Economy Cali

Economy Cali and Valle del Cauca are one of Colombia’s main economic axis points being national and international economic exchange. The City is an indispensable step to / from the south and the border with Ecuador, and is connected to the world via the sea port of Buenaventura. The economic transformation of Cali and Valle […]


ASAP ASAP is an acronym for AcceleratedSAP methodology developed by SAP AG for the implementation of projects of implementation of their software solutions. It was initially created to achieve a standard practice in both activities and logistics consulting and other items necessary for the ERP implementation projects of the company (initially called SAP R / […]

Global economic crisis and its impact on the Peruvian economy

According to the media and some economic analysts, global capitalism is on the brink of the abyss. With oil prices around 100 and financial markets in panic, eyes turn as always to the United States. His fall was inevitable, they say, would end one of the periods of global economic expansion more broad and sustained […]


Montaner says in the article is attached. ‘And not have to look for excuses to try to destabilize Peru’ was a real genocide. Twenty-four policemen were beheaded by the Peruvian Indians in a remote corner of the Amazon. Nine Indians were also killed in the fray, but there may be more dead. The direct source […]