Continuous Training Will Help Courses Distance

Further training is a more interesting feature for employees. In a moment in which the crisis has favoured the increase of unemployment, unemployment, contracts garbage and some feature, continuous training means increased opportunities. Works do not evolve, society walks forward, does not stop, and with it the needs and resources of the people. In some […]

The Diversity Tendency Of Crushing Equipment

The crushing equipment industry, to some extent, also reflects the overall development of the heavy industry. The crushing equipment is involved in cement, sand and gravel, mining, desulfurization and energy industries and all of these industries regard the national policies as the development direction. Meanwhile, the development direction of the industry also reflects the guidance […]

But To Think A Little …..

Untied thoughts imagining infinite possibilities thus are our life. We are here. living deeply each only moment each stroke that our heart of confides innumerable ways and choices to tread. Below they are some phrases to reflect what it wants to say each letter drawn in these words. ' ' The first law of the […]

United States Day

It made everything of good for this group. He counted anecdotes, descontraia the pupils at the moments most difficult, when exaustos they were for an assimilation of such substance. Until he obtained to add and to multiply, some wide smiles of some professors, but in others not. This entertainer of every day, had an astral […]


In a world each globalizado time more, many times to follow the results, practical and the actions that are being developed for other companies if has disclosed basic so that the companies can compare its current period of training. In this direction, it has profit each time more notoriety the application of the Benchmark. This […]


The Moment of Inertia of Area, used in the study of deformation applied in structure projects, many times is confused with the Moment of Inertia of Mass, that appears in the dynamics of the rigid bodies. Its developments are similar in many aspects, but its applications are different. Word-key: Moment of inertia, moment of area […]