Either operate on language causation, or use a set of abstract concepts ("risk", "death", "disgrace", the name of the symptoms and much of what the child can not learn by associating with their sensory experience, ie, as he knows and wants to do). Talking with your child in the language of logic, the adults do […]


Vision can be distinguished in their personal mission or its purpose. It is specific and can not be everything to everyone. If you attempt to do so usually end up betraying his vision. As a coach, my primary responsibility is to facilitate positive transition.From people through childhood to adolescence, adolescence to adulthood, from singlehood to […]

El Camino

NO, right? Dude you would have them do 3 questions, do not review, analysis and send you 10 give you an appointment for 45 days? … Couldst desolate … right? Dude I would wait two or three hours for you to attend because the doctor is "busy"? These facts make our relationship with patients having […]

Nature Gifts

The first Russian marks with scent came in a series of "Gifts of Nature: The five stamps featuring strawberry, melon, apple, pear and pineapple. Each of them is covered with fragrant with the smell of glue the appropriate fruit. In 2001 in the uk were issued stamps with the scent of eucalyptus, and later in […]

Raising A Son

OBJECTIVE: May 31, 2011 I am helping my 7-year-old son to be healthy, intelligent, creative, independent! "Criteria and Strategies: The son alone and without a reminder: Every day preparing your own breakfast and lunch. Meet daily with pm in the school portfolio and clothing toys are cleaned daily (every night) Everyday removes his bed and […]


In 1998, Armin Kunstmann began exporting its beer to Germany and the U.S., after reaching a fair agreement for beer in Germany. subsequently expanded exports to Japan in 2001. Kunstmann exports abroad are sold under the brand Patagonia. For 2002, the company held 0.5 domestic market share, reaching a production of 20,000 hl. On 10 […]

The Leg

Learn this easy. But it is possible. Charge infect and successfully communicating with people already attained success. Pump up the emotional and volitional muscle by performing increasingly difficult jobs. Deliberately freed from all sorts of "brake". One has only to believe and want! Start small – to move on a bit, burn the faith and […]

Internet Shopping

Signing up for a car on the Internet and interactive marketing should always be something to try, if more is the theme of this article. But if this strategy is practiced, should get to have all the ropes tied to either not exhaust the smallest detail that motivates a complaint, now that the prosumers have […]


Have you ever tried to relax and at least for a few minutes, absolutely nothing to do, just sit quietly? If not, then you missed the simple lesson of relaxation and the ability to detach himself from the set small concerns, which are so weary of everyday life. Often we are so busy, so fussed […]

Digital Signage

Digital signage LA CONCEPT represents the diverse is the new buzzword in the advertising and media world digital media digital signage applications. This concept conceals a wide variety of applications and uses. In contrast to the traditional media, digital media can provide accurate measurements of success. The application areas span digital signage, in-store marketing at […]