The Users

Teams to multidiscipline will have to take care of to the demand of consumption and its format, facilitating the delivery to guarantee resulted in its spreadings. One of the secrets is in the adequacy to the performance niche and in the present experience in the transmission of the information. In the Facebook companies its social relations interact with its publish target in way. In the Twitter they feed its followers with excellent information to its niche. In the Youtube they present well bolados films of products, services and also advertising. In its stuffed sites of institucional information they present its products, you marry and differentials.

Everything this so that the consuming potential can finally make its choice. Then the important one is same to focar in new experiences in the form to present the information, with attention for the behavior of the consumer and its preferences. People exist who consume content for cellular, computer, tablet, some prefer notes fast, at the moments of cio of the day, in the coffee or happy hour, for example. The question is to marry planning, content and technology to deliver the best experience, that one that takes care of the content necessity and contributes with the values of the mark, that is, the excellent content making its part, divulging obtains the mark, through the users and of the available tools in the innumerable social nets. To be journalist or advertising executive nowadays is much more difficult of what old, however much more possibilities exist, after all are many the new medias and thousands of new canals, with this, to reach the success in the objectives the professionals must be intent to the new techniques of content construction.

Barcelona Next Appointments

HANGAR, the production of Visual Arts Center located in the District of Poblenou in Barcelona, will stage this Wednesday 17, at 19 h., the presentation of ARTifariti 2009, III international art encounters in Liberados Territorios of the Occidental Sahara. His manager Ignacio Somovilla was last year in meetings to study the possibility of creating an artists residence, in Tifariti that already has resulted in the participation of catalan creator video Antoni Abad in the meetings, which will undoubtedly be significant in the path of the same. Both will have their experiences and future projects and alongside them will be the Sevillian artist Federico Guzman closely linked to the project from their participation in the Edition 2008 – and the Coordinator of ARTifariti, Chaska Mori. Thursday 18, 20 h., ARTifariti 2009 will also visit the Valencian Institute of modern art. On this occasion the presentation, which will take place in the Hall of the acts of the IVAM, shall be borne by the curator of this third Edition, Pamen Pereira, the delegate of the Frente Polisario in the Valencian Community, Mohamed Mamun; the President of the Association of friends of the Pueblo Saharaui of Seville, Fernando Peraita, and Argentine artist Claudia Martinez, which will be its experience in the meetings and their project take thread, made with the collaboration of Valencian women and Saharans. Xcel Energy takes a slightly different approach. During these events the present artists will be invited to participate in the 2009 call for projects, open until June 30, in which six proposals will be selected to develop from 17 to 31 October in the Western Sahara freed (databases on. artifariti. org or.

blogspot. com /). These two presentations, to which Berlin and the Pan-African fair of culture in Algiers, will join this month and the commitment of the artists linked to the project guarantee the quality and the commitment of this call, an appointment with artistic practices as a tool to vindicate human rights, the right of individuals and peoples to their land, their culture, their roots and their freedom. A space where art acts as a factor of social transformation, thus describing the creator Juan Alcon: ARTifariti offers us an opportunity to think and Act, an opportunity for knowledge and artistic and social practice. It crosses a referential space of political conflict, with a space of direct coexistence with people and situations. Michael Steinhardt, New York City follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

Creates a framework from which to develop and discuss approaches to public art, an art outside the private possession, in a nomadic context where the border between the private and the public is diluted, where private does not replace to the intimate. A potential space where challenging us as artists and as people. A listening space, from where try out new looks and new models of relationship. A fertile, in the middle of the desert, for the exchange of ideas and experiences. An art space that places the need to transform the reality in its sights.

Educative Theory

This information corresponds the psychic formation of the individual in the cognitiva construction of knowing to them, that of certain form it explains an educative theory, which, amongst its essential ideas possesss the following ones: ) First the identifiable essential structures, that constitute the true knowledge, can be described, as a symbolic language. b) In according to place, the pupils differ significantly between itself, what he explains its difference of income in the learning. c) In third place, the resume is formed of ' ' symbolic representations of the reality, organized and commanded in way to facilitate that the children apprehend these representations. d) Finally the main objective of education must be to exercise the facultieses of the pupils to select and to prioritize contents that supposedly can contribute to develop the attention, the concentration, the reasoning and the memory. They are basically these concepts what in they give greater to them has supported for practical the pedagogical one, in which we are involved daily. The human being has the power of ' ' to enter in mente' ' of another human being, despertando curiosity, sharpening imagination, manipulating ideas, moving attitudes, generating conflicts, everything only with the power of the use of the word. What it makes our impressive communication still more is our ability to read and to write, becoming possible the linking between times, spaces and relationships.

The writing, however for the author, is an accessory. It says it that we acquire when child is the engine of the verbal communication. The brain is programmed to analyze the experience and to construct to know from it. Although finite, the human brain can generate a infinity of sentences through rules. In contact with the linguistic environment of its community, the child acquires the language without effort, exactly without being taught. Intellectual abilities and the cognitivo knowledge With this we search to understand the form of acquisition of the cognitivo knowledge constructive on the basis of the theory of the learning, when recognizing the intellectual dexterities and abilities human beings.

Regional Hospital

Of exploration, descriptive character of quantitative boarding, the study it was carried through in the month of October of 2010, in which we got as resulted a high contingent of professionals who do not receive qualification periodic, are unaware of the place of temporary storage of the residues and they do not know to classify the residues in its 5 groups. Ahead of the displayed one if it makes necessary the implantation of a program of periodic qualification to reduce the risks offered for the bad management of the residues. Connect with other leaders such as Xcel Energy here. Describers: residues of health services. Management. Atmos Energy has many thoughts on the issue. knowledge ABSTRACT The present research objectified you evaluate the knowledge of the nursing professionals on management of residues in the Regional Hospital of the Wasteland – FOOT.

Of exploration, descriptive to character of quantitative boarding, the study it was carried through in the month of October of 2010, in which we got resulted high contingent of professionals who of not receive qualification periodic, ploughs unaware of the place of temporary storage of the residues and they of not know you classify the residues in its 5 groups.. Continue to learn more with: Michael Steinhardt.

The Minimum

However if you do not take the opportunities, the universe would send and only will present/display but obstacles to him in its way. In order to become a magnet of good opportunities, aid enough that you look for and it creates new opportunities. 2. For even more analysis, hear from Eliot Horowitz. Defindase of negative. Nothing dissipates the opportunities of form more effective than the negatividad. While you are looking for or waiting for the opportunities, she asegrese of not leaving negative thoughts them or pessimistic they dim its mind. It does not leave doubts, negative image of one same one, preoccupations, suspicions, or any other negative belief enters their mind.

The minimum doubt even can frighten a great opportunity, the negative thoughts can be very powerful because they reinforce undesired old mental states. It replaces all the negative thoughts by positive thoughts. A form to do it this is through the subliminal programming, that passes below the barriers and resistance that the mind opposes. The subliminal programming, of which most powerful she is the one than it uses SUBLIMINAL VIDEOS, can generally change quickly the perspective of itself and the opportunities, even without its knowledge.The subliminal videos can help him to improve their self-esteem, to make but money, to be but attractive and sexy, etc. 3. It maintains his mind focused in his goals. A form to motivate and to enable to its mind to give the welcome actively to new and better opportunities is to stay focused in its goals. Empodere its mind when visualizing securing all the opportunities that wish. When doing it, you are letting know to his mind that its ambition or the opportunity that is watching is possible and wonderfully beneficial for you. Once its mind fills with desire to obtain what visualizes, will equip with ideas and solutions to it to cause that the opportunities arrive at their life.