Science Applied to Form

The objective of this article is the search of the understanding of this new complex dynamics and sophisticated, having as base, the factor regionalism, the necessity of the expansion of offers of education and the paper of the Internet in the construction of the social conscience that comes providing to deep transformations in the relations […]

Shaped Language Unified

Several solutions exist will be the transport branch, developed by countless software companies, which present characteristics that don’ t assist you the Real needs of certain companies, or will be being obsolete in technology formerly or being not customize. Like this, the present work has will be objective the process automation of KRTL emission and […]

Omega Alarm System

On the basis of this equipment is very easy to build both simple and any arbitrarily complex system combines Alert fire and any emergency situations, handsfree broadcast information and advertising messages and music programs. Sure, we should note how easy installation and reliability, and survivability of warning systems, built on the base hardware Omega. Automatic […]

Session Initiation Protocol

They exist about 1.100 computers currently hardwired the PirDigital net. The net of data, today, uses the protocols 802.11a, 802.11b e802.11g, with this the transmission speed varies of 11Mbps 54Mbpsdependendo of the point, in the center of Pira all backbone.Beyond processode computerization, Digital Pira still became possible the entrance of municpiona telesaude3 and telemedicina4, being […]

Production And Costing

production – set of all recurrent costs an entrepreneur, including increasing backlog of work in progress, etc. The estimate is based on economically homogeneous elements, and each row includes the full cost this kind, no matter where they were made (total payroll – from ceo to janitor, the total amount of wear of all types […]

Driving School

Typically, people choose a driving school, located close to home or far from the place of work. But many management and other principles. For example, some prefer a driving school, located in the center certainly the city – look representative, mention it prestigious. Someone, by contrast, is looking for a driving school in the suburbs, […]

Outplacement Scope And Implications

General, basic considerations Today, companies must take into account the scope, which encloses the outplacement impact on human resources, especially the relocation of employees and supporting their reintegration into the workforce after a layoff, made it one of the practices most successful HR area of many companies. Lunar Juan reminds us, trachea consider that work […]

ICON Margin

The society in them places front to the virtual reality today as a multiple tool of information and formation. It is needed professionals understood in human development who perceive the infinity of processes formadores and deformaring gifts in practical the social one and the world of the work, that they know its value while professional […]