Silverlight Animation

Because Internet access was fast and inexpensive, the developers of sites to create Web project began en masse to use sophisticated imaging technology. Among them, of course, Adobe Flash and a new development corporation Microsoft – Microsoft Silverlight 2.0. Thus designers often forget that visitors come to the site for content, not for Web design, even if the original and qualitative performance. The purpose of the developers is clear: the more complex and beautiful design looks site, the more a customer can get the money. If the site is a custom design, you can clearly tell that the site is developed for a long time and is expensive because it came up with a unique idea, wrote specifically for the project site management system, etc. etc.

As a result, the customer thinks it was an effective website, because he paid for it a lot. The fact that the site can be much cheaper, but its effectiveness would be more, the customer said no. Search engine optimization is an animated Flash and Silverlight sites – expensive. The contents of Flash-site indexed by search engines is difficult. SEO-optimizers offer the customer to buy posting links for search engine optimization. Unfortunately, they will have to buy all the time.

Which again will increase development costs and site content. Beauty, as we know, requires sacrifice. But the studio that developed the spectacular animated web site, it adds to its portfolio and expects new development wishing to order a similar web design. This is also expensive and impractical. Ironically, the clients come, because a beautiful custom design quality is the foundation of a corporate site. A tenth of all consider the usability, even though the convenience of the visitor depends on whether it pays off site, and whether to bring money to the owner. Sites unusual animated designs are usually intricate system of obscure reference transitions. On a site visitor does not immediately understand. What does he press and that he then saw. The simple fact that a reference menu of the site should be immediately noticeable, it should stand out, but do not get lost on the background graphic web design is often ignored. It is not necessary to sell a site to do the flashing animation – your customers do not want to be distracted by moving pictures, which more often than is advertising. All that is associated with banners, subconsciously not noticed by users of sites. In addition, there are many special programs and filters that make it possible to hide a similar intrusive advertising animation on the site. Antivirus and firewalls simply do not load or do not show the visitor expensive movies Flash and Silverlight. Because the benefits of animated information, especially if it is many, very low. And the price is high. In developing or ordering website to keep in mind that a visitor comes to your site for content, not design. The appearance of the website is required to help better understand the information that the owner This web resource wants to tell its visitors. Design has no right to replace the meaning of texts on the site. By itself, the design did not able to sell and tell. Just like you can not sell the package instead of goods.


What is a blog? In order not to forget the emotions that the memory could not erase the most important events. In the childhood many of us have kept diaries of lined school notebooks. Now, at the age of information technology, people keep diaries online. Form of online diaries qualitatively perform blogs. Probably everyone knows the word "blog". But so far, not many people understand its importance and what privilege allows the possession of its own Internet resource for this format.

Visiting the blog directory, you can see the look of modern blogs. To begin with, that the term "blog" appeared in the days of the initial formation of the Internet (1996-2001 gg.). One of the users, Jorn Barger, has created a resource, which published a list of the most interesting (in the author's standpoint) sites. Barger called the resource weblogs, which translated to English means "an online journal." The site bears little resemblance to the modern blog format, but the start has been made. After a while another user is the owner of this site, Peter Merholts, divided into 2 components of the term: we and blog, which means "we 're blog.

" And became known as a weblog just a blog. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from kevin ulrich. Now the blog people share their thoughts and opinions about a particular event. Resource of this format helps people find like-minded people. Personal Blogs offer a lot of people, both simple and well known. Here people can share with the inhabitants of the virtual space with something interesting, whether it's detailed knowledge of the dog-nuptial period boa or gaps in the global laws.

3 Main Reasons To Leave Comments

Comments this is a great thing! Experienced blogger is no need to explain, but the novice may not be obvious. I did not put the experiment, although the desire to be, because it seems to me that a blog can spin only at the expense of comments alone! Do not believe me? Let's order. So what makes an active comment? The first and most important – you make friends and integrate into the blogosphere. Atmos Energy oftentimes addresses this issue. This is actually the most important, because leaving Comments – First you tell people about yourself, and secondly, you namozolite eyes and become "their", and thirdly, you can even accurately establish contacts, and with someone to make friends. upo Vidanta, Ottawa. All this gives a good result in long-term term. Second – you bring to your blog visitors. As a general rule, if the comments are a drop point then you will get at least one visitor – the author of the blog.

Of course, this is not a law, and only works with iron "Small" and "average" blogs, but the author of "big" blog more often, glance to your "spark" for the sake of curiosity. And, if so, do you comment on a regular basis – even more so. But this is just a visitor, and you can get much more! It all depends on how well your comments, in addition, there are lots of tricks and techniques, how to generate interest for himself, thus force people to come for a comment to your blog. This is a reasonable provocation, and a tempting offer, and fleeting unobtrusive announcement of some of their materials, and a lot of "thin stuff." Here, above all to do with the mind, to know a sense of proportion and have a conscience.

Google Analytics

In the article “Google Analytics: Creating a purpose” were briefly discussed the following points: What is the goal For what purpose As a goal in today’s article, I want to talk about statistics, which provides Google Analytics, on the basis of established goals for the article “Google Analytics: Learn more about your traffic,” to see statistics on the objectives, it is necessary, after logging into your account to Google Analytics, in the left menu, select “Goal”. For the considered my goal, the overall statistics represented by two graphs: Performance targets and overall usefulness of the goal. Efficiency Goals: Total Goal: To view by day, how many hits, you must select the menu item “Total transitions. ” Data will be presented in the following way: As you can imagine – is part of the schedule for the month. Conversion rate is presented in the same graph. To view it, just to the left menu to select “Conversion.” The next menu item “Check the goal.” Since I set up only 2 goals, then displays information about them as a percentage, as shown below. The next menu item – “Return the path to the goal.” It provides information about the route the user, in which he reached the goal. That is, for example the first line: indicates that the user has started to show with the article “Insight for Search: new service from Google “, then moved to the second page of the blog, and then to view the article “Choosing keywords before posting a new post” and finally made the transition to the purpose of “Google Analytics: Learn more about your traffic.” The next item on the menu is presented information about the usefulness of goal.

The Customer

Now on the market, there are many studios to create websites. Duck which to choose. As in all cases, I recommend to start with the identification of needs – Whether you are just enough small website, or you need a normal business site with sufficient functionality or even Internet shop. Then you need to assess your potential developers, which services in detail and for what money they provide, they impose a service to you without providing the basic details (domain and hosting), that they are hosting for you to pick how much it would cost the continued existence of your site after the development and whether it will depend on them and many other nuances. That is necessary, in my opinion, the important criteria: All phases of the site should be able to exist separately: the development, optimization, promotion, ppc advertising, website support, etc. Regardless of the developer. Because, as you know, anything can happen – the company closed down or cease to cooperate with you and that with the site? After each stage of the customer must be transmitted all the data for further orders of the full work done (and is not tethered to the developer).

The site must be installed convenient cms (content management system) for further work with the content the customer (or his representative) and it should be open source (open system), that could change anything, not only the developer site, and any other agency, in case if you continue to care for him. And I want to see if you have installed commercial cms, then you must give all her documents, what you really bought it. Learn about the different cms can be found on this site -. Well, the last. This is certainly the price. At the time of this writing, prices ranging from 4500rub.

– Create a small website and over 150000rub – create an Internet portal (all firms). Why such a difference. Many well-established, the agency has a good customer base and do not want to cut the price, there is work professionals, a lot of orders, etc. Other lower price to attract customers, although they can perform all the same range of services. Selecting still do Vam.V conclusion, I want to say that the site should have any, no self-respecting company, no matter what she does. Created by – not an easy process, but more so his promotion. Good luck in choosing for themselves a reliable partner in this endeavor.

Internet Speed

' But you somehow forgot to tell the most basic, the size of video files compatible with a fast video playback on the Internet. Also, for some reason no one says that There are other causes that directly affect the loading speed of your video on the Internet. It is well known: The actual speed internet, 90% of users, usually below the stated many times because of: network congestion and worn out equipment internet service providers. Before you publish your Flash-video, you need to immediately send an unequivocal message – for whom it is intended. That is to be clearly defined – who is your audience. There are types of audiences that do not need high-quality online video content, or the perfect record. Then we must immediately recognize that these customers will likely also require your goods, videos, or services.

Then begs the obvious question: 'What then can publish your videos on obscure sites, but if you and a couple dozen people with a stable, high-speed to no one else sees, and those who see, look it of dubious quality, then click on advertising at the end of the roller and just move to other videos? " So drop all stories about what can be done as horrible video, upload it to the network at a trendy video service and a month later become famous and popular. Online video should be great, quality, speed, and without advertising. All, nothing else for the successful positioning of its video network – does not exist.

Site Navigation

Good day, dear visitors! We have tried to arrange a convenient search through our site, the pages where you can find the information you need. Find what interests visitor is not absolutely no problem: just type a query into a string of interest to search engine – and a few moments, the result presented in the form of links to your attention. Navigation on the site simple, and therefore allows you to find everything in just minutes. It also created an excellent design and publish a huge selection of interesting and useful information about movies, music, games, software and many other things, placed a collection of links, found on the web or sent by our users. In the future the same way there will be laid out the most necessary and useful software. In particular, we offer a free, popular movies, games, music, graphics images, software and other no less interesting material without mandatory registration and any "send sms to the number …." Visit us and see for yourself how delightful collection, we have prepared for you. To successfully functioning forum and chat, where you can ask questions, write comments, free to express their views without offending other members, and communicate with other visitors. If you have any complaints, suggestions or Questions to the administration of the site, we offer use the "feedback" through which each visitor will be able to directly contact the administrator.

We are happy to try to meet and to fulfill your wishes. We respect the authors and their copyright on everything posted on. If you find a link to your own resources or you are the copyright owner, or if you have copyright of any material posted on the site, it does not wish to the information or content placed with us, contact us and we will immediately remove or change the material of your choice (write owners only if the documents on ownership of the right). As well as the site provides services for processing your digital photos.

Sudespacho.NET Reaches 2,000 Users In Management Applications For Lawyers And Consultants In The Cloud.

Sudespacho.NET, the leading company in management software for law firms and advisers in the cloud, has reached more than 2,000 active users in their management applications for lawyers and consultants. sudespacho.NET is a pioneer in providing management software for lawyers and counseling in a Web environment, has a different vertical solutions for professional offices, solutions are developed under Cloud Computer technology, and they are accessible from anywhere and from any device. To provide service to all its clients, has an infrastructure for maximum security and availability that guarantees the highest quality and service efficiency. The benefits that brings software solution in the cloud for lawyers and advisers, are very large, both in that price is very low and the ease of handling made that the application can be used from anywhere. Sudespacho.NET is a leading company in management solutions for professional, being the first company offices that threw sectoral solutions to law firms and consultants in the cloud in 2003.

Alfresco Community

We have realised incredible improvements in the capacity of extension of Alfresco and in its yield, besides facilitating to the developers the adaptation and the extension of this platform. Yield for the cloud Alfresco Community 4 increases of significant form the general yield of the system. Between the new functions for implementations of the cloud the following are included: Indexing of high performance: new servant of indices of Alfresco, based on Solr Apache, drastically increases to the yield when separating the indexing of the processes of contents.

Integrated job stream: it automates the enterprise processes in which the main thing is the content with Activiti, the servant of 2,0 enterprise processes BPMN leader in Java and of open code. Grouping in clsteres improved: the grouping in clsteres of Alfresco has improved to increase to the reliability and the scalability, and addition is had the compatibility with CIFS in clster. First platform abierta for the publication in social channels Alfresco 4 includes a new expandable service to publish contents and updates of state in social Web sites, like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr and SlideShare. The integrated social processing allows: A simpler process: the publication of social contents now comprises of a job stream of enterprise contents, so that the problem of the publication is simplified to a great extent in several channels.


Director to note company grows, new branches and divisions, we need qualified staff. Network – just a storehouse of various services, and information about the work: it is possible to place a job, browse resumes and proposals of competitors, to inquire about the level of regional average wages in industry markets, and more. Author information – and select the resume, to attend interviews – always willing to deal. Why is it so difficult to find the right employees? Pitfall, that of break the illusion of the simplicity of search and an abundance of proposals on the labor market, too many. This difficulty with the registration and account activation, need to pay per-view candidates' resumes – with no guarantee that they will fully meet your requirements. This lack of uniform standards for all in the placement and structuring of information on websites devoted to the work, as well as suitable filters, which will facilitate the search.

As a result, recruitment becomes not a quick and inexpensive process is not. But the task of this paper – not to assess the existing and already proven long-Internet technology, and propose alternative methods to find and work with information that will help in the work of a recruiter and manager, looking for people employed, or for candidates seeking the application of forces to a new location. Today Internet – as a communication resource – is constantly evolving, creating new opportunities and tools to work with a variety of tasks, including to address search – headhunting.