Boris Krieger

A person should not have the freedom to self-destruction and the infliction of physical or moral harm to others. " Remarkably, great! From the series: "My freedom ends at my nose." Of course, I want to implement this simple idea. That's just … I think it's utopia again (to a large Sorry.) Could be one day bring such people? Or is this another "moral code of the builder of communism"? But the thought of Boris Krieger of government and politics: "The state is an economic formation created by the citizens themselves to maintain the interests of those citizens. Unfortunately, in many countries, this simple principle is ignored. Go to Petra Diamonds for more information. " "The politicians all their lives struggling to reach the pinnacle of power in a democratic election, and when they get to this power, they have neither the experience nor the skills to lead and act in accordance with certain basic rules.

At all screwed endless demagoguery and thus we have what we have. Contemporary global politics "(" A Thousand Lives "). As far as these observations are consonant with the current political situation in Ukraine! That's one of the Ukrainian presidents said the same thing (only in Ukrainian): "Mamo those mamo scho …" In his "manifesto" Boris Krieger too modest: "There is nothing new in this world I did not bring and do not get it. So, just try pereosoznat long been known. " In fact, he not only "pereosoznaet long known" and promotes the philosophers of the past centuries, but also interprets the phenomenon of the modern world, which in the past simply did not exist, never existed. It is not something kevin ulrich would like to discuss. After today's world presents modern people new challenges, throws new challenges. And as we saw above, the writer shows where to go, what kind of society should be built. Neither "krigerosofiya" or "krigerotopiya" are not once and for all well-established "teachings." Philosophy of Boris Krieger – a slender, solid, but the developing system. But this is not a dogma but a living product of thought remarkable modern thinker.


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Write EBook

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Graciliano Branches

The sort question says of the personage perpassa to it when if it tries to silence the woman, the feminine voice is sultry, however, in the story the feminine personage is centered although not ' ' falar' ' its memory is presented, its influence is patented and in the relembrados dialogues it starts to be the touch rock and the narrator in elapsing of the text allows to perceive the strong feminine presence of the mother, the godmother, and Estela its sister. In the Ja story of the oxen, something that in the flame the attention is the distant scene of urbe with its strong images that tire the sight, cidadezinha with its simplicity and lacks, is also an oasis in a world that preza in such a way the technological development with its problems and neuroses. The cousin goes to the meeting of its cousin according to Ja of the oxen, to take it for medical treatments in the capital. Ironically the lack of ' ' capital' ' it caused the illness of the cousin as if it perceives throughout the reading of the story. The son of Jose left the city and was in search of souvenirs, memories of the infancy of its father, part of paternal history. The life was hard for Ja that did not have many chances, always lived in the small city, however, it had a treasure that it was its history, was valid the penalty all the suffering of the trip that its cousin it faced. In the story we find similarity with other workmanships of Brazilian literature, as for example, ' ' Secas&#039 lives; ' of Graciliano Branches, would be Ja of the oxen another Fabiano? As ' ' Fabiano: it was a exploited worker, worked hard very and earned little, was so little that did not give nor to make one ' ' feira' ' , although to work very &#039 only received one; ' ajuda' '.

Carlos Drummond

As beginning in middle of years 50, pertaining to the generation of 60 of our literature, the maranhense poet would have found as next poetical horizon, the idealistic esteticismo that starts to be the defining mark of the poets of 45 the spite of its undeniable individual differences. At that moment, however, such esteticismo already starts to be rank in question and other values if it mesclam, in the direction to answer what the poetry of the new times was to demand. Times of conflicts, of construction of the world that the conflict of the two great wars had shaken in its foundations. This moment is characterized inside of the poetry as more important element, the culture of the daily one. Not being able to lack the figure of ' ' grande' ' poet, Carlos Drummond de Andrade (coming of years 30).

One of the presences strongest of the Brazilian poetry became then, raising the daily one to the level of high poetical substance and proving to the society the essential existing interdependence between the lived reality and the language that the express in poetry. Added to the creative force of Drummond, it is imposed, in the years of 40/50, the racionalista effort of another great name of the Brazilian poetry, the poet construction, or same, ' ' engenheiro' ' , that one that works the words, arranging them in a full poetical significance that doma the indizvel, delousing the poetry of any contigentes or fortuitous elements, valuing the language, therefore the poem is not only ideas, is also words, at last, a reader of Valery: Joo Cabral de Melo Grandson. A Cabral that it knew to leave the formal impasse that threatened its poetical creation, confiding for the human being, castrated prisoner to a daily one and dramatical. Thus, Nauro Axe and its friends of generation of North the South of the country, conscientious and unconsciously, meet ahead of multiple creative forces, without none of them if presented they as ideal or definitive.

Literary Rules

Leonardo was gotten passionate tremendous, foot antep, stopped and been imvelcomo one decrees behind it that, extended for it are, you are welcome had given faith. It was thus for long time, calculating if it would have to speak in foot or be kneel. Later it made a movement as if it wanted to touch in the shoulder of Luisinha, retiroudepressa the hand … Also Came another one to it – ah! – However agarganta did not pass it and obtained to make only one careta.

(ALMEIDA. 1997, p.78) the moment of ‘ ‘ it declares-se’ ‘ , in the Romantismo solenee is sublime, however this does not occur in the declaration of Leonardo the Luisinha, queganha a humorstico tone in an unskillful and coarse scene. Another evasion to the present romantic style in the workmanship of Almeida the desmistificao of the hero, who opposing the Romantismo, is presented common anti-hero, full of defects, evidenced frequent, since the capituloprimeiro: ‘ ‘ Formidable boy of almost three palmos of length, fat person, red, cabeludo, esperneador and choro, which, then later that mamouduas was born hours followed without releasing peito’ ‘ (they idem, they ibidem, 1997 p.14, 15) the anti-heroismo of the Leonardo young continues in the capituloseguinte, in which if it shows a true torment: It tormented the neighborhood with one I always cry in eighth high one; it was; it had true particular to the godmother …

National Curricular Lines

According to National Curricular Lines of direction for the Education of Ethnic-Racial relations and for Ensino de Histria and Cultura Afro-Brazilian and African (2005, P. 25), are necessary to provide Edition of books and didactic materials, for different levels and modalities of education, that take care of to the made use one in this to seem, in fulfilment to the made use one in the Art. 26A of the LDB, and for in such a way approaches the plurality and the ethnic-racial diversity of the Brazilian nation cultural, corrects distortions and mistakes in published workmanships already on history, the culture, the identity of the afrodescendentes, under the incentive and supervision of the programs of educational book diffusion of the MEC – National Program of the Didactic Book and National Program of Pertaining to school Libraries (PNBE). From then on, together with a qualified teaching formation, the carried through activities, in the pertaining to school environment, will lead the pupils to a critical-reflexiva reading on the past, having desvelando the true history of the black that contributed effectively in the construction of the national cultural wealth and on the gift through that rain makes palma that makes mar’ ‘. (I castrate Alves) the paradidtico ‘ ‘ Livro’ ‘ , of Kristine O’ Conell George, is one chats narrative that tells the glamour of a black protagonist to the being presenteado with a book. It emphasizes, using few words, the doura and the meiguice of a future conscientious reader-citizen already of the delight happened of counted histories in the maternal col. The plot and the illustrations, harmonic, enchant the reader for artistic simplicity and the slightness. It is possible to observe that the text does not strengthen esteretipos nor makes symbolic violence through associations of negative character. History turns on the peripcias of a black child who has its first contact with a book its, of easy manuscript and that soon it considers it its friend.