Extreme sports Extreme

Extreme sports Extreme sports are those sports or leisure activities with a sports component that could pose a real or apparent hazard or extreme difficult conditions in which they practice. Extreme sports are those that involve a real or apparent danger. Under this concept are grouped many existing sports that involve a certain amount of […]


Spanish Surfing is a sport that consists of sliding on the standing waves on a board, directing it through one or more keels located in the rear of the table. This sport also includes the exercise of getting to where waves break (pull out to the reef), which is often exhausting. It also involves moving […]

We are the “N”

Who is the one with the gun The past weekend we were able to give a good basketball bath in the presence of our National Team, Russia and Portugal in Extremadura land to participate in an international tournament in Extremadura.The occasion was painted bald and could not stay home from heat so we went to […]

Later, the progress

Later, the progress of the pedagogy, justify and development education camps. Thus today we can distinguish three types of camps: fun, research and education. Let’s say that this division is possible to do in view the formal objectives to be determined, since in the three, social education element arises even if they integrate the basic […]

Impossible is nothing

ACB League 2004/2005 was always remembered by the most frantic final minute of the story. The final top two teams vying for the regular season, Tau Vitoria and Real Madrid. The advantage in the unlikely event of a fifth game tiebreaker would be played in Hall of Vitoria to have been first in the league. […]

About the instantaneous

The following is an excerpt from a paper he made to the chair and Technological Development Communication Career Degree in Communication Science in the 2009. It’s just a reflection that attempts to investigate the flow of information under which we live as Internet users, and how issues such as altering time and space.

New York Philharmonic

The New York Philharmonic played a free concert at the Great Lawn in Central Park. There were a TON of people there. I’m not sure if all the people were there to appreciate the music or to be seen with their cheese and wine. Regardless, the concert was great and for the price you can […]

Sunday at the Park With George Studio 54

When I bought the entry hesitate: “Studio 54 “. When I saw the logo on the door of the theater yelled, “Studio 54!” Yes, a week ago I went to the theater to see the musical “Sunday in the Park with George” by Stephen Sondheim and the surprise was twofold. The first surprise was the […]