Pmax Compressors

There are various types of compressors (screw compressors, reciprocating compressors, etc.) used in the technique as a source of compressed air. In compressors of this type of compressed air in a confined space cylinder by the reciprocating motion of the piston. Structurally, they represent a unit that includes a compressor head, the electric drive, a receiver and an automatic pressure control (Pressure switch). The popularity of reciprocating compressors is determined by their low cost, acceptable weight and size parameters, simplicity of operation and maintenance and output characteristics, capable of meet the needs of virtually any enterprise. The main characteristics of the compressor are two parameters – the maximum pressure (Pmax) and volumetric productivity or supply (Q).

Most of the proposed compressors on the market today are developing a pressure requirements of standard pneumatic equipment and tools. The market offers compressors with a maximum pressure of 6, 8, 10, 16 bar. Recall that the nominal operating pressure paint guns – 3.4 bar, pneumatic tools – up to 6,5 bar. An exception is the pneumatic tire changers, for which many manufacturers recommend using compressed air at a pressure of 8.10 bar. However, Practice shows that the pneumatic tire changer equipment works reliably, and using 8-bar compressor. What else do you need to consider to determine the maximum pressure developed by the compressor? Firstly, should be borne in mind that the automatic pressure regulation of all compressors configured in such a way that maintains the pressure in the receiver with a tolerance of -2 bar, the maximum value. This means that in during compressor operation with Pmax-8 bar outlet pressure can range from 6 to 8 bar, 10-bar, – respectively, from 8 to 10 bar. Factory adjustment pressure switch can be modified only in the direction reduce the minimum pressure.

Secondly, be aware that the presence of extended pnevmomagistraley to consumers of compressed air causes a pressure drop in the line. When errors in the design of pneumatic (Use small-diameter tubes, using water shut-off devices, irrational laying roads, etc.), it can reach a significant magnitude and cause poor performance pneumatic equipment. To avoid possible trouble in such cases, should be preferred to the compressor with a higher maximum pressure. Some margin pressure is useful from another point of view. The higher pressure developed by the compressor, the greater mass of air it can pump into the receiver, and the longer the time the latter will be emptied to the minimum allowable pressure, allowing the compressor time to rest. By the way, about the rest: but if he needs an iron compressor? In response to this question lies the key to understanding the features of the workflow in the piston compressor. Considering it, determines the most important characteristic of the compressor – performance.

Truck Platforms

Truck platform is the most simple and powerful way to move goods. It is not very whimsical in service and can easily move through any type of flooring. Truck platform may reliably operate at any temperature in any climate. Truck platform, despite the seeming simplicity of design, have their own characteristics. So truck with a special anti-rough coating used for freight transportation over uneven surfaces, and platform trucks with high sides, allow to carry not only the overall piece goods, but also a lot of small goods in bulk and weight goods. Truck platform has capacity of 150 to 750 kg, more often – 300-400 kg. Truck platform are solid or lattice.

Truck Lattice platform characterized by a relatively small weight. Solid truck with a metal or plastic platform can withstand the heaviest loads. The solid platform can be decking materials such as plywood, rubber, metal or rubber-covered metal preventing slip cargo. Truck platform differ in the type of platform, and design. Platform hand truck with a solid platform suitable for the carriage of any cargo, and lightweight hand truck platform c-lattice convenient for carriage of bulk cargo. Such warehouse truck platform – the best solution for the transport crates and boxes. Storage platform truck with boards suitable for carriage of bags or small boxes. A shopping cart for storage can be either solid or lattice.

The cargo is placed on a platform truck and moved with the pulling power of man, administering it by the handle mounted on the platform. Jacklift platform is defined by two parameters. The first load of the platform, which depends on the diameter and thickness of metal pipes used in the manufacture of a skeleton platform truck. And second, on-duty castors mounted on the platform truck. There are special types of trucks platform, the application of which only a specified operating conditions. Platform truck with borders are applicable for the transport of small bulky cargo, that cargo is not spilled during transport. Truck as the shelves of several nearby applicable, for example, in medicine, or in technical areas, where it is necessary to carry a lot of small things or tools.

Welding Equipment. Productivity For Each .

The present community and industrial production will not be able to imagine without the use of metal. Made of metal construction and are utilized in everyday life, and in virtually any desired manufacturing process, and construction of buildings and vehicles. Considerable use of metal structures leads to the need for regular adjustment of the addition and different spheres of metal. Say, all the while having the latest additives, which allow a variety of metal compounds is much more robust, long-life and thus resistant to various types of influences, too – and a kind of corrosion. In order to work with the metal proved to be the most practical, currently applies the most sophisticated welding equipment, allowing to make high-precision welding. In this equipment provides a chance perform a variety of options for welding – from manual welding to welding machines designed for ac and devices produced by the plasma cutting.

In this present-day technologies provide opportunity to engage the welding procedures, including in an atmosphere filled with active or inert gases. In this case, are utilized welding semi-automatic device. However, there are many other development, providing an opportunity to achieve the highest quality metal, and in addition to control the quality factor of the resulting object. Computer technologies provide the ability to enjoy the really felt the quality of products. Must also say that the modern welding equipment, and more, and other specific equipment for metal processing to date can be chosen as the sellers who provide a line of products from different manufacturers most of the large number of countries around the world, to the same extent and with local manufacturers, offering a wide range of equipment of the highest quality standards in the most various segments.

In a medium equipment for metal production overseas to date the highest prevalence may use product line companies in China. Low cost explains the popularity of this product line. In the top segment is rastsenochnom Western manufacturers, as for the best combination of cost and reliability options, then really be noted that such options is the welding equipment of the Russian edition. A strong scientific basis for a chance to get good make equipment at affordable rates.

Wood And Charcoal

The density of wood of different species is different. Therefore, 1 ton of coal can be obtained from 7.8 cubic meters of birch and only 12.11 cubic meters of softwood species. Manufacturing technology of charcoal: In a special oven is loaded and burnt birch logs. After the initial burning of wood in the stove stop the flow of oxygen. process of carbonization (pyrolysis). After cooling, the birch charcoal is taken out, sieved and packaged.

Excellent charcoal is ready. The technology of charcoal production is relatively simple, but still requires a certain organizational culture. Otherwise, the output of coal is reduced, it can be obtained at lower quality. Currently, there are many devices for charcoal burning. At the current stage of development are most appropriate technological solutions that can be used in a forestry company and can recycle waste. In this devices must meet the following conditions: the performance of raw material should correspond to the volume of waste at the plant (typically 3000-20000 m per year). So way preclude further transport of raw materials, increases the cost of production; for a small performance impractical to process liquid products. They should be burned, covering the need for process heat; installation should be clean.

Necessary to eliminate environmental emissions and pollution; Installation should be simple to manufacture. Transportable option should be able to move in relocation of timber; Installation should be easy to manage, explosion and fire. As for guests charcoal operates in Russia gost 7657-84 and gost 7657-94 'Charcoal grades A, B, B'.

Repository Products

Products with high turnover, as well as large and heavy items should be placed closer to the exit site and picking orders. And vice versa – the goods are rarely received the warehouse must be kept away from the entrance and exit the storage area. The same applies to the seasonal storage of goods, long stored in the warehouse. Products with a strong odor can not be stored next to the goods perceiving odors, and hygroscopic (readily absorbing moisture) – with the goods, which have large amounts of moisture. Isolated store combustible and flammable products. To expedite work on placement of products in storage locations when entering the warehouse and to facilitate their search for the follow-picking each storage location is assigned its own code.

Digital or alpha-numeric designation is applied paint on the shelves of the cell. In addition, each rack mounted plate with its number and symbol of stored goods. Layout of racks showing codes are posted in the storage area in a conspicuous place. Regardless of method of storing the goods they are laid out marking, which also simplifies the process of picking goods. information. As already noted, in addition to rational distribution of products in stock to create the optimum conditions for their storage. For this purpose, should continuously monitor the temperature and humidity of indoor storage and keep them at the level established standards and sanitary regulations for individual product groups. And, do not put their sharp differences. Monitoring of air temperatures is carried out using a thermometer or a block of universal remote monitoring systems, of portable devices, with that within 3-4 minutes can determine the temperature at various points in the repository.


When conducting pre-commissioning work at the brick mini-mills, a number of communication problems. As part of the equipment for brick contains several pieces of equipment: presses, conveyors, bucket elevators, silos of cement and inert fillers, mixers, dispensers aggregates, cement, pigments and water. All of this equipment can be manufactured at various companies in Russia and is not consistent in their performance. To synchronize the work of all the mechanisms necessary to have appropriate control cabinet mini brick factory. Control cabinets are made on the basis of modern microprocessor and electronic technology and allow you to control equipment in manual and automatic modes. 'Automatic' – this is the main mode, which is the output. It is automatic synchronization of all the mechanisms mini brick plant productivity. The presence of modes of 'Hand' and 'Debug' allows you to check the work of all units of equipment brick factory mini step by step.

The main system parameters Control can be set manually with the built-in keyboard and displayed on a digital display cabinet. Finding the equipment at a certain stage of the program set is denoted by light indication. With the passage of malfunctioning equipment, the program automatically stops the equipment and displayed an error code. It only remains to determine the cause of failure. In the control cabinet instead of the widely used standard contactors and starters using electronic switching elements.

This allowed us to significantly increase the reliability and robustness of the control cabinet, as well as the warranty period of uptime and overall life. Currently produced works on manufacturing of control cabinets mini brick factories on the basis of SCADA-systems. Application of this system will change the architecture of a mini factory automation, process set parameters and control equipment, as well as visualization of information. Processing of information coming from all the arrangements made in real time. Exchange of data between industrial controllers and I / O devices are also in real time via the drivers. Displaying all necessary information on the screen represented in human-readable form. Appears opportunity to prepare and report on the progress of the process. All mentioned above – there are certain advantages of modern technology, which allows a control system in a distributed control system mini brick factories.

Main Steam

Noise at work does not exceed the general background noise of the equipment (pump group). Often the work umpeu be judged only by reading. This effect was achieved thanks to the quality of mixing steam and water in umpeu and applying pressure pulsation dampener heated flow, because principle of anti-vibration is simple – the better the blended environment, the less vibration and noise. Since the principle of umpeu does not imply the existence of cavitation processes in their work, they do not have cavitation erosion, which leads to their high durability (pilot installation worked without repair 8 years). Therefore, the manufacturer umpeu made using carbon and alloy steels (St20, St09G2S of seamless tubes and forged parts piping), which reduces manufacturing costs and provides high maintainability umpeu. Start-up. Run psa – means to create such conditions, when the given parameters of steam and water at the entrance by the calculated flow regime flow in the nozzle and the main thing – to jump seal was placed in the mixing chamber or the diffuser. The main obstacle to starting a psa is the inability to pass through it in the startup period the entire volume of the mixture, since by virtue of the transitional process, it is not have the necessary speed and density. Apply the following ways to run the PSA: by changing the start time on the input parameters of flows of steam and water (steam pressure, water pressure, temperature, steam, water temperature, steam dryness) or by removing part of the flow from the mixing chamber along its length, or by changing the geometry at the start time of psa (change in area of the mixing chamber) 2.

Technological Complex

In modern conditions the strategy of forestry can be defined as careful forest management and reforestation, increased use of aac, in-depth processing of timber. This requires a new technological approach to all areas of the forest industry, which in turn leads to increased efficiency of economic activities and reduce costs. According to experts, one of the problems of the plight of enterprises engaged in forestry, is the depletion of economically accessible forest resources in areas of traditional forest near transport infrastructure and in areas of large forest enterprises. For many years, logging companies were using the powerful forest machines in places of clearcuts. Technology is certainly productive and effective, but only when working on large areas. In addition, the cost of such machines and their maintenance requires significant investment that under present conditions is economically inefficient. Working for many years on the market of specialized forestry machinery and equipment, generalizing experience professionals, we concluded that there is a more efficient vehicle logging and deep processing of timber. Virtually any forestry tractors there, which provides export of raw materials with place timber to the upper store.

Staffed offered by our company equipment, the tractor is a versatile pieces of equipment, able to carry out cutting, cleaning and removal of raw materials in the minimum time and without using additional labor. Installing the robot complete with a harvester head mounted harvester and processor significantly increases the extraction of timber by reducing the time to Prune, bucking the size and formation of stacks. Installing skidding winches will keep logging in remote places, marshy areas, in ravines, on slopes due to release the cable at distance of 100 m. The Loggers know – how hard in the offseason to organize the timber with the plots, so we offer the use of light and maneuverable Forest trailed forwarders, not decomposing forest roads, which, in contrast to the timber on the basis of the Urals, etc., carry only the forest, and not myself. If the forest road is broken or absent, a tractor equipped with devices for forming and sealing of forest roads, which will export timber all year round regardless of weather conditions.

In the development of the plots remain a large number , which is an additional source of income. Drive a tractor or a cleaver Universal Wood splitters will recycle virtually all of the remaining timber. If there is a need for chips, the availability of a plot chippers as pendent on a tractor, and autonomous (running from plots is mounted wood chipper. Advantage of it is that it not only grinds the chips in all the waste timber, but can in a short time to process all the vegetation on the plot. Remaining on plot allows you to effectively remove stumps stump grinder. There are modifications of the machine-through or a more powerful local type.