A network of microblogging developed in Spain

In previous occasions we have already talked about Jisko, a network of microblogging developed in Spain and which have spread from Genbeta some invitations so you can try, but will no longer be necessary. And it will not be necessary because from now we have a series of news

These developments are:

Public Beta: it is no longer necessary to receive invitations to test Jisko.

International: Jisko is increasing gradually get support for new languages

Improved interoperability with Twitter <br> Wp2Jisko, plugin for WordPress, which only requires the user and the key API.

Protection antispam, anti-bots protections <br> Coming soon will integrate with Facebook and support groups.

Undoubtedly good news for Jisko thanks to the constant effort of the team behind, creating a completely modular platform, where new features can be made more easily than with the previous version. We will be attentive to any developments.

A short history of the cell phone…

One of the most interesting aspects of the cell phone is that it is only a radio – extremely sophisticated, but a radio after all.

The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, and wireless communication has its roots in the invention of radio by Nikolai Tesla in the 1880s (formally presented in 1894 by a young Italian named Guglielmo Marconi). It was expected that one day the two technologies were combined into a single device.

In the era predecessor to mobile phones, people who really needed mobile communication had to rely on the use of radio-telephones in their cars. In the radio-telephone system, there was only one central antenna for each city, and probably 25 channels available in the tower.

This central antenna meant that the phone in the vehicle would require an antenna powerful, powerful enough to convey to 50 or 60 kilometers away. Also Estot meant that not many people podr