The Artichoke

The coupled model, that restricts the consumption of certain food, is the most widely, and there are numerous variations and possibilities of invention. Generally speaking, it carries out for periods of time ranging from two weeks to a month. First thing that eliminates the body is water and protein, what nutrition experts qualify as fuel that the body maintains for situations of lack. You do need to take several days to get it started the consumption of fats, real responsible for the overweight. That is why it is so easy to regain the kilos lost after one of these quick diets. This rebound effect is one of the arguments that critics maintain against miraculous diets. Make changes to the power for one or two weeks and return to the same routine assumes that recovers the lost weight and can even earn more kilos. To broaden your perception, visit ConocoPhillips. With diets based on the consumption of fats, greatly increases the cholesterol and fat deposits are concentrated in the liver.

The excess of lipids is associated with cardiovascular ailments. With poor diets in carbohydrates, the consequences range from constipation cramps and even colon cancer. Protein deficient feeding the proportion of uric acid, exceeds what reverts negatively in the kidney. An example of a diet miracle: 1 – diet of the artichoke. It is based on the massive ingestion of artichokes in all meals of the day, with a daily intake of 700 calories. A diet of a single food causes monotony and can lead to its abandonment, and that does not provide all the nutrients needed.

The diet is accompanied by capsules of artichokes, which are taken half an hour before lunch. Breakfast: orange juice, two slices of whole wheat bread smeared with cream of artichokes. A soy yogurt. Food: 50 g of brown rice with artichokes and an Apple. Snack: a glass of skim milk. Dinner: three artichokes grilled, 50 gr of fresh cheese and a slice of whole wheat dextrin.

Reached Thursday

What interests us is to solidify our knowledge, therefore until we don’t know those words do not pass to the following, why I say simply reduce our focus to 20 daily words because it is much easier to handle. Petra Diamonds understands that this is vital information. But remember this is not a career does not give us anything coming soon so take your time. Practical application: word selection: first of all you should choose 20 words every day, choose useful words in common use, because they are that we need to build our phrases. A bad example would be the word aristocracy or embezzlement, which are words we use very few times in our language, choose words type car, street, money that we use every day etc. Study routine: Dedicaras 30 minutes to review the 20 words that you have learned the previous day, every day and I say every day, from Monday to Sunday without exception.

The next day you review the words of the day earlier and so on. Reached Thursday thou shalt make a general review of the words of the Sunday until Wednesday that you have learned. And then you will continue the same routine, reached Sunday thou shalt do an overview on Thursday until Saturday of words you learned in that interval, and back to start the week. It is key to go over 2 times in General per week so do correct track of our progress. Display: If those words are objects, you must imagine the object itself, and say them out loud, since this way we will work 3 of our senses to assimilate the word. What we do with this? Strengthen in a way very strong what we’ve learned, 3 sources of information are much more powerful than just one. In fact when we learn of small what we do is use several of our senses for learning, usually 2 and sometimes 3 at the same time, so remember also things. It is very important to apply it consistently, we must transform the review part of our daily routine, like brushing the teeth to achieve our goal. To learn how to generate a daily routine click on the following link. How to generate a routine successfully Overview: study from Monday to Sunday routine: learn 20 words x day reviews 30 min every day general overview 2 days x week, 1 hour duration back to begin to access more free articles and video lessons access original author and source of the article.

Determine Power

Everything you want in your life, can obtain it. You have all the power to achieve everything, absolutely everything, what you want in your life and the lives of those who are important to you. A wise way to use that enormous power, which you have inside, is by setting goals for each of the things that you want to reach. Goals focus your enormous creative power and bring you everything you need to easily and quickly. A stated goal by following the appropriate guidelines will save you much time, work, and suffering. All the money that you want, all the prosperity that yearns for, all the happiness that deserves all the success that the world demands it, are waiting for you. Once you have your goals, it is necessary to resort to some tools that will make your subconscious mind to focus on what you want.

These tools provide you with junction point, the bridge connector between your current reality and the reality of their desires, their dreams. Tool 1: write your goals on portable cards: After defining your goals, you should write them. You must read them every day, several times if possible. An easy way to do this is to write your goals in small cards that you can carry in your shirt, bag or wallet. Tool 2: look for photographs, videos, posters, etc. of what you want, and put those images where you work, where rests, where to eat, etc.

The idea is that you can see them all the time. Place them in key places: dining room, near your computer, in your bathroom, etc. Be creative. Tool 3: create your book’s goals: a book of goals is a book, or notebook, or block of sheets together, where you write what you want. Use one page for each of your goals. Use at least one image for each of your goals. Tool 4: create indicators for their goals: Determine how you will know that it has achieved its goals. When you see that their indicators show that it is going the right way you will know that things are going well. When indicators show the contrary, you can correct the course and take another path or correct the current course that his life is taking. Is clear that before of apply these tools, you should set their goals. If you set your goals according to proper procedures, then their goals materialize automatically in your life. In the secret of the power of the goals, Andrew Corentt presents the most powerful methods to set goals that the world has known. These methods are so powerful that if you set your goals, following them, everything you want will come to you in such incredible ways, it will seem as if you had used a magical power to create anything they want. If you want to obtain abundance of permanently, if you want to achieve success and happiness that both longs, shocking information and powerful techniques in the secret of the power of the goals, will make you the person that should be: a powerful, rich and free being. Original author and source of the article.

Another Time Religion

Today, when the world’s evolution is observed through a wide-angle that allows to analyze the General contours of international political news, the religious factor returns to show dominant theme. And its evolution involves aspects of great concern for the future. In our historical experience as Europeans, the idea of a war between religions is so far hard to assume their reality. We are used to analyze economic, social, political, or even territorial, causes that give intelligible meaning to the wars, and believe that only combat by religion is something of an irrational past that already could not nor should revive. So when the evidence shows us that fundamentalist Islam of Al-Qaeda invokes the war calls violence to bring down the great Western Satan and rebuild a universal Caliphate, us difficult to accept it, and we tend to take refuge in the idea that it is a bad Islam.

And that there are other good, Orthodox Islam. Not warned that the Islam, like Christianity, is based on a few susceptible to various interpretations of sacred texts and that, in the same way that Bush convened a crusade, performing to his liking the Christian tradition, Islam is, in every moment, that decide the groups or societies that control them. Hard for us to understand that religious wars arise, develop and extend across the planet by an only reason: religion. Candida that this idea will seem to us, what from makes a couple of decades is afflicting humanity, from the us to Indonesia and from London to Mogadishu, it is a brutal violent struggle, after which there remains the specific idea of a God, a deity of any religion whose promises incite war, to take up arms and die waiting for a paradisedream and ideal, as a reward to the sacrifice of life. From our point of view Christian West, where the appearance and spread of the dominant religion were made within a pre-existing State, the Roman Empire, it is not easy to understand the ideology of the Islam.

Format Lease

Recommendations for a format lease residential lease agreement is a very important legal document that is nowadays necessary to defend your property or use rights over a property. Every lease contract must contain certain information for the protection of the parties involved, especially for the owner of the property that is who runs the greatest risk. There are many formats of lease available on the Internet, but we want to make general recommendations about leases formats so you verify that you decide to use. What should be the format contract of lease? Make sure you format lease that you use to include at least the following information: name and general data of the individual owner or with the legal powers for renting the property (lessor). General data of the (s) and name (s) person (s) who will inhabit the property (lessee). Location and description of the property to lease. The object or purpose contract (at lease give the property) the amount the lessee will be turned off by the lessor as income.

If there is an additional maintenance fee is recommended to put it in the contract. It is advisable to also determine the penalty where the lessee fails to pay on time. Term of the contract (six months, one year, five years, etc.). The details of the deposit, the amount and conditions so that return you to the lessee to terminate the contract. The responsibilities of the landlord and tenant regarding the maintenance of the property. Causes for termination of the contract, i.e.

in that case a party would be in breach of contract to grade to terminate (example: do not pay rent in two months, introduce people, animals or objects not permitted in the building, give an inappropriate use, death, etc.). It is also important to include the terms of the termination of the contract, define if there is any penalty or legal implications. The conditions and the procedure of renewal of the contract. Rights of use the lessor during the term of the contract (you will be able to enter the property or won’t be able to use it in any situation, etc.). The way to resolve a legal dispute between the lessor and the lessee, i.e., who is going to pay legal costs, in that jurisdiction (place) is going to carry out the dispute and lower than civil code. It is advisable to use attachments in the format contract of lease? As a general recommendation Yes, we suggest that you use annexes to validate the contract information. You can include attachments as copies of the identifications of the parties involved, annex to the deed of the property that this as collateral in case of applying or any other additional document to the contract that can serve to validate the same information. Does the lease format suggested in all cases? Each case is different and something that is very important to include in a lease may not be so important to include it in another, but the 12 General recommendations which do and which are included in the contract format of Abaj lease can help you better protect your rights as lessor or lessee. It is important that the format of lease include all of these variables, if not we recommend to include them. Remember that these are merely recommendations to give you a general guide, is consulting a lawyer to help you formulate a contract to suit you.

The Brain

They will present anterograde amnesia and retrograde; Surgical interventions, may give rise to different amnesic syndromes; Vascular problems, the type of memory that will be affected will be in relation to the area of the brain affected by these problems; Anoxia and hypoglycemia, the lack of oxygen in the brain can cause permanent memory problems; Herpica encephalitis, herpes simplex usually attack, when installed on the brain, to the temporal lobes which may give rise to problems of memory, especially the anterograde memory; Alzheimer’s disease that by their relevance will occupy a special section. Causes and State current of the issue thanks to the integration of disciplines such as psychology, Physiology, Neuropsychology, pharmacology, morphology, or molecular biology, among others, currently we can understand part of the malfunction of some of these systems in diseases, degenerative type – Alzheimer’s disease, Pick or Korsakov-, and traumatic, brain-vascular type, or infectious. The results of functional studies have revealed that the number of structures involved, both by the network of nerve connections involved, memory neurophysiological and neuroanatomical, psychological bases are very complex, not having been fully explained. Thus the pathologies that affect memory can occur by a deterioration that will have an organic or psychological cause. Amnesia, reduplicative, agnosia, aphasia and apraxia, hipermnesia are some of these diseases. From the psychological point of view, although there are different explanations for amnesia, today, which seems to have more effective is the proposal by Mayes (1988).

It proposes that amnesia represents a deficit in the use of contextual information. There is a distinction between intrinsic context, what should be remembered, and the extrinsic context, that incidentally was happening when I was learning something. This last refers to spatio-temporal attributes. According to studies, the difficulties that seem to show the amnesic in remembrance of the extrinsic context would hamper the remembrance of the implicit context. From the neurological point of view, found that the temporal lobe is related to storage and information retrieval functions.