Free phone with service plan

I spent hours at the cellular phone store the other day! It was such a long experience that I never want to repeat it. My wireless cell phone service plan offered me a free phone if I signed on again, and so it was obvious that I would do so. (I also have no complaints […]

The latest OS

The mechanism for dealing with exceptions is essential to prevent, along with ways of implementing the CPU and protection mechanisms of memory, applications that perform operations that are not permitted. In any case, the specific treatment of an exception is done by the OS.As in the case of interruptions, the hardware is limited to leave […]

Will Google do the Digg?

This week has again spread the rumour that Google wants to buy totally Digg, which rumour is repeated almost every month. Indeed, since TechCrunch states that there is already offer on the table and round about 200 million dollars, and that the operation will end in about two weeks. Leaving aside the money and whether […]

Digital mobile telephony

With the advent of digital mobile telephony, it was possible to access Internet sites specially designed for mobile, known as WAP. The first connections were made through a phone call to an operator through which transmitting data similar to what would a PC modem. Subsequently, was born on GPRS, allowing access to the Internet through […]