Stretch Ceilings

The History of suspended ceilings has its origins in ancient Rome. While the ceilings are draped with a cloth that was carefully chosen to match the walls. The fabric wore out pretty quickly, then it just changed to a new one. In more recently, a second mention of the stretch ceilings. In Armenia in the […]

Sudespacho.NET Reaches 2,000 Users In Management Applications For Lawyers And Consultants In The Cloud.

Sudespacho.NET, the leading company in management software for law firms and advisers in the cloud, has reached more than 2,000 active users in their management applications for lawyers and consultants. sudespacho.NET is a pioneer in providing management software for lawyers and counseling in a Web environment, has a different vertical solutions for professional offices, solutions […]

Of The Negative A Lo Positive A Through Of Goals Powerful

One of the wonders of life is change and continuous improvement, we are always given the possibility to evolve in a positive way, perhaps that is why some people do not understand the meaning of the difficulties, we are able to overcome overcome ourselves, if we can see some achievements in other people can experience […]

A Tunnel Toward The Future

In the main city of Cuba, there is an element within its urban architecture which undoubtedly distinguishes among its counterparts in the region.Its usefulness proven for more than 50 years and its exceptional brilliance as works engineer, make the tunnel of the Bay one of the most beloved urban characters in Havana. You when you […]

Invoice Electronic

In the previous part we gave an introduction on what is electronic invoicing? In this final part will go in more detail in which the benefits are the main Spanish laws, what modalities of electronic invoices are recognized in Spain and how I can convert invoices in paper, electronic invoices and vice versa. * Benefits […]

National Electric Corporation

To (Corpoelec) – Venezuela – and Queiroz Galvao – by Brazil. -Other agreement aims to carry out the feasibility studies technical, economic, financial, environmental and social, for the possible hiring of provision of services in the execution of the works of two pilot projects of socio-economic transformation of neighborhoods located in the Sucre parish, Carretera […]