The following article tries to describe the steps to follow to realise the installation of one radio on line in our houses. The unique thing that we needed is: 1) A PC, 2) Broadband, 3) Some programs (in the article they are links) and 4) a microphone (if we want to speak, but we can passes music). 1) Required Software: Winamp? Shout Cast DNAS? Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP v. 1.8.2b Buscalos in Google that estan all 2) Facilities: They are all following, following, following FIRST TO INSTALL the WINAMP, soon the rest Shout Cast DNAS: Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP to verify that its installation has been correct, on winamp we pressed ctrl. + p, we go to plug-ins, DPS/Effect and of the right side it must to us appears " Nulsoft SHOUTcast" 3) Configuration of the DNAs Vamos to BEGINNING All the PROGRMAS PROGRAMS SHOUTcast DNAS Edit SHOUTcast DNAS configuration.

It is going abrir a text file to us with the configuration than he will be our servant. In order to make it but fast I recommend that they make a copy of this file, that is in " C: Archives of programSHOUTcastsc_serv.ini" and they publish the original one, they erase everything and only they leave these lines: MaxUser=32 Password=loquequieras PortBase=8000 In the copy that they have left later can read it and realise all the parametrizacion that allows, but with this it reaches. If you are not convinced, visit Petra Diamonds. 4) To put the radio to transmit! 4.1) Abrir winamp 4.2) Abrir the DNAs (We go to BEGINNING All the PROGRMAS PROGRAMS SHOUTcast DNAS SHOUTcast DNAS (GUI 4,3) We abrimos plug in of winamp (, on winamp we pressed ctrl. + p, we go to plug-ins, DPS/Effect and of the right side it must appears to us " Nulsoft SHOUTcast") we give click double him and appears the following thing: Configuration: They are the data of the text file that we modified: Addres: We leave localhost Port: the one that we put in the file, I leave 8000 Password: : the one that we put in the file, I leave loquequieras Yellowpages: They are data that you prune to put to appear in the list of radios of winamp when these passing on Encoder: You choose the quality of Input reproduction: In input device, itself we passed music with leaving winamp this ok, if we are going to speak with a microphone, is necessary to choose Soundcard Input, and it gives the option us to beat to speak " push to talk".


To all this so many measures are due to add as they are possible, that certain personnel only can pick up the backups, cameras in the room of the servant etc with this article treatment not to give tips of real use, I have tried to give some approval I have been thinking about the main problems that we can have but work with this at the moment reason why I do not have left to make use of my imagincacin and to hope not to put much the leg, each situation is different, each company works with his own system, are people in charge of the security etc and always the administrators usually we have a problem, but security = less functionality and the industralist often puts in front functionality to then security we we will have to say to him That it would happen if tomorrow when arriving at its office All the information of the company would have disappeared without capacity to restore forces and assets and control damage? we can undergo a robbery, then As we are going to recover the data? then good, if we had implemented commented in the point 4 or the point 5 or both, this will be a strong headache but it will not have supposed to lose the information of the company although another one can have her. Check with Dr. Mitchell Resnick to learn more. Since we have seen those are many points that we must consider, all does not pass through a software anti-virus and a ISA Server or a IpCop or by the used backup software and supports, if we are not able to physically protect certain parts of the backup infrastructure or the own backups as well as the servants we continue being very vulnerable before certain incidents, that if it is certain that we are more difficult to undergo the robbery of servants we will be those that we must value that he is worth more, if to put the remedy or that is possibility of undergoing the consequences of not to have put remedy a greeting to all!.

Original Box

Your information of contact also can be including in the box of the resource. This will allow the people to put itself in contact with you by telephone if they want to make use of your services since you are not the front of computer 24/7. Also it is the gratuitous report that to fortify or to justify your call to the action. Some things that do not have to add to your box of resources are a list of previous Web sites, that has been useful in the past, because this information can not be excellent for the article that you have written. Considering that the box of the resource is not a life leaf, but simply a brief summary than you are, is not due to mention all the profits that you have had, because to anybody it matters to him. If beams publicity in your article, asegrate of which the announcements are related to the subject of another way you do not publish anything. You do not make the box of the too great resource because what you want it is that the readers concentrate themselves in which he was written with care. As far as possible, this only must occupy a 10% to 20% of the page Web.

Marketing with article is of the type takes and Dacca from agreement because they contribute with articles that arrive at a specific public with the hope of which the people will be able to visit the site without cost some for you. The box of resource that is in the part inferior of this article is the key so that this happens reason why it is important to put your name, direction of the Web site, a summary and a call to the action. So in order to arrive at ampler public, the best thing is to publish your articles in different sites.

The Intelligent Investor

Very good although sometimes it speaks of many things that only apply in the United States. The Warren Buffett Way: by Robert Hagstrom This it is the best book written on Warren Buffet, the greater investor for all time. R.H shows the side that is not known Buffet, their beginnings as owner of the textilera Berkshire Hathaway and turned as it into I reign of investments that are nowadays. It shows the statistics of the companies that Warren Buffet has bought throughout its life, and since he has become millionaire in the way. Some of the actions that it has still been buying for 10 years continues being attractive.

I must still read The Intelligent Investor de Benjamin Graham, and am about to finish to Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits de Phillip A. Fisher. Both are something technical, but you want to penetrate in the world of the actions, are books obligatory to understand on the subject. Even though that wealth is associated to the money, other books exist that also will do better person to you, and this influence your way to see the life and the generation of wealth. Getting Things Done by David Allen Little would need to say of this book, but outside because little it is known for the Hispanic people of speech. He is a classic one between the people whom it likes the technology in the United States. Allen describes a formal system of management of the time that allows to be very efficient to it applies that it.

Even though that is difficult to maintain the system as raises he it, itself a 90% of the methodology and I can certify that the system works: for example, my tray of entrance in the email only has 3 or 4 post office. If you have problems to be organized and you always delay things to do, this book is for you. iCon Steve Jobs by Jeffrey Young Is a nonauthorized biography of a great one in Valley Silicone; in this book is the life of the creator of Apple, its triumphs and failures, their purchase of Pixar and later sale to Disney, from how it returned to Apple after to be dismissed of its own company! Steve Jobs is shown so what is: a stubborn person, with great thirst of triumph, a little self-centred but a personality that the digital world revolutionized. I have placed connections to for which they have opportunity to buy books; others can do it of the economic way but: buying in books of second hand or visiting his bookstore it publishes the premises.

Virtual University

Here we return to the digitalis and the contemporary. Or of the contemporary and the digitalis. When one is consuming the respective and inexorable vital parabolas, and it does from spirits afflicted by searches that usually transfer the physical death, begins to become meat that the comtemporaneo is a fleeting episode of the eternal thing. And he is perhaps from creation, comtemplacion and the aesthetic diffusion, from where one can be noticed, that one is not but in its contemporaneidad, that a exceedingly fleeting carrier, of the testimony of an eternity, to our taste very overlapped with the divinity. And the stigma of the provisional state, acompanha to the notion of ” digital”.

Some of the so many spirits, that by these times in all the points of the Planet, meditate on the impact of the tics, maintain that the distinguishing note of the Tics., is the SPEED. This notion of the speed of calculation, already sostenia Toffler, by the end of the decade of the 70, but many not dabamos us account to that one was talking about. By that then not habia begun even the slow process of democratization that suponian the PCs. Who by these hours, already we accede to the present state of the Tics (that are harnessed when associating to Internet, with the broadcasting, I even scan and the photocopied one), we are intuiting what they can pass when it is implemented, which suppose concepts like ” nanotecnologia”. Concepts like: ” Everything what a man, can imagine another one podra realizarlo” , or ” ” it is always necessary to have force, to break all the limites” , they can serve to realise the spiritual exercises, that prepare our intention, to remove benefit, of speeds of calculation, that surpassed, in magnitudes that I do not dare to labeling, the capacity today to our disposition. If the color, the line, the sound could be digitized, that we can hope, of the trigital (that is however of the binary thing to the trinario), in all the fields, the aesthetic one including? And who assures, that other logics can become serious, beyond the trinaria that today to redescubir us in the culture aymara, like the templario/cuatrernario thought that glimpsed the argrentino Jose Imbelloni in decda of the forty? Surely, it is a vice of the times from which we come, the one to close a speech with some conclusion. Cultores of the ethics of the diversity and the trasndisciplinario, slight knowledge that we watered in the mathematician brasilenho Ubiraran D” Ambrisio, present director of the project Virtual University Latin American, and conscientious of the limitations of all monographic emprendimiento, I only aspire to that they honor to me reading these lines, they continue unfolding its personalities through the aesthetic thing for the growth of the human saga.

The Walls

The ground that adapts perfectly to this particularitity of the atmosphere is the smoothed cement floor, that besides being easy to clean is quite economic. This type of floors is impermeable and owns a brightness that gives luminosity him to all the stay. A valid alternative is the ceramic floor, that owns characteristics similar to the floor of cement. As far as the walls, he is advisable to leave them with rustic finishing. To use paperings or wood is not a viable option, since the deterioration that suffer is too fast.

By its characteristics of the dark, low temperatures and certain humidity, One of the traditional uses of a cellar are the one to turn it into a personal warehouse. The particularitities of the cellar, their low temperature, humidity and the dark return it perfect for these necessities. In case the cellar counts on an suitable water installation, it can take advantage to arm a laundry with several machines. If we wanted to place any other type of devices that work to gas we would have to fit itself to the effective regulations that demand certain conduits of ventilation which they return the safe installation. He is not infrequent that the part superior of the walls has contact with the outside.

In these cases peripheral windows can be placed that offer to light and certain capacity of ventilation. As far as concerns the illumination it is necessary that the electrical installation is realised with plastic sewers to avoid that it affects the humidity that could have in the walls. The ideal is that the closing can take advantage of the advantage a communication with a ventilated and illuminated place. A vidriada door would be an excellent solution. These are only a few ideas to consider to take advantage of the possible maximum the cellar our house.

Hidden Wealth

Dear Friend: It is our daily work, that we make with much dedication and respect. We wait for benefit of the same. A fraternal greeting. The Group of the Hidden Wealth the primitive Man was more intuitive than the present Man. It could perceive subtle elementary forces of the Nature because its language was in its beginnings. As its intellect went away developing, rather discovering, also its language evolved and began to find explanations rational to before misunderstood phenomena. Thus one went reaching more and more abstract ideas or concepts, that is to say, universal ideas by on the phenomena. But of this form one went chaining to the intellect and the reason.

The thought left its power intuitive and began to ” to think with palabras”. This parloteo intern was confused with the act to think. The language is the mass media between the human beings but it is not the base of the thought. When this is confused, it limits the thought the meaning of the words and it blinds the potential to perceive what he is inaccessible to the reason. reason is vital for us in the daily life, but the modern Man must wake up his intuition, mental as as much spiritual. When we developed the capacity to shut up the mind, we obtained that the thought is freed of the meaning of the words and the own intellect expands.

The mental intuition is abre therefore. But when it brings back to consciousness retires of the mind, the spiritual intuition is abre. As the mental parloteo is controlled, the senses are become serious and it is begun to perceive things that before did not exist. Also the mental structures expand, not only the intellect. The emotions are sharpened, the imagination is transformed into visualization, the memory and the will is under dominion of brings back to consciousness. The moral becomes and appears indifference. Those things that did not fit within our ordinary logic begin to be included but of another form, that cannot be explained with words. The spiritual intuition allows us to catch the essences in its elevated degree more. It is for that reason that we used several techniques to control the mental parloteo and thus to discover the LOST WORD. This word is that one that is not word, but is the origin of the thought in its form purer than it has been governed by brings back to consciousness.

Radio Transmitting Programs

The program Dzomo Ayun, that transmits all the Tuesdays Radio Voice of the Coast, of 9,30 to 10hrs had the mission and the pleasant encounter with the sculptor, I lived Fuchslocher, a great artist who left to our encounter with his habitual calidez, back in Cuinco, way to Trumao, place that locks up the mystery of these hands of creative woman, generous in his char it where one appears tiny not condice yet the art who takes exerting kill time in the middle of the woman tasks agriculturist, and mother. This visit without doubts had a different shade, the program looks for to recognize, faces of simple women but that nevertheless they have given and generated in his lives qualities distinguish that them. Feminine as I lived, like him tenth that we feel to honor I tie that one stays like the flowers wild lilacs that adorn the entrance to that temple of the art where it is having a discussion with the clay that in short whiles seemed to emerge from a universal uterus, molding perhaps the flight of Vicente, a crystallization that leads to Marisol Waters to us and to a moving silence inevitable. It cheers to us that this osornina artist returns a to surprise with fusions of textures and materials to us. While we crossed the great amount of pieces to see and or to take, we continued it listening, sharing a conversation without rimbombantes terms, its attachment to the Earth, that that it maintains it constantly sensible, receptive without more oppression than the one than she herself occurs to go to that wisdom that will say finished piece to him. To recover these to char them he is most stimulating of Dzomo Ayun, creative Joy of Woman, hands, histories of life, faces of beautiful women, who have shared from their heart that passion subsists that them, signals leave that us in a territory that if we cheered up to look for and to discover, can surprise to us.

VOIP Services

Some companies they center the opportunity of business in a single product, whereas others concentrate in many products and of high consumption, if you it really wishes to work from house this is a factor to consider. When you apply the mathematics, it is easy to see because he is preferable to choose a company that allows him to become member and to have access to an ample variety of products, as well as to distribute those products. 3. To look for Products that mark a tendency to use and that have consumption tendency. Few people need more candles, utensils of kitchen, or trinkets. What they need and really they want they are information and products of movable technology, like hosting, tools Web DSL, VOIP, and broadband.

Baby boomers, in particular, is looking for values in purchases by professional discount, trips and services such as legal services and the services of health. The companies and the industralists are always in search of enterprise software of the last tendency, conference halls, services of CATHEDRAL, the product commercialization and services of video production. 4. It looks for a solid plan of the remuneration If it wishes to work from house must very consider the payment plans, since these they vary from a company to another one, so it asegrese of to find one that gives the potential major him of gain. A single paid matrix is an excellent approach, like a monthly commission in a matrix of 3 xs 9. 5.

That it has to access to all the tools of the company. One of the great advantages of commercialization in network and to work from house is that we did not need to re-invent the wheel, the infrastructure for a successful model of business already exists. To to examine the opportunities to work from house, especially those that are based on Internet, finds one that allows him to let grow its business through the duplication, so that you can rise immediately and advance. The company that you choose you must have a support system that includes mechanisms to catch potential clients, to create announcements, and to develop solid strategies of marketing. On the other hand, it must have a sense of community, camaraderie and mutual support. To start up its own business and of working from house not only him it can take to a free life of debts, but also that does to him possible to reach so yearned for freedom it concluded.