Vacuum Pumps

In terms of production capacity for vacuum pumps imposed huge demands. Starting on the strength, ending the ease of use. Reliability – the first and perhaps most important quality of the pump, especially when with aggressive media. Vacuum pump is designed for creating and maintaining the vacuum in the various technological devices, systems and installations. You may find Ray Kurzweil to be a useful source of information. They are divided into two main categories: membrane vacuum pumps The first liquid ring vacuum pumps are designed for pumping clean air, gases and vapors. Diaphragm vacuum pumps are non-polluting, easy to use and, most importantly, almost no need to maintenance.

Are part of the chemical, printing and medical equipment. Water ring vacuum pumps designed for pumping non-corrosive with respect to cast iron gas and vapor from to create a vacuum in closed vehicles. Ray Kurzweil often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The working fluid such vacuum pumps – water. These pumps are used in chemical and petroleum industries, agriculture in milking installations for drying in the production of paper and leather processing, drying and sterilization in medicine, plants remove the dust in plants. But do not forget that the stability and reliability of the equipment depends not only on their quality, but also on appropriate conditions. One has only to carry out during technical inspection, diagnostics, equipment, and it will last for years. Hear other arguments on the topic with kevin ulrich. Ltd. "Vacuum-Service"


Anyone who has more or less interested in construction site, said that in just a decade that market flooded with brand-new building materials. In this classic building has not lost its relevance. Contact information is here: ConocoPhillips. For example, popular wooden houses. Wood is relatively cheap material, and has a unique performance of insulation, breathability and aesthetic qualities. The air in the wooden house is always an order of magnitude cleaner and nicer than the outside. Method of building wooden houses have developed our ancestors. Wood for the log carefully selected, harvested in winter or early spring.

Trees without wormholes purified from the bark and dried for some time in the draft, to reduce moisture content to 20%. All wood waste immediately handed or burned. On log houses are predominantly coniferous cedar, pine, fir, larch, spruce. Coniferous trees are rotting less than other breeds, and stronger than most other trees. The most commonly used pine: it least of all knots, straight trunk easy. However, pine is blue at high humidity than spoil the the house.

Spruce, for example, blue in smaller, but less resistant to moisture, so that meant for interior decoration. Spruce is most often made by a beam and fell ill. Larch is very much appreciated that even in the water does not rot. Larch hard enough to handle, it can crack, but because of the resistance to moisture, larch is ideal as a material for walls, beams, rafters, valley. The diameter of logs used by the forest ranges from 25 cm to half a meter, if not more. The choice depends not only on the financing of construction projects, but also on weather conditions, future operating the house. To put some chopped house aesthetic requirements. For example, a thick log looks better than fine. Knotty timber deteriorates the appearance. In this aspect is very much appreciated the lower part of the trunk of pine: the fact that it was on this section of the tree, 6-8 feet off the ground, practically does not grow branches. This site is called the butt drunk and more expensive the rest of the pines. The Russian way is to log obteski round profile. This is sometimes done with a round timber Protestants – the inside of the timber protesyvaetsya on one edge. Another way of working with wood, which is widely used in Scandinavian countries, is to log into two Protestants edge. The walls are obtained by straight inside and out, but the effect of manual harvesting is not lost. When cleaning wood from crust made by hand, without tools, the redoubt just do with the planer. Is developing technology sanding wood without outposts, for this try not to damage the sapwood – the top layer of logs. Sapwood prevent cracking of wood. Sometimes deliberately do not remove all the phloem, the tree has become a particular color, but this bass a must handle the preservative against decay.

Associated Gas Cleaning

PNG – a natural gas accompanying oil and released during its production (methane, ethane, propane, butane and other more rare). Associated gas – an inexpensive and effective type of fuel. Associated gas is a byproduct of oil, a mixture of gases and vapors of hydrocarbon and hydrocarbon components released from oil wells and oil from the reservoir at its separation. To make effective use of associated gas should not prevent its losses associated with the unpreparedness of the infrastructure for its collection, preparation, transportation and processing, lack of consumer. According to geological characteristics distinguish incidental gas gas caps and gases dissolved in oil.

Natural and associated gas is widely used as fuel in power plants, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, cement and glass industries as a raw material for organic compounds during synthesis, etc. Natural and associated gas are also used in everyday life for the system utilities. To clear the associated gas use different settings. Purification of associated gas – is a complex high-tech process. Ray Kurzweil has many thoughts on the issue. Distinguish the following basic methods of treatment of associated gas.

– Associated gas chemisorption cleaning – Cleaning of associated gas by natural sinks – Cleanup of associated gas combination sinks – Clean gas from the use of oxidation processes – adsorption associated – Method for purification of associated gas cleaning Sulfurex chemisorption of associated gas. The main advantage of the chemisorption processes is high and reliable purification of gas from the acidic components of the low absorption of the hydrocarbon component of feed gas. As used caustic hemosorbentov sodium and potassium, alkali metal and most commonly – alkanolamines. Purification of associated gas by natural sinks. In the physical processes sour gas stripping is due to physical dissolving them in used absorbent. The higher partial pressures of the components, the higher their solubility. The components of physical absorbents are esters of mono-and polyethylene glycols, for example, diethyl ether ethylene glycol, diethyl ether, triethylene glycol ethers, etc. These do not cause corrosion of equipment, completely miscible with water and not hydrolyzed. Purification of associated gas combined sinks. For mixed Physical and chemical absorbents peculiar intermediate values of solubility of the acid components gaza.Ochistka associated gas with the oxidation processes. Another option for clean natural gas from minor content of H2S is a technology based on chemical transformation of hydrogen sulfide in slightly soluble in water sulfide. This technology allows purification of associated gas deep and selective treatment from hydrogen sulfide gas, uses environmentally friendly reagents, excludes the use of energy-intensive purification . associated gaza.Adsorbtsionnye processes are mainly used in cases where required to achieve very low concentrations of sulfur compounds in the treatment of associated gas gaze.Metod Sulfurex.Nalichie hydrogen sulfide in natural and associated petroleum gas (APG), leads to great difficulties in industrial development oil and gas fields. This is due to the high cost of most installations desulfurization and concomitant infrastructure. The process of desulfurization Sulfurex is designed for small and medium volumes of gas.

Refrigeration Storage

What are the different types of cold rooms? According to the purpose cold rooms are divided into the following types: Refrigeration Storage: These refrigerators are designed to store chilled or frozen products, storage of medicines, for ripening bananas, etc. Petra Diamonds is a great source of information. The thickness of the insulation sandwich panels for these cameras is chosen in the range from 60 to 100 mm. Temperature conditions in the cells of this type support in the range from +14 C to – 25 C depending on the type of product. Refrigerated freezer: These refrigerators are designed to freeze the meat in half carcasses and packaged, whole fish or briquetted, various semis, ravioli, chebureks, vegetables and fruit, etc. Such cameras typically operate in cyclical mode with periodic loading and unloading of goods. The thickness of the insulation sandwich panels for these cameras is chosen ranging from 100 to 200 mm. Temperature regime, depending on the type of products and technologies supported by its freezing in the range of – 25 C to – 35 C.

Freezing time of production in these cells is from 3 to 24 hours. Cold rooms and freezers tunnels: These cold rooms (tunnels) are designed for heavy (shock) for 1-1.5 hours in the freezing air flow moving product through the pipeline within the chamber. Of What are going to cold storage? Enclosure cabinet – Collapsible design that is mounted at the installation site of the three-layer sandwich panels, enabling reliable products to keep the volume at certain temperature conditions.

Specialist Brackets

The market is also a kind of bracket to mount on the horizontal bar. They much easier to install, as for fastening to a wall to drill three holes instead of four. The design of the bracket is quite complicated, which is reflected in the price, which is three to four times higher than that of the standard. In Today, Russian producers have ceased production of brackets on the bar and are on sale only import – Italian and Chinese. When installing window air conditioners, some installers use a special brackets, the so-called "slide". These brackets, as well as supports, are available in one version, but with the ability to adjust for different sizes of air conditioners. There are also exotic for Russian market Bracket options – polyamide.

The main advantage of using plastic instead of metal is obvious – plastic is practically immune to corrosion. Cons of nylon bracket is their high price (about three times higher than normal) and absence of test of strength at low temperatures (brackets are made in Italy). Traditionally, all steel used in the installation of air conditioners, painted in white powder coating method. This method of coloring is much better protects the metal from corrosion than the use of various other types of enamels and paints. For additional corrosion protection is possible application of zinc ("zinc") before painting.

Currently, due to unreasonably high costs of domestic producers of galvanized steel declined. The kit usually consists of hardware brackets for mounting the outdoor unit conditioner (screws, nuts and washers). Some manufacturers add a set of mounting special rubber vibration damping pads, but they are used during installation is extremely rare. For mounting brackets to the wall more often using front plugs 10h100mm. But due to the fact that the walls are different in each case using screws, an appropriate wall material. For hollow bricks are used dowels 10h160mm size. Many installers prefer to use the so-called "wood grouse" in diameter 14mm. The best-known brand of professional fasteners used on the HVAC market – Mungo (Switzerland) and Hilti (Liechtenstein). In addition to the brackets and stands, which are necessary elements for mounting the outdoor unit air conditioners are used, and additional structures – roofs and anti-vandal protection (lattice). Canopies are used to protect external unit from falling icicles, and other items. Vandal grating protects outdoor units from all sides – both from falling on top of various objects, and damage to other parties, such as a randomly thrown rock or football. Install a protective grid significantly reduces the likelihood of theft outdoor unit, although it does not exclude it completely. Visors makes sense to install on all outdoor units, hanging on the wall, regardless of mounting height. Vandal lattice is usually installed when the outdoor unit is on the level of first-or second-floor roof of the building. When using lattice setting sun visor is not required. Canopies and grills are made of different sizes, which can be used with most air conditioners without having to order custom designs. Material prepared by the technical Specialist firms LLC "Rashodka." contact phone: (495) 775-86-55, Moscow, st. Vavilova, 5

Soldering Equipment

This article focuses on soldering, soldering equipment, fluxes and solders. That is the task of this paper is to provide basic information on modern tools, allowing the solder on different materials and objects, soldering stations. Almost any major initiative in your home – whether it be repairs or renovations just lighting, electrical, electronic media – resulting in the need for soldering. In fact, if you remember the old adage that the electronics – the science of contacts, it becomes clear how important this contact is to provide the best – and easiest to do this using soldering stations. Good contacts provide even illumination, without interference, the bond strength and durability of electronic devices connected to the network. In addition, qualitative contact is especially important if you connect modern technology: many of its species are powerful, consuming large amounts of energy types of loads. It is clear that for the correct use of all must have a quality connection – otherwise the "narrow" places will be warm and there will be much fire danger situation.

It's no secret that many networks in our homes still leave much to be desired in terms of performance and materials used. Well soldered contacts to help you protect yourself from unnecessary trouble. Not all of us are aces in the treatment of a soldering iron and soldering equipment, electronics, or pipes. But a simple soldering iron in the house is usually still present, so that its help sometimes resorted not only geeks or fans, amateurs.

The Rotation

What else should I look for when bending tool selecting a model? Here is an example: If you are using a manual tube bender, no doubt, it is convenient in terms of transportation, because it does not weigh too much. The advantages of electric drive bending tool also evident: in this case you get the opportunity to pursue a flexible large-diameter pipes, among other things, these models are characterized by more benders and high performance. If you face the problem of small manufacturing plants and you need to process copper and thin-walled tube – manual bender is exactly what you need. If you have to install or mount a variety of sorts communication networks – gas, water, heating, etc., be sure to use your mobile hand-bender because it is such a model will make it possible to bend the pipe in the place of their installation. Several words on the electric drive bending tool: the main field of application is the bending of large diameter pipes. The advantages of these models should be attributed, and certainly sufficient performance. With these You can get benders bending workpieces up to 180 , and will not be observed any defects pipes, such as crimp or kink. It should be noted that users prefer the electromechanical CNC bending tool, which are characterized by the possibility of programming several coordinates. Particular attention must be paid in this case, the rotation bending head (carriage), the rotation plane of bending, as well as regulation of feeding tubes.


Additional error introduced by changes in fuel temperature, consists of three types of errors: Error defined by the change in temperature of the fuel when the external conditions (temperature environment), Accuracy temperature of fuel in the tank when it is heated flow of heated fuel return line, The error due to the difference in temperature of fuel in a direct and return fuel lines. The total error introduced by the temperature component may be up to 3-4% in addition to the above. Thus, the total error can reach several tens of percent in the rating accuracy of flowmeters in + / -1%. Of course, it is actually not that bad. Firstly, the conditions of maximum flow and minimum flow – these are the conditions of idling the engine warmed up, but even under these conditions flux produced by the fuel pump low pressure will be several times less than the maximum. Second, real accuracy of the system can be improved sufficiently simple and effective methods – as hardware and software. Hardware, for example, by choosing pairs of flow with similar sign and magnitude values of tolerances, or installing a meter on a "with loopback" (not realizable all types of engines and, in turn, has several major drawbacks.) Software, this problem is solved by linearization of system performance and in addition – the introduction of fixed adjustment factors, including including temperature, for different values of flows or (if you're rich enough), installing the hardware and software, including taking into account fluctuations in temperature and fluid. .

Buying A Vacuum Cleaner

When you buy appliances for questioning, there may be some questions that need answers. Which company and what kind of technology it is most convenient? Where to buy good equipment at a low price? Naturally, we can address details issues manager at the store, but recommend to be savvy to understand, to choose from, and what does not even look. You need to look ahead and see the feedback ratings of products for the home to Internet portals. Most importantly: vacuum cleaners is important to choose on the suction power, the engine noise and ease of use. Important to women such things as the design, modification (massive – for office or horizontal – for small spaces), type (for wet cleaning and for easy cleaning). Decide for what type of cleaning (simple or complex) you get this vacuum cleaner and where you'll remove it for safekeeping. Find the system of dust (dry, with water filter, 'Typhoon').

Most often, the Russians are buying the standard vacuum cleaner with a simple filter for garbage (disposable or reusable). Also there is a household vacuum cleaner with a readout filter bucket – sand, which sucked the vacuum cleaner from the container will throw in the trash. This technique works on a system of vortex – the air in the container is wrapped around the filter, and then exposed continuously whirling air, dirt upsets in the bucket to collect dust and does not fall back into the air. But in this case a few times a year will be replaced by a new special filters that purify the air. Now sold vacuum cleaners with paper and container storage dust and dirt – two in one. By the way, we can offer With aquafiltering. It cleans the surface of any kind with brushes, vacuum cleaners and fine way soobiraet water from the surface. Then you utiliziruete bag contents into the toilet.

However, for such equipment must be ordered from the manufacturer, some things (not just one particular synthetic detergent liquid, but also replacement filters). The latest models of vacuum cleaners with special filtering system, except for proper cleaning, eliminate the air of allergens in the home. Filters against bacteria are made of fiber glass strands and contain thousands of pores that can hold small particles of dust. And finally, certainly important suction power. Usually good harvest enough power suction of dust at 250 watts, but what it is, the cleaning will be better. Usually with a vacuum cleaner make all kinds of brushes with long bristles, and even special-brush for cleaning carpets and mattresses (this is important for owners of ferrets or guinea pigs). If you wish to have the handle was adjustable suction power, look for a unit with duplicated control on the handle rather than on the vacuum cleaner – it's easier to clean different surfaces.

Steel Ropes

Stalnye ropes – the main load-carrying elements of the majority of lifting, transportation, road construction, earthmoving machines – are one of the most common types of hardware and find wide application in various sectors of the economy: coal, mining, refining, transport and agricultural machinery, construction industry, maritime and river transport, etc. Wire ropes are difficult and responsible kind of wire products. They have a large number of styles and designs and a variety of shapes of cross section, both the cable and its components, as well as Physical and mechanical properties of wires and cores. Steel ropes are trucks, gruzolyudskie and rebar (or strands). Ropes used in industry as lifting and towing: crane (Cranes, steel valves), tackles for excavators, marine lifting equipment for mooring, towing operations, drilling rigs.

production and deep exploration drilling, a device for stretch marks. Gruzolyudskie kanatyprimenyayutsya for elevators and mine hoists. Ropes reinforcement (locks) are used for reinforcement of prestressed reinforced concrete constructions 2.Klassifikatsiya ropes. Ropes are classified as follows features: cross-sectional shape 1.Po cable: round. 2.Po form of cross-sectional components of the rope elements kruglopryadnye, trehgrannopryadnye, sealed construction. 3.Po mechanical properties of the wire: rope in common Destination: – brand VC – High Quality – Brand B – premium – grade 1 – normal quality of the remaining ropes: – In the brand – high quality – mark 1 – normal quality. 4.Po strength characteristics with Zack groups tensile: 1370 (140), 1470 (150), 1570 (160), 1670 (170), 1770 (180), 1860 (190), 1960 (200), 2060 (210), 2160 (220) .