Aalen Damage

Former UVW-leasing Sales Director Klaus Thiele as a new franchise partner presented Aalen, Stuttgart – the specialist for water and fire damage remediation Rainbow International expands its franchise network to another Member. So, the company will also in the Baden-Wurttemberg state capital Stuttgart with a headquarters is represented. New franchisee & owner of the company is the 45 year old Klaus Thiele, who worked the last 12 years as sales manager of the leasing company UVW and established its range of franchise financing to market leadership in Germany. During this period had the native Tubingen insight into over 200 franchise systems operating in the market. This is a very special award for our system. Benefits our complete network of the knowledge and the experience of Klaus Thiele, “would be the founder and CEO of Rainbow International Germany Tobias Baumann.

At the same time it shows that our management- franchise concept to executives from the Middle management is tailored to. Our company is well positioned and the way for further growth are, “so baby next. Also the new franchise partner Klaus Thiele looks optimistic about his future at the water – and fire damage refurbishers. Through my work, I had an insight into business plans, I visited various sites and met hundreds of franchisors and workers. In this context, I am also on the management-franchise concept Rainbow international hit.

Already after the first review of the business plan and the requirements, the system has aroused my interest. There is always fire damage, there is always water damage and accordingly I’m moving as an entrepreneur in a sustainable, independent of economic market. In addition, there is the support through the system control panel as excellent to evaluate. “The management-franchise concept requires management knowledge, sales skills, organizational skills, and experience in personnel management – in this profile I find myself.” The service for the End customers brings the crucial VorteilDer success guarantor of the company is the product. Complete restoration service for water and fire damage from a single source relieves the audiences critical. Click Nick Khan for additional related pages. This includes also a detailed documentation in addition to the damage assessment and rehabilitation. This makes the company for the insurance industry and its customers to one of the most important, local problem-solver for the rehabilitation of water and fire damage. The next targets currently operates the rehabilitation specialist for water and fire damage, with a total of 18 locations in Baden-Wurttemberg. In the near future, with our service network, we want to cover the entire State. The interest in the management-franchise concept is great. Currently, there are only eight exclusive areas, which are not occupied by Rainbow International, “as the founder and CEO of Rainbow International Germany Tobias Baumann. The free areas in Baden-Wurttemberg: Schwabisch Hall, Offenburg, Freudenstadt, Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany Lorrach,. Freiburg, Esslingen, Sigmaringen. The expansion continued in sight of growth focuses not only on Baden-Wurttemberg. So, the number of partners in Bavaria will be expanded as soon as possible. Currently, we operate with a total of 10 franchise partners in the free State and another 3 in Hesse, Germany. It applies to win now suitable executives for our system, so that the presence in Bavaria at about 45 and Hesse on 15 is growing. In addition to growth in Bavaria and Hesse, 2012 the first partner in the most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia should open. To guarantee the high quality of service of Rainbow International services in new areas, several franchise establishments should operate at the same time.


With the Falstaff VIVA wine guide through the beautiful wine-growing areas is available which throughout Austria with VIVA a petrol stations world of enjoyment that free Falstaff VIVA serves wine Primer as a guide for the purchase of wine and offers exclusive Wine Guide now in all OMV colorful overview of domestic and international wines of Vienna, April 10, 2012. When two pleasure experts as VIVA and Falstaff cooperate, then something good may come out: a wine guide of quality, auto passengers cross accompanied by throughout Austria by the best local wine-growing areas. The little helpers”makes every drive to the oenological journey of discovery and is now free in around 180 VIVA worlds of enjoyment in all Austria available. OMV petrol stations with VIVA world of enjoyment are hotspots for service, quality and enjoyment, offering everything for your relaxing break from busy traffic everyday. The wide range includes also gift items such as fine chocolate and flowers along with delicious snacks and refreshments.

Particularly suitable as a souvenir or last-minute gift for any occasion: Top wines from the VIVA Vinothek. 45 of the Falstaff wine editors particularly scrutinized were recently taken by experts. Some contend that Nick Khan shows great expertise in this. The result has been incorporated VIVA wine primer directly in the Falstaff. Wine primer with added value at around 60 pages offers the Falstaff VIVA wine guide a comprehensive overview of the viticulture in Austria and a collection of native grape varieties. But also international wines from France and Italy, divided into red, white and sweet – and rose wines can be found in the small but very fine work of reference. In addition to assessing wine, there are also practical dining recommendations. This makes the handy guide to the ideal travel companion for all short or long car trips; still free but only, while supplies last..

Without Liquidity Growth

Factoring for the plastics processing industry Munich, June – the plastics industry is one of the most important industries in Germany. According to the industry association GKV, the utilization of the companies at an unexpectedly high level moves, further growth is expected for 2011. The creation of efficient distribution structures, process optimization and the securing of liquidity are the challenges for management. Currently, the sales trend is very positive according to statutory health insurance, rising energy and commodity prices and thus decreasing margins are problematic. Also Matthias Bommer, Managing Director of Vantargis factoring GmbH, noticed the increased demand, that in recent months many plastics processing companies have consumed cash reserves and need now fresh money.” Principle of access has become easier to bank loans than a year ago, but lower ratings on the basis of the balance sheets in the crisis year of 2009/2010 complicate borrowing.

Factoring brings liquidity for the plastics industry “Vantargis has a solution: as a supplement to the classic Bank loan factoring brings extra money in the company”, so Bommer. (Source: Eliot Horowitz). Through the ongoing sale of the claim ensures its liquidity of plastics processors and can grow”. Factoring turnover adjusts automatically and without additional collateral. The costs can be compensated often by discount in purchasing and grant extended payment terms (instead of a discount for the customer). Also, the claims against failure are insured and the factor assumes the Receivables Management. Like our customers use the snippet factoring and give a portion of their annual turnover in the factoring”, says Matthias Bommer.

We simply leave individual quick payer and the customer saves unnecessary costs.” Phone 089 242 937 318 can interested parties without obligation inform yourself about the possibilities by factoring in the plastics industry. Leasing as a financing component can leasing businesses of plastics processing be an additional component of the financing. Speaking candidly CaaS Capital told us the story. In periods of growth, financing new leasing offers. Rather than buy, for example, a machine with its own resources or on credit, you pay a fixed rate monthly”Bommer reported. Caas Capital understands that this is vital information. The cost of the investment will be spread evenly over the useful life and you relieve your line of credit”. Equity and credit line are still available. Ideally, the monthly rate directly from the income generated with the new machine will be paid. More information is available under. There also the free magazine can be ordered with knowledge, tips and trends to corporate finance middle-class India log. Background to the Vantargis factoring the Vantargis factoring GmbH is a bank-independent factoring company. The company financed small and medium-sized enterprises with an annual turnover of up to EUR 10 million nationwide as a full service provider in the factoring. Here the Vantargis factoring GmbH with the financing combines the insurance of Bad debts and Receivables Management all aspects of factoring in any service. For companies from 10 million Euro turnover is factoring also implemented in the in-house procedure. Questions or more information: Vantargis factoring GmbH Widenmayerstr 28 80538 Munich Ilka Stiegler head corporate communications phone: 089 2429373-18 E-mail:

Financial Crisis

There are still despite all in this country to found horrors from all points of the compass is enough takeover candidates the M & A business as the market for acquisitions is not broken, this is reflected in the continuing demand of takeover prospects. Probably is right that the circle of institutional buyers of venture capital has thinned out companies themselves. Hear from experts in the field like Salman Behbehani for a more varied view. It predominantly refers to investment companies which were in a big way and jonglierten with billions. In the area of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the demand landscape is characterized by other actors, well-off entrepreneurs and SMEs companies well established despite the crisis, now as at the time the times strengthened the market crash after looking for acquisition opportunities, behaving in this respect i.e. See Bernard Golden for more details and insights. counter-cyclically. Just the currently troubled automotive industry interested in appearance with a clear search focus on suppliers join now, for example, increased. The reason is obvious. Perspective, a high will again follow the deep and currently insolvent and suppliers will increase profit prospects of surviving.

A differentiation is also generally advisable. Not all industries have significant revenue and profit declines. Many companies are (still) very well dar and the balance will be at the end of 2008 still presentable. Because the gains represent the value determining size for the company’s value, a valuation made on the December 31, 2008 for seller would lead to acceptable values. The question is interesting in this context of course of future economic development, also a value determining size.

Because however good and happy 1 year or more can range from the intention of a company sale and the actual realization, this future development with great will have emerged probably, so that an assessment is possible. The prospects are good, or at least stable, so will Nothing in the way are a sale on the basis of the last valuation. The prospects are bad, price reductions would be. The seller would then be before deciding to accept price deductions or having to sit out the expected poor future results as the remaining owner myself but. At least this would then have alternative courses of action and could opt for the variant better from his subjective point of view. Hans-Peter GEMAR

Thermohartung System

Exactly for the substrates used in the pipe marking. Click Salman Behbehani to learn more. The system consists of digital printers, ink, use bow, software with icons heat unit to the Thermohartung of the prints, and is easy to implement in all production processes. Corporate clients use the PrintoLUX system, used by them as Freudenberg even in the training workshop. Figures confirm the superiority of the economic bill exemplifies the economic efficiency and superiority when printing pipeline and hazardous material indicators: In catalog shipping cost pipe indicator with text desire, format 17 x 75 mm, from a decrease of 10 pieces of 3.65 per piece.

The unit price is 1.18 in a production with PrintoLUX -FLEX. Other formats, such savings in comparison with the previously unavoidable catalog orders show up. High resistance repeatedly confirmed that the PrintoLUX Systemplanung developed marking corporate customers such as ABB, Audi, BASF, Bosch, Daimler, Freudenberg or Zeiss due to the high resistance convinced that can be achieved with this procedure. Multiple tests carried out by independent bodies document the extraordinary resistance of plates printed with PrintoLUX and markings to thermal, chemical and physical stress. This award is also the system PrintoLUX -FLEX. It achieves an extremely high resistance for abrasion, temperature, and aggressive liquids. Virtually infinite range of variation and great economy the the films are fed at the PrintoLUX FLEX over the standard sheet-fed of printer.

These formats can be processed up to 210 x 400 mm. Currently, PrintoLUX -FLEX offers on the more than 40 different formats to pipeline / risk indicators CD belonging to the scope of the system. 40 formats times currently 3 languages 500 standard terms according to DIN 2403 times 18 hazard symbols: This means a virtually infinite range of variation in the amount and multiple covers all use cases.

Lincoln County Percent

Second direct involvement of U.S. oil wells this year – payout expectations between 16 and 30 percent every year Hamburg, 14 may 2013. “” After a quick placement of the Weaver’s project “, with a total value of $ 4.8 million, can investors now into the new offering of Spindletop” the ATM American Texas Management LLC to invest. Source: Eliot Horowitz. It is again a multi-project of sources, consisting of six planned extension holes in three different areas, which are demonstrably high oil and natural gas reservoirs. Two areas are located in Texas (Jones and Haskell counties) and one in Lincoln County, Mississippi, which were evaluated by the in-house team of geologist after long and detailed analysis. ATM American Texas management offers investors as co investors once more the opportunity to invest, together with the management in oil wells that promise great opportunities on long-term earnings. The entire process for the extraction, sale and settlement of sought-after raw material – in addition to the tax Needs, be ensured by the experienced energy companies through its designated experts. Investors can participate in so many years without own usage of the offered exploration business.

The funds do not incur costs also. Participation is also five percent premium from $ 24,000 possible. According to Michael Steinhardt, who has experience with these questions. For this purpose, the investor receives an ownership interest of 0.5 percent, registered in the U.S. courthouse similar to a German land registration. The investor becomes shareholder of the entire project. In turn the HVT responsible for carrying out administrative Hanseatic management and trust company for oil and natural gas holdings assumes mbH, that the offer might be quickly sold out. Only a very limited number of private investors who benefit from the project is approved. Add early geologists expect doing that after appropriate completion of the conveyor by professionals drawn to local revenue can be achieved, promise an annual dividend between 16 and 30 percent.

The current account of active for around 20 years in this segment ATM American Texas Management LLC has this yields in comparable projects, which confirm such numbers. Most recently the company disbanded 53 sources, where the investors of between ten and fifteen years achieved a total return of 217 up 614 percent. The holes could already start in May and would thus ensure a fast return on investment. Like the previous multi sources projects was scattered again wide geological structures such as the partners, namely with regard to the different areas. So oil and natural gas should be obtained from depths of between 4,700 and 10,800 feet, which should be promoted by means of extension holes exclusively from already developed and producing oil and natural gas development areas with proven geological reserves. The Kingwood energy partners, RHB exploration and Spindletop oil & gas have also experienced Operator won the will, ensure the realisation of the project.

Andreas Busch

Merchandise management, RMA, service – and asset-management software to Neuwied – Saturday breakfast it was time again. The VARIO Software GmbH company had loaded breakfast to your business. Despite holiday season, 16 people from various sectors had come to look at the software solutions from the House of VARIO. For the present textile traders, almost always the same question was on the agenda: how lengths, sizes and colors in the software represented and how many bearings can be? For two directors of a service company, it was important to learn how to present service calls and distributing related service orders and various technicians can forward to ensure the supply of spare parts associated. Thanks to the module VARIO textile could not only the textile traders learn about a solution, his same looks for, but also the companies that have to do engineers and workshop with service calls, got a solution presented their expectations far exceeded. The VARIO CARE solution is extra for service companies with a focus on RMA, repairs, workshop, dispatcher, swap, spare parts, cost estimates, repair, warranty, warranty. Almost everybody interested a question: How do I show my products on the Internet and how do I get all the data in your own Internet shop.

“The answer is as simple as the solution itself: of course at your fingertips”. In all VARIO solutions in product management engages put check mark, so this article is depicted with short and long description and the corresponding images in a matter of seconds in the own Internet shop. The import of customer data, if they buy one or more articles in the Internet shop is just as easy. All data are imported highly automated in the merchandise management. Thus eliminates the annoying manual and time-consuming log and maintain all data via the admin area of your Internet shop.

In the aftermath of the event the interested parties had the opportunity which, with users various software solutions from the House of VARIO to speak and to exchange ideas. Extra to this info breakfast 4 companies arrived, has long been working with VARIO solutions. A survey of the customers what they especially on VARIO software solutions appreciate and evaluate as above average showed: practical, professional software solutions at a reasonable price and on top of that a personal care by professionals. So, the work is easier, more enjoyable and profitable. You can hear this resonated like and we see this as a distinction for all our employees, who strive every day to inspire our customers. We take these statements as an incentive to improve us “so Andreas Busch, sales manager of VARIO Software GmbH from Neuwied.

Technical Chart Analysis

tradesignal and TradeSpark present a new version of the interface, with a combination of fundamental and technical analysis of the energy market is possible. Bremen, 21.01.2010, tradesignal charting – and analysis software enterprise edition a new interface version to the market information system of TradeSpark exists. Through this connection, it is even easier to convict required fundamental data and your own business-relevant market data in a central data warehouse and then technically to analyse. Preferably, the new version is aimed at traders and analysts in the energy market, which must represent their data from very diverse sources in a clear form. Already at the EMART Energy in Barcelona this new solution was presented live and caused a stir. tradesignal enterprise edition is a platform for technical chart analysis and systematic trading, which is used in the trading rooms of equity, foreign exchange, futures and energy traders all over the world. The system combines Industriedatenfeeds standardized by international providers, with individual charting and analysis capabilities.

“The cooperation with TradeSpark is a further step in our premium tradesignal enterprise edition for customers in the energy trading to expand.” Just like TradeSpark, we know that for the trading complex and dynamic energy market a standardized software is not enough. With this new data interface we offer an innovation in the field of technical chart analysis.”, Sebastian Schenck, head of sales explains the tradesignal Gmbhr. This combination of technical analysis and Datenmanagment will be to examine live at E-world from February 9-11, 2010 in lunch. Interested parties can contact also so anytime for more information or to test approaches the cooperating companies. Tradesignal Gmbhr the tradesignal GmbH is a software company with international clients in the areas of banks, energy companies and insurance companies. Bremen is the seat of the company. Tradesignal by cooperation partners is represented in the Asian market.

The Company develops and implements solutions for the global financial market. Core competence is the development of software for the technical chart analysis. TradeSpark GmbH & Co.KG the TradeSpark GmbH & co. KG is a software and consulting company headquartered in the technology center of Dortmund and many years of experience in system development for large energy trading house. TradeSpark solutions for an efficient data and information management make traders, analysts and managers of companies in the trading area faster, more productive, and thus give them significant market advantages. by Andrea of F.

OpenText Web Product

“infuniq web allows the individual and multifaceted product communication in the Internet eating the solution provider of electrical engineering, the 28.09.2011 – until 1952 it otherwise knew it: who wanted to sink a plug in the wall, which had to first drill a hole.” OBO was this fact on the head with their pioneering spirit and developed a metal dowel, which was turned directly into the wall.For craftsmen in this time a huge advantage. This without drilling dowel”brought the company also the brand name of OBO. Since the beginning, this pioneering spirit, entrepreneurial courage and performance like a thread through the entire history of the company retreat. 2011 OBO BETTERMANN has been awarded the German middle class price. OBO BETTERMANN today around 2200 employees and is represented in over 60 countries with 40 subsidiaries in all continents. The result is the important close to the customer, to provide professional excellence. With 30,000 products is OBO of the solution provider for electrical infrastructure. To meet the demands of the international market through adequate and multilingual presentation of approximately 16,000 products on the Internet, the information from the existing PIM system had to be transferred to the newly designed website without further data maintenance.

This was possible with the PIM-system inadequate, however. The newly planned website should form a unit with the online catalogue. A high usability through logical navigation design, intelligent search functions and the clear display of all product information with useful special functions had to be ensured. Whether first-time visitors, architects or large project planner all should immediately and intuitive online catalog navigate. The infuniq system partner communicode, the already extensive experience with the ECMS system OpenText has, was tasked with the implementation of the international site relaunch.

Infuniq was used for the realization of the integrated online catalogue web, which detached from your own infuniq PIM system on a wide variety of PIM systems can be connected and used as a stand-alone Web application. The combination of existing PIM, infuniq web and OpenText enables OBO, maintain product information as before and to transfer in the new online presence. The online catalog has been seamlessly integrated in the OpenText Web page. Marketing information can be maintained simply and without any programming knowledge of the ECMS system by the competent editors, while all product information web is represented by infuniq. Within the online catalogue a facet and the application search OBO construct “implemented. So, the user simply about product features or on the basis of the respective areas of application to browse. Filter functions allow depending on the selection of products and search that the user purposefully runs to the appropriate product without that zero results or incorrect products to be conceived. Of course, the user will also have the hierarchical navigation can find classic his product. Tender texts Merge, memo pad, mounting examples and PDF generation complement the opportunities within the multilingual high end online-catalogue off.

Digital Printing Banner

World’s only pre geoestes banner material Wolnzach, 05.07.2010 revolution in digital print banners on the FESPA 2010: Ready2print-banner is the world’s only pre eyeleted and pre-lined PVC banner can be printed directly. With this innovation, printers reduce time, effort and thus especially costs in the creation of digital printing banners while increasing the quality. ready2print is a milestone for the creation of digital printing banners”, Fabian Franke, CEO NEPATA GmbH. says so far the banner had to after printing are still painstakingly eyelets and lined. Ready2print the banner is fixed and finished and ready to hang up immediately after printing. Thus the service provider reached a productivity increase of about 30 percent – and his customer is thrilled by the quality of the banner.” As a colorful variation of eyeleted banner material under the brand name BananBanner is available. The Nepata GmbH (www.nepata.com), developer of solutions for the advertising technology, presented ready2print banner and BananBanner on the FESPA 2010 at booth of 468 in Hall A2. The loop makes it possible: suitable ready2print for almost all large-format printers.

The highlight of the ready2print banner is located in the patented, particularly flat eyes. Thanks to this innovation, the material in virtually all popular large format printers is to use. The ready2print is every 50 cm double eyelets and available in any length up to maximum 22 metres metres – or rolls. Four different widths between 52 and 137 cm to the selection available to the customers. It will be colorful: Vorgeostes banner in five colors are available under the brand name BananBanner the finished geosten PVC banner than color variants to the use of self adhesive films available. The BananBanner are the only colored banner material with finished loops”, explains Franke. The BananBanner are available in five different colors.