Variety Of Pizza Dough

Variety of pizza dough. Pizza – a kind of tart with various fillings. Filling for a pie is the most versatile. You can use: fish fillet, ham, frankfurters, sausages, hard boiled eggs, cheese, mushrooms (especially mushrooms), sweet Bulgarian pepper, onion, tomato, young zucchini, eggplant, peppers young beans, fresh carrots, olives, mayonnaise, tomato paste, dill, parsley, […]

Main Steam

Noise at work does not exceed the general background noise of the equipment (pump group). Often the work umpeu be judged only by reading. This effect was achieved thanks to the quality of mixing steam and water in umpeu and applying pressure pulsation dampener heated flow, because principle of anti-vibration is simple – the better […]

Russian Borzoi

We decided to start Russian Borzoi – provide her regular jogging in the fields after the hare, or jumping on your small apartment, she not bring joy to you and she will be deeply unhappy. Do not try to make miniature poodles guard … in a small apartment better have a small dog. In an […]


In the most beautiful place on the snow-covered taiga banks of the Lena River is very special town of Ust-Kut. All residents of Ust-Kut has its own identity, but hardly the whole world could learn about the city and its people through World Wide Web, if not worked Lena newspaper Vesti and photo exhibition created […]

Maintenance Forklifts

Maintenance of the forklift: After running the forklift life, satisfactory technical condition and his constant willingness to work depend on timely and quality of maintenance. The factory recommends that the following types and frequency of maintenance: – daily service (SW) – the first maintenance (TO-1) after every 100 hours of operation – second technical service […]


Seeing the time now, do not want to fake. I want to add the image may be a display, but for the avalanche debris is almost indistinguishable. A flash of light in the night and only. However, the decline of art – a separate issue and it is not considered here. Another remarkable discovery of […]

Exterior Walls

For sufficiently smooth facade planes – the deviation of less than 30 mm for the entire height of the facade – the system consists of the following, consistently performed the layers: – primer – 'Praleska Grunt' STB 1263 – leveling layer – mortar 'Praleska SSM 30' N STB 1263 – blanket – adhesive 'Praleska SSM […]

Recall Information

For example: The verb "identify" in a learning objective that describes what the student should be able to do, might suggest that the teacher consider the use of objective assessment techniques that include multiple choice, mate, or elements of true and false, for information on the progress of student learning. The use of verbs such […]