Right Brain

Foundations the superlearning is also denominated accelerated learning. It is a set of techniques and directed strategies to develop the process of learning in holistic form. In this sense, it allows us to know us same more, to assume the learning with commitment, discipline, and with ample sense than is to learn. The superlearning allows […]

Alfresco Community

We have realised incredible improvements in the capacity of extension of Alfresco and in its yield, besides facilitating to the developers the adaptation and the extension of this platform. Yield for the cloud Alfresco Community 4 increases of significant form the general yield of the system. Between the new functions for implementations of the cloud […]


Albert Einstein Jewish Physicist – German CENTURY XXI They do not avacalheem full New Millenium, where JESUS in grants more a thousand years to them of learning. Until the substance after the Theory of the Relativity of Albert Einstein E=m.c, is subjects to dilute itself with the Human being of foot. It goes to sobrar […]