Marketing Meets Technology

Content and marketing concepts as a basis for the right digital signage technology are the basis for the success of digital signage solutions a sophisticated marketing concept, professional screen design and a creative content. Only who begins to think backwards will find the appropriate digital signage technology for a project and jump over the hurdle of the matching content with ease. (As opposed to The Furutist). What does digital signage, what can I do with it or what brings me a digital signage solution for my company? These questions to work out in the short term basics workshop of digital signage consulting company. The Stuttgart-based specialists for all-in one solutions go this even a step further and provide individual technical and marketing concepts, which harmonises an overall concept and on the basis of the communication objectives define the ideal technical implementation including software and hardware solution. Technology and marketing specialists guarantee a professional course of the project without interface and friction between content and technology. Michael Steinhardt will not settle for partial explanations. Current and exemplary projects of the mCon solutions show the successful planning, management and implementation of marketing and technology concepts, which were worked out in detail in advance with the customer at E.ON or Lilly Germany. Even the operation of the systems is carried out following the commissioning by the ContentCenter of the mCon solutions and guarantees not only the creative and professional implementation of content but also the permanent actuality of digital signage solutions in this way.

And ultimately the content decides success or failure. Digital signage complete solutions consulting Design Analysis Planning Project control of mCon solutions provides digital signage projects from a single source. In accordance with marketing and technology planning mCon solutions digital signage projects and developed together with the customer strategies, concepts and projects. MCon on the use of hardware and software as well as content and operating advises depending on the project and customer requirements. The implementation of the concept work is carried out to the technical installation – and operating specialists from the fields of Concept, technology and design. Customers of the mCon solutions are including banks and savings banks, McLaren, Lilly Pharma, e.on, Bosch, Siemens, Allianz, Behr, Bausparkasse Hall, joy sportswear, Novartis, Schwabisch u0085

Systemnut Octanorm

Octanorm vario d2 folding display LA concept banner, mobile booth and mobile exhibition wall in one of the Octanorm vario d2 folding display is available in three different versions. Portable one dough ER model, as large format banner version and as original vario d2 folding display. With the three different models, a folding display offers the right system for every need. Whether as a flexible trade fair wall, mobile booth or generous banner, the possibilities are endless. The high flexibility of the system is backed up by the Systemnut of the Octanorm vario d2 of folding displays.

Through them, a wide variety of modular elements can be integrated and creates a complete mobile stand with shelves or brochure holders with only a few hand movements. But not only modular elements can be combined, also popular many folding walls can be added together in this way. The visible frames and supports high-quality aluminium, the system receives a special technical character that still impresses with simple design. Mobility is the difference between the original and highly portable. The portable model of the Octanorm vario d2 of folding displays can be completely disassembled and transport without a larger vehicle. The extension possibilities are but still just as the original version. Both models are absolute premium products and convince with high quality and easy graphic change. The stable supporting elements the noble and technical design is highlighted by the various end caps of the supports and strengthens the design of a noble exhibition wall.

By selecting a straight or curved versions can both the folding display Octanorm meet vario d2 portable and original individual desires and allow an individual stand construction. The vario d2 is a flexible Designmoglichkeit which can be used both as press wall, in the foyer, or a trade show banner banner as an absolute price performance specialist. Here, too, the Systemnut of the Octanorm causes supports, that different design possibilities flexible can be implemented. Through the XL sizes, heights up to about 2 m can realize the banner. Flexible and functional design of the Octanorm vario d2 series also allows the design of special solutions. So individual stands and display systems can be developed with the premium product that is still easy to transport and mount. The simple pressure change, the advertising motifs can be changed quickly and easily. Thus, the open presentation area can be adjusted again and again for different applications. The Cologne production agency LA CONCEPT offers all three variants of the Octanorm vario d2 display system. At the same time, even the matching accessories can be selected to equip the mobile booth or the flexible press wall.

Compact Mobile Fair Systems

2011 in Cologne the PerMediCon the event to the personalization of medicine is compact and mobile fair systems from 9 m 2 for the PerMediCon event. From 21 to 22 June 2011, personalized medicine in focus will be in the Cologne trade fair. There, research institutes and companies will present the latest solutions and products and in the subsequent exhibition provide a means for the exchange of information. Own products and services is well presented, a compact and individual trade fair system is an enormous success factor. With the mobile EX POMADE trade fair system can an individual booth created both a compact system used for stand space from 9 m.

With the EX POMADE of desired booth can be selected starting from a 3 x 3 system sets. The sets are available both as series – and a corner stand. The largest EX POMADE trade fair set is the set of 7 with a size of 6x5m and offers sufficient space for the individual presentation. The distinctive Tower element of EX POMADE is in each of the sets contain, depending on the variant even in duplicate, to provide sufficient space and attention specifically to the own trade fair stand. Thanks to the open presentation space, due to the non-flat carrier, a huge banner ad can be used presenting the subject without interruption. In particular the small exhibition sets of 3 x 3 up to 5 x 4 measuring systems can be transported with only two Transportcases. So not only a high degree of mobility can be guaranteed, but also a more flexible use of systems.

Through the complete decomposition of the fair system it can in the Transportcases completely are stored and easily transported by car to the site. The EX POMADE trade fair system can be extended by the profile quickly and easily. Not only the accessories can be used flexibly, but due to the quick add of another boom and also Tower elements, the system can be any increase. Even the integration of digital elements can be named quickly EX POMADE MediKit and easy to implement. Through the use of a monitor and counter plate together with a keyboard, content can be delivered multimedia and digital. The media can be installed even in the 3 x 3 exhibition systems save space in the State.

Digital Booth Components

Digital booth components for a successful appearance at the international trade fair BIOTECHNICA in Hannover the BIOTECHNICA is the European platform for leads and knowledge transfer that will take place from November 5th until November 7th in the Hanover fair. The BIOTECHNICA is the starting point for the biotech sector and biotechnology. Here the latest products, solutions, and ideas are presented to investors, business partners and visitors. Where is also the business development in the focus, which allows access to the new business areas and new partners in addition to the leads, and the transfer of knowledge. The selection of the right exhibition stand concept is an important part of business development. The appealing presentation of own services and ideas ensures that the relevant interlocutors are addressed.

In particular digital components provide the necessary attention and the optimum presentation of products and solutions at the booth at the BIOTECHNICA. The digital components range through the classic Information terminals to the interactive projection and screens. The classical information terminals are used multimedia to communicate the information. So, the content also features images and videos can be presented. Barrier-free terminals, even persons with handicap can get access to the information. The screens are used to place content in the edu -, info – and entertainment environment and to generate high attention by the moving images. Both elements offer enormous potential at BIOTECHNICA, because even not yet marketable products as an idea will be presented and can realistically describe possible areas of use.

The interactive floor projections provide a high degree of interactivity. So, the attention of the visitors on the own stand can be directed. The interactive projections allow the playful delivery of the products and brand. So can even complex information easily and presented examples of best practice. The Cologne company LA CONCEPT offers a range of digital Components for the booth. So it can be decided between a wide range of information terminals. Designterminals as well as the combination of brochure stands and kiosks are available here. The screens can be integrated even into the wall of the exhibition. Monitor stands, the screens can be fully integrated and extend the printed message of fair wall to the interactive content of the screens. The interactive projections of the Cologne company reach high attention because the movements of visitors can be converted into actions and can be launched without touching presentations. So can be presented even complex product and solutions interactive and multimedia. Thus, information can be obtained individually and independently. For more information, see digital kommunikation.


Interesting facts about the world of promotional products and giveaways on October 31 there is a unique celebration that has its roots in the Celtic culture. The Festival is called Halloween and is celebrated annually by thousands of children and adults. Everyone buys a costume or mask, to annually look different than usual. There are family parties, some employers organize a meeting for employees. The atmosphere is cheerful, although some costumes look very scary. The most popular motifs are a witch, a devil, or a zombie.

Some people want to look like heroes from the horror movies, some prefer more elegant clothes. The children wander from one House to the other, to candy Halloween articles are especially popular this time of year. The article blood imitation enjoyed great popularity last year. All once wanted to scare their neighbors and poured the artificial blood in their gardens. To a vampire mask, was often seen on the streets fit quite well.

Also colorful pins were available and Water colours, with which you will be the face or the faces of the children could paint. These colors are kind to the skin and there is no danger that you get a rash or other skin diseases. The artificial, mostly gray hair of the witch was especially popular with little girls. The witch hat, as well as other Halloween article likes purchased. A pointy witch hat was to see all parties and even Devil horns could not compete with the hat. Every year there is a different Halloween fashion. Other night hats and horns, and now artificial eyelashes and black glittery Nail Polish. Even boys use the nail polish, if you dress up as a vampire. The children wear costumes like clowns. You paint her face with a white clown makeup and put on a mask with a red nose. A clown costume consists of several parts. First a mask, which is most commonly white, plus a red nose, reddish hair and eye makeup. Articles are different things, so even the clothing of a clown, Halloween from There is a wide blouse, a big pants in different colors and great shoes. If you organize a Halloween party, it is especially important to decorate the party room. Various decorations such as for example decoration help tombstones in any case. They are manufactured from a material, which is a real stone very similar to. Gravestone cross with MOSS is particularly realistic, if it in is still a bit dark in the room. Other possibilities include skeleton guardian Gargoyle stone or tombstone. Halloween articles are very comprehensive. These are costumes, masks, decorations, colored pencils or water colors. Also the clown clothes, Vampire coat or Devil horns are included. The choice is huge, you have to give just a little effort and a corresponding Web site or a business visit. Children will definitely enjoy, if they prepare a pumpkin Lantern this year can be. Such a lamp long, looks beautiful from and the juice and you can the pumpkin flesh always do something for dinner. There are numerous cookbooks, which help to find good recipes. Oliver Smith