Legendary Port

If we were able to know when and where we will find us again, our farewell would be more tender. I have had the opportunity for these strange things of life, having to go to Brindisi, Italy, located in this wonderful country South, rather than all, for reasons family., where the Iazzi Cavallieri family have welcomed me always, addressing me with much affection, by be the grandparents of my children who are with them at this time. The truth, that when arrival in this small city, important port, of great deeds, history, as it is the same city, I feel good, as if he had lived many years in it. Me is everything familiar, simple, quiet, especially its port where almost all night the way it, I feel to watch your beautiful sea, watching the brindisinos, happy, talking, animated, the vast majority almost adult, when young, walk enjoying the sound of the sea and its maritime air to breathe. It should be noted, that along the promenade maritime that it runs through the city’s port, you can see the gardens of the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, which was remodeled in 2001. In the interior of the square is also the dolphin fountain (built in 1876), and the monument of Virgil (Bodini, 1988).

Close to the plaza is the Sundial, built in 1917 by Captain Alberto de Albertis, an Italian expert of the sundials. One can see the building called House of the tourists, which dates from the time of the crusades in which a dock was built here. Later a church was built in this area dedicated to S. Juan, but later its structure was entirely amended by subsequent owners. After a series of repairs and recent improvements, the building is used as the Office of tourism and cultural events the building Montenegro of the 16th century, currently the residence of the prefect, is the best example of the city’s Baroque building to trade very true as indicated by elforastero.com walking through the Regina Margherita Street is it reaches the Lenio Flacco square, near the ancient ruins of the Messapico wall.

Learning To Lead Our Life

One of the largest desires in our life is to be able to take control in the activities that we carry out, such an ideal situation is that everything happens according to our conscious desires and that’s possible, although that may take some time, but we can activate an enormous power in ourselves if we use the proper influence of our subconscious mind techniques. The majority of people are more oriented to want to control others but less themselves, or in other words is easier to enforce on others that required one himself, this is common because as we know see faults in others is a task very easy, but analyse our mistakes and change them requires real character. In the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt we see adequate steps to create the ideal conditions for a goal to take power and we can steer us to fulfillment, history of success is based on good habits and practice them shaped systematic turn people into real actors of its destination, in this book you will learn how to do it, then you will be in the ability to have control over the circumstances, and then we will notice how the forces of the universe are inclined in our favor, it is a wonderful process. Clearly define our desires is crucial in our path to success, the hardest thing to overcome inertia is what the others and self comes to believe that it is possible, the problem is that for years were us has manipulated our mind in order to make us believe in a limited world or think that great achievements are not for usthe truth you should not be stealing her dream by anyone, you only define in detail their desire and seek him with all his strength. In the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt we are told that it will be difficult to achieve a goal if we do not have a well-defined plan, in this material you will see all the requirements for the development of your goals, you may use up to a dictionary of success that will enable efficiency in everything that you do, so also in the ideal way of thinking, you You will learn how to properly overcome many things and making favourable activities from where you are, with appropriate techniques, you’ll avoid find reasons for not starting your project arguing that it has no conditions. .

The Brain

They will present anterograde amnesia and retrograde; Surgical interventions, may give rise to different amnesic syndromes; Vascular problems, the type of memory that will be affected will be in relation to the area of the brain affected by these problems; Anoxia and hypoglycemia, the lack of oxygen in the brain can cause permanent memory problems; Herpica encephalitis, herpes simplex usually attack, when installed on the brain, to the temporal lobes which may give rise to problems of memory, especially the anterograde memory; Alzheimer’s disease that by their relevance will occupy a special section. Causes and State current of the issue thanks to the integration of disciplines such as psychology, Physiology, Neuropsychology, pharmacology, morphology, or molecular biology, among others, currently we can understand part of the malfunction of some of these systems in diseases, degenerative type – Alzheimer’s disease, Pick or Korsakov-, and traumatic, brain-vascular type, or infectious. The results of functional studies have revealed that the number of structures involved, both by the network of nerve connections involved, memory neurophysiological and neuroanatomical, psychological bases are very complex, not having been fully explained. Thus the pathologies that affect memory can occur by a deterioration that will have an organic or psychological cause. Amnesia, reduplicative, agnosia, aphasia and apraxia, hipermnesia are some of these diseases. From the psychological point of view, although there are different explanations for amnesia, today, which seems to have more effective is the proposal by Mayes (1988).

It proposes that amnesia represents a deficit in the use of contextual information. There is a distinction between intrinsic context, what should be remembered, and the extrinsic context, that incidentally was happening when I was learning something. This last refers to spatio-temporal attributes. According to studies, the difficulties that seem to show the amnesic in remembrance of the extrinsic context would hamper the remembrance of the implicit context. From the neurological point of view, found that the temporal lobe is related to storage and information retrieval functions.

Bach Flowers

Disease is a mode of protest by the Agency for Bach. Through the symptoms and illnesses physical body emits a signal that something in the personality must be modified. The Bach flowers are also known as remedies for the soul. This because they are substances of natural and not chemical properties that positively affect our relationship life and impact the magnetic field. Man is sensitive to the energies of the environment, your body, your mind and your spirit react to the high vibrations of love, and vibrations low as hatred or envy. For this reason, the Bach Flowers proposes a style of therapy vibrational and possibly the only truly effective therapy to stimulate our magnetic field in a beneficial way.

The impact of the vibrational therapy are coincidences that are one blessing, as they also get enter to mind those ideas that could not enter before an adverse emotional tide. So it is said that things happen with Bach Flowers rare is that altered the magnetic field man begins to attract positivist sources for his life and that they can be places, people, casual chance encounters that open doors and possibilities, always for the benefit. When this happens, the man looks shifted to other contexts. The dynamics of the Bach Flowers confirms the direct relationship between the body and the mind as well, between the human and the world that surrounds it. We are a bio-psycho-energy unit, body, mind and spirit are inexorably linked. To the restore emotional balance resolves physical illness and man returns to experience the fullness or recover forces and determination to move forward on its path of individuality. Towards the pursuit of the realization of the individuality point floral therapy, also known as therapy of emotions. Can be found on Aflorarte.com practical exercises which aim to enhance the energy of each of the floral essences. In the file in the web section, in provides abundant material for use as a reference, extract ideas, suggestions and much motivation to embark on a wonderful journey of self-discovery and self-improvement.

London Advisory

Made all these considerations, we arrived at the climax of the matter, and it is that as a result of the systematization of the accounting and administrative processes, existing programs on the market conform to the requirements of State control, and the State through the SENIAT 6 requires that declarations are made using the technology platform designed for the purposewhich prevents the registration of operations if not incorporate all the data required by the system, including the number of invoice, number control, base tax among others, many of these data are exclusive of the invoice and other documents not therefore the system would not incorporate them. Now according to the physical delivery of the goods or the effective provision of the service, being that any of these is the first thing that happens, it is common in our commercial practices and pursuant to the business relationship vendors, to deliver goods to your customers or you read to provide services, to cover shortcomings of last-minute inventory, for respond to situations of urgency, or for any other reason, without using any documentation, the operation occurs with a simple phone, according to the standard communication, already opened born the tax obligation, now well, how can be recorded these operations both in systems of the taxpayer and on the platform of the SENIAT?, the biggest problem arises when these events occur near the scheduled dates for the Declaration because there is a risk of the extemporaneous. In conclusion, the opinion of the undersigned, we have standards that are unenforceable in a practical sense, it is time to revise the regulations and honest to the reality of our country, and technological advancement. 1 Arts. 1 and 3 LIVA 2 law that establishes the value added tax 3 recommended reading the article the temporality of the taxable transactions in the case of sales and services to State enterprises (Sunday 6 June 2010). Camilo London Advisory tax 4 subsection of the author 5 subsection of the author.

Munoz Security

Cameras in the streets, restaurants, shops, banks or airports, mobile phones with GPS (Global Position System), etc look after our security. It is the world of the 21st century with an eye that everything sees it. The purest georwelliano style. The era of big brother has arrived. Already we never again walk through the streets without that no one looks at us, hundreds of surveillance cameras are watching us. They know where to buy, ask how many beers in a bar, which stores are our favorite or if we left our country. Hundreds of cameras are alert in our cities. The latest to arrive to this fashion, are private companies.

In Madrid, for example. Assistant Card records everything that happens within their facilities. If you smoke when nobody sees you, if it entertains with calls to family members or the times he gets up to go to the toilet. Increasingly, the places where our image is recorded. And the worst thing is that these images just sometimes, exposed on the Internet. The network of networks that helps to bridge the gap and thanks to which millions people share data and information, also has its pernicious effects.

There are thousands of pages hanging videos or pictures webcams live. It is the loss of our privacy as individuals. In many cases, what was recorded for security ends up being a way to satisfy the curiosity and voyeurism. What for some is security issue, for others is a loss of our freedoms. And worse, as the Director of the Agency for the Spanish data protection, ensures that we are its citizens that we are willing to become our big brother. Laws that control the image data protection or which regulate these companies of video surveillance are still in diapers. Few countries have them and, in the majority, are non-existent. Hence, for example, in China, is put in place a pilot project of total surveillance on citizens. The twelve million inhabitants of the city of Zhenzhen will be controlled with more than 220,000 cameras scattered throughout the city, which may reveal the identity and until the person observed diseases. The Chinese authorities explained that it is a method to settle the problems of crime and to adapt to a young population accustomed to new technologies. Human rights as Human Rights organizations warns of the danger that this implies that China lacked an independent judicial system that can maintain the balance between the maintenance of public order and the protection of individuals. In United States, psychosis by security after the bombings of the World Trade Center in 2001 has led to toughen security measures in their borders, especially for foreigners. One of the last is that, for the coming year, all foreigners who want to enter U.S. soil should leave 10 fingerprints registered. Also being tested the operation of the first database with records on the iris of the people. The loss of freedoms for safety is also coming to the field most private and family. We can not lose us a weekend to disconnect from our daily life or simply move away from the bip bip of our cell phone. Mobile which seemed to us an appliance for yuppies in the early 1990s is today essential to our daily life. To know where our children are, to stay with friends, for our work every minute of life, controlled by electronic devices to locate our movements. A transparent life in world with glass walls.