Get Out Of The Statutory Pensions

Who can extricate itself from the statutory pension insurance? The statutory pension scheme (GRV) is a compulsory insurance for employees and workers. Entrepreneurs must not usually pay in the GRV. Only when family members provided to, the legislature has taken no clear regulation whether they are subject to social insurance or free. He has defined several criteria. In recent months, Xcel Energy has been very successful. Who knows and meets, can liberate themselves. These family members work with commissioned parents, spouse, sibling, uncle who can family operating a sole proprietorship, a person or a corporation.

They contribute frequently into the social security system (SV), unless they must. Yes even without that they acquire entitlement to benefits from the system through the payment i.e. no unemployment, no disability pension, no insolvency money. Get clarity as employee family member – only through a verification of your status. Are you free, they are still labour code set, but no longer subject to SV.

Then we can optimise your pension with our pension concept by redirecting the posts by the GRV in an occupational pension, without changing your net income. While we regularly determine that the financial advantage of a company pension plan (which is so only possible through the exemption from social security contributions) is either ever not known – or is clearly underestimated. Often, the guaranteed pension benefits through the Exchange doubled! You attain certainty. And a guaranteed pension from the account pledged to you and not of the GRV contributions of your children. Dr. Klaus Birkner

Jens Heidenreich

Since this surplus at Life insurance but in recent years always less fails, many providers only no longer accept certain life insurance policies. Also you should be aware of one as a life – and pension insurance, owner who wants to sell or cancel this insurance: for the wholesale buyers in the secondary market in particular insurance are interesting, for which the costs were incurred at the beginning. The insured person acquires so high cost and benefit the purchaser of insurance. This may not be yes of the person in the sense, which badly needs usually the money from an insurance company”, explains the LV doctor boss Heidenreich. Basically, it is however better to sell his life insurance than just cancel it. However not always easy designed himself, the purchase of insurance, as shown. In addition, that many purchaser are more uncertain about the credit standing of the insurance company. For example, lists of insurance companies are now at the buyers that basically no longer be purchased.

Selling life insurance is also only the second best solution”, says Jens Heidenreich of the LV-doctor. Because once we assume that 70 percent of all insurance be terminated prematurely and the presented options for the sale of the insurance are not exactly convincing, then we should ask ourselves, whether the conclusion not basically confessed to the life or pension insurance under wrong sign. We have many lawyers of strongly believes that most citizens who have completed a life – and pension insurance, had not done so would you poured before pure wine you have. Not, you are aware that in fact only cost is incurred in the first years. They are not informed, that they must persevere to the contract to get back all their contributions and even interest is ridiculous.

This entitles us to do, that we are for the LV doctor’s customers demand that they get back their entire contributions, what we have often reached”, LV doctor summarizes Chief. Already, hundreds of thousands trust LV-doctor, bringing already out so more usually at cancellation of life insurance because the insurance industry wants to afford a mistake toward him. To the implementation of the additional demands were hundreds of test case kicked off, that should give the citizens their rights, have denounced the life or pension insurance, feel cheated and therefore join LV doctor. Summary: The simple termination of a life insurance policy is not the best way to get the insurance money. Rather, you should consider whether it is possible to not sell. However, here there are strict requirements and only a few contracts are accepted at all. Again, who would have his entire savings, should terminate its life insurance about LV doctor, is the repurchase value and the secure increased reimbursement claim.

Prepaid Credit Card Is A Alternative?

Also good is everything prepaid? Or just an invention of the economy? In the phone you are already commonplace business. Prepaid cards, i.e. cards which you can recharge! And they are popular “Mobile phone prepaid cards” from different reasons. Now there are also in the banking sector “top-up” cards, the prepaid credit card… Also in the area of finances, innovations provide regularly stir. In economic policy, or in terms of economy, whose effects were a topic in the media in recent weeks and months, among other things, in addition to the financial crisis, the cash for clunkers program and the recent interest rate cut, including. But there are also more innovative ideas that maybe not everyone have yet reached. So there is another innovation in credit now.

The prepaid credit card that officially issued by reputable banks, as among other things the Landesbank Berlin. The advantage of the prepaid credit card offers, is obvious. Every one can have, and this without Schufa information. In other words, this form of credit card, is the alternative for all,. the, which the banks, when opening an account or not with a credit card (master card, etc.) equipped have been, perhaps because of a negative Schufaeintrag. This falls away when the request for a prepaid credit card. Why, can be explained in a few words.

Because everything can be with this variant may make, as well as with an otto normal”, you can but overstay them, or charge the Konot thus. For the Prepaidkreditkarte there is a separate balances”, that you only must recharge, thus to pay. Basically the exact same principle, as it is also in a mobile map course and give you is. To boost credits, then you can make a call. At the Prepadkreditkarte is so similar to it. To deposit money (credits) and can then, with this, as with a conventional credit card also, everywhere pay, where credit cards are accepted. Sebastian Brodbeck article writers at web dot de