Polishing a Car

Polishing the car body – it does not give the car a quality appearance, but also the removal of micro-cracks, scratches, and protection protection cover it outside circumstances. PAINT quite freely covered with small cracks and perceptible damage. Through these defects in the coating to the metal under the paint layer get aggressive substances that cause facial invisible micro process of corrosion. Of corrosion gradually increases and eventually, when the boss says, from whom he has a solid we have to pay money to stop the corrosion process and the reconstruction of the painting. Therefore, the body is still polishing and chemoprophylaxis protect the body. The use of technology, body repair – bespokrasochnogo remove dents. In the first place – a great saving of time.

The average repair takes about thirty minutes – an hour. Especially in complex Where a lot of dents, straightening will last a maximum of two working days. Immediately after leaving the showroom you will not have any restrictions on the use of your car. This method is much more efficient body repair traditional. Bumper is an element of the body of your car, which is much more likely to suffer accidents and everyday use. In body repair often includes bumper repair and restoration of plastic parts. In a lot of different cars mostly plastic polypropylene, polyurethane, fiberglass seldom respectively, for each material has its own methods and technology of restoration. Bumper repair – it is economically sound operation, as the new bumper on a modern car is expensive. So therefore why buy new if the 2000 – 4000 rubles. You can repair the old one.