Legendary Port

If we were able to know when and where we will find us again, our farewell would be more tender. I have had the opportunity for these strange things of life, having to go to Brindisi, Italy, located in this wonderful country South, rather than all, for reasons family., where the Iazzi Cavallieri family have […]

Learning To Lead Our Life

One of the largest desires in our life is to be able to take control in the activities that we carry out, such an ideal situation is that everything happens according to our conscious desires and that’s possible, although that may take some time, but we can activate an enormous power in ourselves if we […]

The Brain

They will present anterograde amnesia and retrograde; Surgical interventions, may give rise to different amnesic syndromes; Vascular problems, the type of memory that will be affected will be in relation to the area of the brain affected by these problems; Anoxia and hypoglycemia, the lack of oxygen in the brain can cause permanent memory problems; […]

Bach Flowers

Disease is a mode of protest by the Agency for Bach. Through the symptoms and illnesses physical body emits a signal that something in the personality must be modified. The Bach flowers are also known as remedies for the soul. This because they are substances of natural and not chemical properties that positively affect our […]

London Advisory

Made all these considerations, we arrived at the climax of the matter, and it is that as a result of the systematization of the accounting and administrative processes, existing programs on the market conform to the requirements of State control, and the State through the SENIAT 6 requires that declarations are made using the technology […]

Munoz Security

Cameras in the streets, restaurants, shops, banks or airports, mobile phones with GPS (Global Position System), etc look after our security. It is the world of the 21st century with an eye that everything sees it. The purest georwelliano style. The era of big brother has arrived. Already we never again walk through the streets […]