard was not adapted to the needs of the construction industry. Thus, specialists of the Federal Center technical product evaluation in construction believe that iso 9001 is designed to improving management of the organization in the industry, whereas in the construction quality is ensured mainly at the level of industrial process control. Therefore, for all its merits and universal standard is not very well reflect the specifics of construction in general, and Russia in particular.

Wall Street

When no joke zalihoradilo Wall Street, but the U.S. banking system began to collapse as a house of cards, many with undisguised glee hastened to christen the event as the agony of the Stars and Stripes Empire. But in less than several months, as jubilation gave way to panic. The whole world has realized that this agony threatens to turn into a general catastrophe. Catastrophe fortunately did not happen.

Patient pumped painkillers, but to save Peace in the best traditions of Hollywood and rushed a new hero. Things are moving. Today, all thinking mankind stirs the question: how to change the balance of power on the world chessboard? On the reorganization of the world say it all: from fortune tellers to canny investors and analysts. The world has already changed. And so the future, as in a mirror, is reflected in the processes that occur here and now. But one thing is clear: we are dealing with a unique case of reorganization of the world order. And this uniqueness is already in the fact that nobody is interested in the collapse of the leader.

Competitive partnership post-Cold War world, U.S. power was unlimited. This leadership is not only no one disputed, but gained widespread support throughout the world. Americans offered a surprisingly attractive and effective management model. It differed adaptability, liberalism and opens up great opportunities for economic growth. For the first time in the world contributed to the policy of hegemony is not suppression, but the development of competition.

State Tax Inspection

2. 'The register of shareholders' should be conducted properly. In accordance with the law 'On Joint Stock Companies "the purchased your company should organize keeping of the register within 30 days from the date of registration, and roster management is regulated by the Regulation on Maintaining the Register owners of registered securities which have been approved fcsm N 27 from October 2, 1997 (as amended. fcsm of Russia N 45 from 31.12.1997, N 1 from 12.01.1998, N 8 of 04.20.1998). 3. All the shares before the transaction of sale must be paid, ie, registered capital must be made of 100%.

The order of sale and purchase, and there is also very simple. 1. Previous shareholders sign the protocol, which contains a decision on the sale of shares, indicating to whom it is sold. 2. Signed contracts for the sale of shares, the acts of these contracts. All of 2 copies – for the parties to the treaty. Transfer order one copy of the Registry.

3. New shareholders signed a protocol with the appointment of a new ceo. 4. Filled appropriate forms of the register of shareholders. 5. In order for a new General assured the signature in the bank card with a notary, is preparing an extract from the register of shareholders. And then the new general of the former takes the seal, register of shareholders, documents and other matters, including accounting. It is worth saying a few words about the further procedure. Regardless of what you buy: llc or jsc, you must within 10 days to notify the State Tax Inspection of your company to change Director General and the members or shareholders, by providing copies of relevant documents by mail or in person at the Law Department.

Designing a Business

What is the place we run design in our business? It is difficult to consider the real situation, which remains today the Russian market of graphic design. Veer offers specific design services printing companies as a response to unformed desire of the customer "make me beautiful" – this is a field in which the search for adequate, life-saving decisions, embodied in the design. Decisions, which are based on an understanding that design, even business cards or booklet – it's just the goods and services that facilitate the sales of other goods and services. The correct choice of the necessary and sufficient design – the basic condition of the transformation of design in a normal business – a tool to conditions gradually returning to normal (ie, tending to the worldwide norm) of the economy. Finally, and we design is becoming a real weapon of competition: the company wants to avoid an opponent and creates a more vivid packaging their goods. The company wants to go to foreign investors is not a homegrown squalid logo painted in the early 90's. We can say that the services of designers are now still in demand, and the market design so far only begins to acquire a civilized form.

On actual fact, the design is simple, finally, a place integral link in the system of commercial communications. Today graphic design (including corporate identity, label and packaging, advertising graphics) – is the basis of market design in our country. Until recently it was believed that a trademark must be constant and recognizable – and this is its main advantage. In recent years, and we (and the world is much earlier) triumphed opposite approach: if you want your sign is not out of date and respond to changing living conditions, market and fashion, then it must change every five years. On the wave of economic growth and increasing Russian market design competition gradually acquires the structure inherent in developed countries.

In the near future we should expect that will increase the interest of Western specialists in the Russian market design. Fashion for the design seized by Russia in a time when the world is experiencing a crisis of demand for design services. For example, the aggregate turnover of the 100 largest British companies, specializing in the design of brands, declined in 2001 to 10%, and staff designers working in these companies decreased from 3000 to 2500. It is not excluded that part of freeing up a lot of designers will find jobs in the Russian market design. If it happens, the result is unpredictable: this how can destabilize the world of our design, and finally lead to a sense of Russian corporations and designers to normalize the situation in the market design. No need to praise our designers – among professionals They are not the majority. Do not be afraid of our designers – they know their work is no worse than others by our experts. In the bulk, they are the same equal inhabitants of the Russian business world, like everyone else – managers, technicians, craftsmen. Therefore, if you do not mystify their activities, it becomes quite obvious that the problem of effective design as urgent and solvable in a general way, as, for example, the problem of effective management.

Iinvolving Employees

From communicating with applicants who are in search of work, we often discover what benefits and incentives to our candidates for vacant positions considered most important for the company to look in their eyes attractive employer. Management personnel and specialists focused on career and eventually plan to join the company's management, and therefore rely on what your competitors are hoping only to stable and long-term performance is not necessary, most likely they're going to build a career. In motivating employees is important is a holistic approach. If you ignore any of the motivational element of the whole system becomes unstable and may fall apart as a house of cards. Application in practice, only some elements of the model of motivation, as a rule, blocking the whole system and say that the employee is motivated, not necessary.

The manager who believes that the best motivation is sufficient to apply some elements of the system, making a big mistake. In this situation, staff will demotivirovany, as always subconsciously will experience discomfort, which is almost always the cause of conflict is usually caused by the instability of the activity and turnover. More recently, in the form of encouragement thanks, commendation, wall newspapers with pictures of "the best producers, quarterly bonuses and regular payments were more than effective methods of staff motivation. The idea of encouraging remained, but a few changed in recent times. The system of motivation of staff currently includes a huge number of components.

Trainings and seminars, awards for innovative ideas and development, personnel training, production and effective solve business problems, participation or independent curatorial projects, risk assessment and possible profits. Here we are talking about the confidence level to each employee, the degree of its autonomy in decision-making capabilities provide your own result. Intangible incentives that seduce the applicant in the company, are quite diverse. This adaptation of the new personnel system, which gives employees an initial idea of company. Another commonly used non-material incentives – praise staff at meetings and celebrations, the board's best, awarding diplomas and gratitude. If the company has clearly defined and spelled out the criteria and steps career – this is another significant factor. Most employees say that for them it is very important inclusion in decision-making process, delegation of administrative authority. Financial incentives Naturally, other functions – they are "working" to improve the quality of life of personnel and require the company direct financial investment. This – the provision of health insurance, company car, catering services at the expense of the company and other benefits. This includes efforts to organize the company in-house training, business training and corporate events. But no matter how confident we are not talking about that, motivation system in the first place must be intangible things, in practice it is a refund of efforts of staff in the service is of primary importance. Not for nothing after all, coming to the interview, our applicants with undisguised pleasure to listen to stories of HR-managers of the great advantages of the company, the most complete in the labor market sots.pakete, on annual leave, regular business training, systematic premiums, and even Corporate edition. That's just nothing so worried about the applicant as the amount of wages. These values of modern competition on world markets passes on culture and human factors. Competitors your company faster than the other repeat your products or services, then they try to 'copy' of your technology, technical strategy and marketing. But the fact that competitors can not practically be repeated – a philosophy and the culture of your company. Learn what your employees value share is not difficult. Will be effective surveys, questionnaires, joint participation in developing a code of corporate relations. Naturally, there are other way. Even if a corporate culture in your company it is at every meeting, you can remind employees that the corporate culture – is not just a set of norms and values of conduct, they must be applied effectively "work" for the benefit of the company. Even in the absence of direct instruction, corporate culture determines how actions and interactions of your employees, largely affecting progress of work. For example, in small firms support corporate culture is the leader. But in large holdings, the culture is most often separated from its main carrier and begins to develop independently. Sometimes a leader has no clear idea of how it develops and lets things take their course, which negatively affects relationships within the company. For improving relations between employees and strengthen the corporate culture developed business training. Their effectiveness specialists staff still speak in very different ways, but one thing remains constant – training programs are needed not only to to improve the professional level employees of the enterprise, but also to introduce them. Corporate edition – one more popular and popular tool in the motivation of staff and maintaining a positive image of digging among customers, partners and employees. As one of the components of corporate culture – a newspaper is irreplaceable. According to a survey of corporate publications at the Forum the European Union, publishers, 41% of business people among corporate executives believe that in the future, expect the active development of corporate publishing of large companies, while 52% believe that the greatest growth will be in editions of medium-sized firms. Position the first is obvious: the budgets of corporations allows them to quickly release the publication, especially with the help of special agencies. But their opponents, too, in its own right: for many middle-sized companies that do not have huge budgets for classic advertising, corporate press is probably the only marketing tool for quality interaction with customers, shareholders and employees. Recently, corporate publications are all often serve as a communicator between management and staff of the enterprise that allows us not only to establish effective two-way communication, but also promotes open dialogue between employees and top managers. Today, the corporate edition is regarded as a tool for creating your own information space in the enterprise. Specialists in hr claim that standards of corporate conduct should be documented, usually in a small company of their development is the responsibility of "first person" and the personnel manager, a large firm is in most cases it is necessary to resort to using external consultants – experts on motivation, business professionals, people fluent in matters .Postepenny career employees within the company, which involves a corporate academic culture, is a very serious motivation for employees. In addition, the catching confidence in the future, not only do they try to make every effort to move up the career ladder, but also simultaneously become the present driving force for the same, as they are ambitious and determined members of the company. Pure motivation in today's world almost every company is committed to establish motivational programs for employees. Often total corporate motivational programs consist of four general components: social, economic, intellectual and spiritual. Accordingly, it is about motivation by external incentives. Office Located in a convenient location, a favorable atmosphere in the team, the possibility of solving diverse problems in the workplace – this encourages all employees. Motivation to fully include the group of factors, inherent to man. Once created conditions for the emergence and consolidation of the internal motivation of staff, you run the engine that will operate independently from the regular salary increase fees or changes in the compensation package. The main driving force in this case – the correct understanding of the motives of human activity. All people strive for self-realization, but not every employer can offer an employee satisfying this need. Most intrinsically motivated person is the owner of the company. Nadel employee part of the responsibility and the ability to independently make decisions, take risks, to find a way out of difficult situations, you thereby awaken in him the qualities that are necessary for the functioning of the internal motivation and inherently push a person to new challenges. It would seem that may be easier than to track the level of staff satisfaction – you can just ask them about it. Many managers do not pay enough attention to the fact that workers are not interested in the qualitative performance of official duties – this is the basic problem, because the wrong approach to the assessment, opportunities and desires of staff of your company, may adversely affect not only your reputation but also to the further development of the enterprise. The fact that motivation is indeed necessary and important, we have already seen, after correctly and competently designed incentive system not only increases the base productivity, but also a good tool for implementing their own problems. Highly motivated employees actually works better. Organizations whose staff work well as a whole show better results, but a change in attitude of employees to work increases the profitability of the company. Personnel assessment systems – a complex and multi-stage work needed to be able to properly assess your employees to learn more about the results of their work. Some companies are just beginning to implement staff appraisal system, but just imagine what action will be taken after its introduction. Certification staff, regular business training and wage determination, the relevant assigned to a specific level of an employee. Most often in such programs manager is evaluated on several dozens of criteria for non-qualified personnel of the scales are much lower. For the specialists of different levels of competence assigned to the category, and staff to move to a higher category estimated pay raises. Managers Training and Development staff believe that a system of assessment and planning purposes related. Most often, staff estimates the company has a direct impact on the material aspect – Depends on it and a possible bonus percentage of salary increase. Different people have different needs, so guess or "hit the bull's eye" to encourage and reward challenge. Erroneously assume that there a universal type of reward. For each employee it is important that something of his own: for some it's a career for someone – a dining room in the office. It is doubtful, and the assumption that money is not the quality and sufficient reward. For efficient and effective employee motivation in the first place, it is essential that everyone is familiar with success, because success – it is realized the problem, helps to perpetuate certain behavior, which leads to successful action. To consolidate the very fact of success, it needs recognition and appropriate management response. The results of the work should not be impersonal, ie work, the idea proposal should have the author and the name must be announced. Reward and punishment as shall be irrevocable and sufficient to ensure that your employees are happy with what they are in it .Istochnik: club executives, "I TOP"