So Paulo Communities

Many communities had folloied adesconfigurao of the native green of the Valley of the Ribeira, caused for the action of ventoe of the man. In the following decade, thanks to the action of the ambientalistas, the devastaocausada one for this activity was significantly braked in some regions dosul of the country, very in contrast of […]

The National Audience

DANIEL HEADS ' Solomsica! ' it is a musical marathon of 40 concerts for all the ears. The National Orchestra of Spain offers the inaugural concert in the Audience. The entrance is gratuitous until completing gauging. Noon dedicated unique and exclusively to music. It is the attractive plan that the National Audience proposes to spend […]

Educational Institutions

Characterization of the research of field In both, educational institutions the motivation of the adult to the return the classroom is, low the instruction in consequence of the social exclusion. In the first institution the methodology of the knowledge that prevalecente, is begun in the preexisting cognition of educating, whereas in the second institution works […]

SEEJ Activities

Exactly knowing that the questionnaires were sigilosos, the professors had had some distrust to cite the negative points believing to be able to suffer some punishment in the school. But some had mentioned points, as: Precariousness of physical space for the pedagogical activities; Lack of a fixed nucleus, as requirement of the SEEJ, that offers […]

State Process

One knows that, currently, argued dasquestes more in the whole world it becomes related the ambient problems. In virtue of the population growth and the great human accumulations, devasta, it is burnt, polui and one contaminates it Land, in significativaspropores, affecting the human being, the plants, the animals and the quality of guae of air. […]

The National Program

The active search of all must be carried through the contacts intra-domiciliary that have inhabited or inhabits in the last five years with sick person of hansenase. They are two doses of independent vaccine BCG of being PB and MB. After the dermato-neurological evaluation is applied the first dose, the second dose is after made […]

Evolving Photographic Technology

And if not, we have in most cases, although to a lesser extent, the negative support, although with some wear serves as a system of what we now know as “backup.” And the way to lose those old photos is either thrown away by both the albums and their backups (and negative) which is not […]

Managing Change

Each month of May is celebrated as Mother's Day-a time to tell mothers everywhere how much we love and honor them. Amid all the holiday revelry should take some time to reflect on what this day represents, after nine months of waiting and crossing the threshold of the birth of a new beginning. When I […]

Radio Transmitting Programs

The program Dzomo Ayun, that transmits all the Tuesdays Radio Voice of the Coast, of 9,30 to 10hrs had the mission and the pleasant encounter with the sculptor, I lived Fuchslocher, a great artist who left to our encounter with his habitual calidez, back in Cuinco, way to Trumao, place that locks up the mystery […]

Brazilian Courses

In accordance with given raised next to the vestibule of the INEP, the courses of teaching formation, with the biggest taxes of evasion it enters the years of 2007 and 2009 had been the courses of licenciaturas in: physics, mathematics, chemistry and biology, in this order. Analyzing such data, she was possible to create a […]