Global Network

Almost every computer today is equipped with various "bulk" pictures, films made in the 3d-measurements made part of this life. Allowing absolutely enjoy and spatial effects special equipment (glasses 3d) for a full view of all the above must be required. When visiting the existing cinema 3d, it should be stressed to the audience while […]

Adapting Staff: Mentoring And Coaching

By definition, the adaptation of personnel – this adaptation of workers to the contents and conditions of employment and the immediate social environment. What is the adaptation of new employees? First of all, it is necessary in order to reduce the time it usually takes a new employee for that would settle in a new […]

The System

WIndows xp – a system that allows to work in Terminal mode, has the ability to operate simultaneously unlimited number of users, while adding utility Desktop manager, allows you to work simultaneously on four desktops. Improved installation process equipment, system recovery, expanded and improved tools for working with the Internet, to improve the means of […]