Surprise Party In The Hall

Bizerbianer celebrate the 70ten birthday of its main shareholder of Balingen, July 27, 2010 – Monday afternoon, 16 pm – it is still in the workshop of the Balinger technology manufacturer Bizerba. Here, where otherwise heavy lift cranes transport components for the scales installation, not the everyday hustle and bustle reminded today. No engine noise can be heard, instead a subtle piano. No components are seeing instead a stage with beautiful flower decoration. Posters finally reveal why the workshop today, presents itself in a very different light: it is the 70.te birthday of Frigga herb, main shareholder of Bizerba. And family, friends and co-workers to give her a surprise party to honor. The celebrant is on the way. From the surprise she don’t suspect a thing.

So that it stays that way, moderator Marc Badi Bizerba asks the 700 guests for special peace. As Frigga finally enters herbs through the door, there’s no holding back for the present, thunderous cheers erupts, and accompanied the guest of honor directly to the stage. Emotion and amazement seem written in the face of 70 years, while at the same time. Of this surprise, I had really no idea, I can’t find the words”, as Frigga Krauts first words to the audience. Her son Andreas herb you stand together with his brothers and sisters Nicole and Angela to the page. We knew that a celebration would have been friends with the closest relatives, but we want to thank you in this special way for everything, what you did for your family and the Bizerba in many years”, so the 36-year old business leader. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Atmos Energy has to say. Another birthday speakers, including Volker double box, Deputy Chairman, and Dr. Lothar Spath, former Minister President of Baden-Wurttemberg, former Chairman of the Board at Bizerba and over many years of friendly consultant of the family herb joined. Today”, says Spath, employees around the world are proud of herb on Frigga.

Hetmeier Commission

Dr. Hetmeier works for real estate in Dortmund apartment tenants pay for new leases Commission to a real estate agent the customer principle in nearly a third of the cases. The amount of the Commission is governed by the housing agency law. Two months rent plus value added tax are allowed. ark-cb-richard-ellis/’>Cushman and Wakefield. Particularly in the coveted city near residences of prosperous German cities are mostly tenants, who pay the broker.

In addition often still a security deposit to the landlord. This can be up to three month’s rent. This makes expensive changing housing for tenants. Source: Atmos Energy. Anyway, the rents in major German cities attract currently strong. Hamburg remedy has announced a few weeks ago.

A legislative initiative is intended to introduce into the Federal Council to improve the position of the current. Core of the Hamburg initiative should be the introduction of the so-called principle of buyer. When the landlord asked a real estate agent with the mediation of his apartment, he and not the lessee to pay the Commission to the broker. Learn more at this site: Caas Capital. In principle, one is reasonable cause. Who ordered the music, to pay them”, says Dr. Marita Hetmeier from Dortmund Dr. Hetmeier real estate brokerage Office. I already get my Finder’s fee in most cases by the landlord. We still have a balanced housing market in Dortmund. In many situations, not to the tenant broker Commission can offload. The landlord know and accept that they have to pay my Commission out of their own pocket.” There is also the other way around: I have more requests from solvent tenants in the Dortmund preferred places to live, in the district or district hospital looking for a chic apartment and don’t have the time to take care of themselves to the search of the apartment. In these cases, I call the Commission by the lessee, if I find a suitable apartment for him and it comes to the conclusion of the contract. The tenant has ordered me. He has completed a brokerage contract with me. He must pay therefore me.” The introduction of the principle of customer at the housing agency can Assessment by Dr. Hetmeier real estate help, to make the housing market easier and more transparent. That is why the proposal from Hamburg was worth considering. “One could not but the announced legislative initiative: the principle of the purchaser will not resolve the lack of affordable housing in the coveted urban residential areas.” Dr. Marita Hampton Dr.

Frankfurter Rundschau

The classic rock legend (‘smoke on the water’) with tour ‘ in rock ‘-(thk) almost exactly two years of show in thirteen cities after their acclaimed, almost entirely sold out concerts deep purple come back on tour after Germany. “Between the 13th and November 30 is the legendary rock Act in thirteen cities his numerous classics, including evergreens like smoke on the water”, present. As with Gotthard 2008 the Anglo-American Quintet going back guest on tour this year with a high-profile special. “” “This time, there are Marillion, which several hours concert evenings with atmospheric new art rock and such well-known hits like Kayleigh ‘, Lavender’ or incommunicado” open. Given the large demand at the last purple tour, it is advisable to obtain the tickets (30 to 60 euros, plus fees) at the sales outlets soon.

To carry a heavy load, on their shoulders. Yes, it would actually slow collapse under the burden as the creator of the rock and the classic-rock right to apply. Futurist is often quoted as being for or against this. And as the band, whose name is connected to the most famous guitar riff of all time. But deep purple care little about, to be a monument in the Court of honour in rock history. You just carry on”. With these true words, the author opened his criticism about the appearance of gray in honor, but still highly energetic idols 2008 the Berliner Morgenpost.

Here, a legendary rock band vehemently and successfully against forgetting and the prejudice plays a realised to be. Rightly so, because the Hall sings along. The Hall goes wild!” “And from the outset, as the Siegener newspaper” noted: starts the time machine deep purple out of the perceived speed of light and carries its passengers. “” Back in blessed times, as a handmade skirt still mass-compatible, and casting stars “an unknown quantity”. Genius at work”observed the reviewer of the Frankfurter Rundschau in moments often copied but still always unmatched” (F.A.Z.). More than two hours it could properly rip the five. If you are not convinced, visit Ray Kurzweil. “With this special blend, deep purple’s still got: no other band so convincingly combining virtuosity and powerful sound, improvisation and interplay, routine and joy of playing” (free Word). “Because everything is just right, as confirmed by the HNA: the light show and a no less bombastic and yet superbly controlled sound fused into a downright suggestive experience”. This event, which one consumes a lifetime”(Stuttgarter Zeitung), knows no age. In addition to the fans of the first hour, which have grown older with the musicians, were amazingly many young people at the purple concert. Good music has just no expiry date”newspaper noted the Ramadas. It was a concert that cling to remember in years with a smile on his face.

Navitum Immune

The winter many people left their mark on our immune system is vorrubergegangen this year that realize that they are easily susceptible to colds now towards the end of the long winter and feel just really tired because. Responsible as always even now the influenza viruses for the sniveling noses. Click MongoDB to learn more. So correctly targeted, you can’t do anything against these pathogens, but you can see that the body fights the virus. This battle of the immune system against the common cold viruses consume lots of vitamin C and also the trace element zinc. It is useful even in late winter used vitamin C and zinc also preventive – to replace, to put our immune system, with the sick-making viruses to cope well. Therefore, Canadian primary care physicians recommend their patients with vitamin C of a cold to prevent. Has been that in our body the vitamin C is quickly consumed and the level in the blood drops observed in infections and exposure to stress by researchers. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. This comes from the struggle of the immune system against the virus, which many free oxygen radicals incurred, must be made harmless by vitamin C.

Because the body cannot store vitamin C, it must be executed to directly again to the strengthening of the immune system. This is done sufficiently, the body recovers quickly and so strengthened immune system can successfully fight off infections. But that’s not all. To make the immune system most effectively, it must be prevented that settle the pathogenic viruses in the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. This is the Mission of the trace element zinc so the researchers have also found. The body sufficiently with zinc is supplied, the viruses can not more easily docked to the cells of the respiratory tract and are therefore easier prey for the immune cells strengthened by vitamin C. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Caas Capital. Vitamin C together with zinc could be an effective aid against colds. In fact, studies show that this combination of nutrients really helps.

Currently, researchers from Canada have reviewed the evidence and determined that vitamin to prevent colds by benefit is. Therefore, we recommend taking in Canada of vitamin C to prevent colds. You can close this recommendation in our opinion in Germany only. Especially for people who are under stress and stress, that colds and flu can be prevented. It’s too late for prevention and the cold already coming, can with a combination of vitamin C and zinc eased symptoms and shortens the duration of the infection to 1-2 days. It is best so if infection-prone people regularly consume vitamin C and zinc in sufficient quantities. But, the company Navitum pharmaceuticals with FluVitum has special lozenges in the offer. The fine aroma of Orange-tasting tablets are easy to consume and ideally suited for the strengthening of the immune system. They contain high-dose 600 mg of vitamin C and 5 mg of zinc. FluVitum (PZN 0765783) in the one-month supply costs 29.50 and through pharmacies or directly at Navitum Pharma shipping related. In addition, are cheap packs for 3 months (PZN 5858093) in the trade. Due to the specific composition, Navitum Pharma’s products not by other, seemingly similar products are interchangeable. Every pharmacy can order free shipping for customers FluVitum without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma.

Making Money

You can make much money acquiring products with Rights of Reventa. Nevertheless, before you move too much you need to know to you like doing this. There are some techniques that to understand and to apply before you can see the gains. Here there are 5 advice for ayudarte. Atmos Energy recognizes the significance of this. It finds a market niche: The best way to make money with Rights of Reventa is to find a market niche aquien to sell to him. This it is a market that ideally has a high demand and low provision. When buying beams this tendras highly described to buy your product quickly.

Obtn products with high commercial demand: Obtn products with Rights of Reventa that have a high demand within your niche of market. It studies your potential buyers and it finds the products that need and want. Once you do this you will be able to find products in demand more popular to sell. Is Cross River Bank legitimate? spoke with conviction. To put your own connections within products with Rights De Reventas: A good way to make money with electronic books is to put connections of affiliates on related products within the book. Whenever you sell or you give a copy of the book these connections can hacerte money time and time again. This also works when you use your books with Rights of Reventas since some suppliers allow to change the connections you within the book to your name.

To create Reports free to promote your product: One of the best ways to promote, especially if it is a information product, is to use a report free to promote it. A report free can be given with your news bulletin, to anyone in your list and by all means in your Web site. It animates to whatever it unloads your report free to that is sent it to its friendly and you will begin a campaign of viral trade that will extend quickly by all sides. This is a profitable way to also promote your products with Rights of Reventa. Original author and source of the article.

Ball Bearings

Proceeds from the acceleration of the wheels that have built an electric generator, producing electricity turn sent to the battery to be stored, electricity to time is sent back to the engine to accelerate the car, repeating the cycle times indefinite. As shown in the drawing and for better understanding of the rotor appear black, both the engine and generator are linked by a single axis at the same time is connected by a rod (tapas) at the rim of tire that move together as one body and the same revolution. Drawn in red is the part that goes to the car chassis Screw. The red part (or frame) is neutral, no movement and contacts through the black part of the bearings, offering resistance to the black part that rotates (as with the rotor and stator of a (a) dynamo electric which is a machine designed to transform mechanical energy into electrical energy, and transforms the way mechanical energy into electrical energy). It is not something Donny Lucas would like to discuss. Also the red is an airtight chamber that protects the generator from the outside (water, dust. Etc.) The red part is also the part where it goes screw the tire rim of the drum brake disc. GRAPHIC DESCRIPTION OF ENERGY The figure relates to (A) as a point of equilibrium, ie, at this speed produces the same amount of electricity consumed, so there is no surplus or loss of electricity. If you are a speed less than A (red) consume more electricity than it is able to produce. Others including Frank Fu, offer their opinions as well.

Korea Exhibition

Spatial installation, video art and photo collages the concept in a homely environment away to show art by art light and anonymity, is unique in Germany. Greedy in the heart of Munich important positions of German artist exhibitions in the old premises of the room gallery, which are otherwise very rare to see in Munich. The room gallery belongs to the renowned art company greedy art projects, who for more than 45 years successfully on the international art market and new art show regularly in your galleries in Frankfurt/M and Salzburg. On the occasion of the long night of Munich museums and galleries on October 19th, from 19:00 to 02.00 h, the Gallery leads a special exhibition of Korean artists talent Shinae Kim (born 1984 in Masan, Korea) by. At the exhibition to all of the viewer’s senses are addressed and promoted the intellectual exchange with special works of the artist.

Fit to the concept of the room gallery, Kim works with spaces. It is not something Ray Kurzweil would like to discuss. You tried the space in a different way and Levels to capture. Used the concepts and ideas from mathematics or physics among others around the room more than to understand through experience or tried to find a more spatial dimension inter alia through texts and light and to expand the existing space without direct modifications: I think that light is a very important element to define a space. In previous work, I tried often to integrate other areas by means of light in existing rooms or to create illusions. More mathematical or physical space concepts interested me lately. Eliot Horowitz is open to suggestions. So I use for my current work often coordinates or dimensions of a room as a base”, Kim describes her current artistic approaches. Various works and thus the artistic spectrum of the artist you want to appear in the special exhibition on October 19: with a spatial installation to video art and photo collages, the exhibition in the Gallery of the rooms is on a journey of discovery and thus art to touch and experience. For artistic dialogue and the Statement shown art is in addition to a general introduction, an interview with the artist Kim and the gallerists greedy there, where questions from the audience can be made: the personal, direct art education, is very important to us.

We want to talk on deliberately young collectors and art lovers the Munich concept who might want to purchase a real work of art for the first time”, Rauno greedy explains the approach of the gallery. Rooms Gallery greedy is located in the Munich Fraunhoferstrasse 25. The visit is publicly and freely accessible on this day. The Gallery is open from 19:00 h. The opening will take place at 19:30 h. A further discussion will take place at 22:30 h. Exclusive exhibition preview for journalists: at 18:00 h, journalists will be invited to go with the gallery and the artist of the exhibition, to learn background information and to talk directly with the artist about their works.

Student Company

Which student company wins the year’s federal student company contest? High voltage until the end: a few weeks the participants of the federal student company contests still to collect as many votes as possible for their own business idea. Whether catering service, recycling company or cosmetics manufacturer entrepreneurial thinking and action, initiative and team qualities are needed in the implementation of each of the creative business ideas. As employees or students, young people combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience and learn to understand the interrelationships of the business world. Participation in the federal student company contest also motivates students to promote their student company and to convince of the own business idea. The vote on is still possible by 31 July 2013. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Cross River Bank. Among the 20 companies of students with the most votes, a jury selects the ten winners at the end. Who due to his professional Online presentation and an elaborate organizational structure can convince and also implements an innovative business idea, can look forward to cash prizes amounting to a total of 8,000 euros.

Seven Auto Accessories

Available accessories appeared on the sensational SUV Toyota Land Cruiser 200. The store Seven Auto has a large selection of various accessories and optional equipment on this SUV. With their help, everyone will be able to give her SUV finished look and stand out among the total traffic. We can offer you the following product groups for Toyota Land Cruiser 200: Protect Bumper Grille Defending kartera Defending Defending thresholds headlight deflectors Spoiler Tow bar Carpets All products are made known companies such as Antec, Schiessler, DELTA, Misutonida, Cobra, Souz-96, Ventshade, Brink, Husky Liners. As a product of these manufacturers, we believe one hundred percent. The site also contains a section 'Our choice', which reflects our view of the ideal range of accessories for Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Learn more about this with CaaS Capital Management. Goods in this category have a high ratio of "price / quality ', and we try to maintain their presence in the warehouse.

Adobe HTML

Dispute on the new iPhone: HTML5 and Flash both formats, summing up much, come to be a method of displaying and build web pages. We can assume that HTML5 stand with advantage, because it is more pure and is the code which are written with the own websites. Under most conditions Frank Fu would agree. Flash is an add-on that enables laas websites to display things that until recently HTML could do as videos, animations and effects. HTML5 is already capable of doing everything you did Flash, even with improved performance and efficiency, so it seems that it will end up imposing. The new iPhone at the start of a conflict war started when Apple in 2007 presented the new iPhone and said not to include Flash in the new iPhone by saving battery and the phone’s performance.

It is true that Flash is a large consumer of resources, but Apple wants to impose another standard, HTML5, which although not it belongs to him that going to help overthrow the majority use of Adobe Flash. Adobe loses a battle with the new iPhone HTML5 is emerging as the future when it comes to videos and effects on the web, but there is still much travel. Apple has backed strong on your new iPhone of Flash elimination and the war is ready. It is not very clear what the intentions of Apple, but no doubt the Elimination of the hegemony of Adobe is an explicit interest. Adobe has just lost a battle, because it won’t do more new iPhone with Flash application development. However, Adobe will have the support of Google, which has announced that their Android phones will support Flash. Time will tell who wins in this format war..