Critical components of any color are pigments. The paint is often perceived by the person as a mixture of pigments and binders – linseed oil, emulsion, latex. Rarely thinks about how he created or different color. And it's useful to know, because the elements that make up the color may different ways to behave in […]

Modern Decorating Material

Linkrust – a modern decoration material, which is characterized by strength, durability and hygroscopicity. The material washes well, allows the use of disinfectants for decontamination. Form of linkrusta – rolls. Tissue or paper coated with a thin layer of linkrust plastic. Before applying the surface treated material – soil and trowel. For a primer is […]

Water Supply

Just about every water system at home is: by means of pump water, which has, for example, in a well or borehole is pumped into the tank in the attic, which is the upper floor, a special building, and already there from direct way of being at home all the instruments. Of course, this method […]

Tourism Development

Advances in technology of aviation and engineering systems, ground transportation, as well as systems of electronic data continues to be carried out throughout the 90s. The development of travel will be more rapid, direct, network a variety of routes and less costly. At the same time will improve the means of information support and booking […]

Plastic Windows

Plastic windows in the central part of our cities are prohibited. It is no coincidence. According to experts, they are dissonant with the facades of ancient homes and destroy their harmony. The tree is in pole position. Especially, if properly care for this tree, no plastic can not be compared with him. We are often […]