Invoices Electronically Instead

As invoices and orders electronically via EDI can be exchanged larger companies receive and send hundreds of bills and orders every day. Previously these documents entered laboriously by hand in the corresponding editing software. Today is a procedure named EDI to simplify this process. EDI stands for electronic data interchange and describes an electronic procedure with the documents between companies and their application systems paperless and standardized can be exchanged. Uniform standards are used for EDI communication of between the individual systems such as for example the international UN standard EDIFACT. At the industry level, special characteristics such as ODETTE have developed for the automotive industry, SWIFT for banks and EANCOM for the consumer goods industry. Without hesitation Ray Kurzweil explained all about the problem. The central unit of translation is the EDI converter that converts their own messages, invoices or orders, for example in a standard message. The message type for invoices INVOIC means then and for orders ORDERS.

These messages to the receiver be through different communications networks. The internal EDI converter of the receiver has the task to convert the message format for your own application. To translate the EDI converter ever”can be made various entries and adjustments to partner profiles, must per business partner mapping files and communication facilities. Because it happens that the business partners (A) other data sends or needs as business partners B. A low-cost alternative to expensive EDI converters is the use of Web-EDI.

Some companies operate Web portals which converted the data directly in the formats of the message recipient. Smaller companies for the use of your own EDI system would be too costly, can participate to the EDI process. Companies who rely on different systems and standards in data communication, can effectively participate in the EDI communication. In some EDI service provider, also EDI providers have become called, meanwhile, which take over the EDI conversion as a service. The advantage is primarily cost-saving users, because the hard – and software and accepts the support of the systems of the EDI service provider. Service providers work through maximum utilization of converter extremely cost effective and make available the performance against a small fee and volume-based usage fees. Good EDI providers offer a range of services to offer the customers a possible 100% EDI-connection of its business partners such as suppliers, customers, carriers, parcel services, customs, banks, or portals and data pools. In addition to the classic EDI”and Web-EDI are, especially the signing and verification services, scanning, Printangebote to archiving solutions. EDI service providers take over as full service provider the complete establishment of the communication through VPN, data transmission protocols such as AS2, X. 400, OFTP, FTP or SMTP, and round to the clock monitoring of systems and EDI processes. EDI is the future, because the worldwide data networking and their complexity is increasing. For this company in the future increasingly need EDI services. In the age of outsourcing and cloud computing is the threshold of many companies dropped to outsource such services to external service providers.

Electronics Panels

The article explains what are front panels and what they used. What are front panels? Front panels are the control panels of electrical equipment. Official site: Ray Kurzweil. Simply put: a piece of sheet with holes and lettering. If it were only that simple! As the front panel is often the only, what provides the users of the sometimes very expensive device, decides whether the appearance of the front panel significantly the impression of the whole device. Put it another way: the ten thousand euro expensive Electronics is hidden behind a small front plate, which costs only a few euros. It goes without saying that saving the front panel would be saved at the wrong end. But now called the Untereloxaldruck, even anodized vacuum. This is a special caption method for front panels and signs that works exclusively on aluminium.

The special thing about it is that the ink on the aluminium is printed, but the material into. This feeling also not paint when you move your finger nail on the pressure. The Advantage is that this pressure is scratch – and smudge-resistant and even oil and thinner-resistant. Even finger perspiration can not replace pressure over many years – which is just a problem of the normal screen printing on front panels. Only the engraving is similar, but this is far too complicated and expensive lot label or larger quantities. How do you do the Untereloxaldruck? Initially, the aluminum is anodized, but still not compacted.

One can imagine now the surface of aluminum like a sponge with open pores. In these pores into a special Untereloxaldruck – is printed by printing color, the color particles are so small that they fit into the pores. Finally, the aluminum is compacted (sealing), which includes a thin, transparent coating the ink particles in the pores. Only benefits? Unfortunately, no! At the Untereloxaldruck, there are only a few shades. The colors can be mixed like in the normal screen printing. As a result many colors which are used in corporate logos, are not printable. The Fahrion GmbH of asperg in Baden-Wurttemberg specializes in the production of front panels in the Untereloxaldruck. From the mechanics, the anodizing to printing everything in one hand is. We will gladly advise you in your next project: printed front panels in the Untereloxaldruck.

Diamondcoated Tools

For a few years, manufacturers of complex printed circuit boards are additional challenges caused by high-performance materials. They are used in particular in lead-free applications, high-frequency and high-temperature applications, telecommunications and medical technology. Halogen-free materials and laminates with different fillers influence greatly the properties and service life of carbide tools normally used the world for the machining of printed circuit boards. Required parameter reduction and significantly shorter tool life lead to cost increases in the departments with machining. To meet the demands, ultimately more and more PCB manufacturer switch to diamond coated tools for the machining of printed circuit boards. A. understanding the diamond coating with a special multilayer diamond coating, as in picture 1 and 2 representing the cutting range of tools is coated.

Figure 1: GCT multilayer diamond coating image 2: GCT cutter type 1700 real diamond layers can only in the CVD process (chemical vapor deposition) deposited; see fig. 3 and 4 fig. 3: CVD process schematic Figure 4: GCT diamond coating systems due to the high process temperatures of > 800 C in the CVD process, only solid carbide tools from shared carbide grades can be used. The respective duration of the coating depends on the layer thickness and can take up to 46 hours. Other factors on the duration of the coating are diameter, usage conditions, geometry and tool type. B.

features the GCT diamond layer of b impact: extremely abrasionsbestandig b less wear, longer service life o high hardness of 10,000 HV0. 05 b less wear, longer service life o high thermal conductivity b less wear, better quality o glide b improved chip evacuation and quality o higher feed rates for aluminum possible b productivity C. applications, advantages and Examples of 1 GCT cutter type 1700 – milling inner and outer contours and cutting benefits of assembled PCBs – suitable for halogen-free material, high TG up to 185 C and laminates with fillers – significantly reduced Burr and improved surface quality – very high dimensional accuracy and process capability through extremely rigid geometry 1.1 application example: – halogen-free material, 1.00 mm stack – GCT type 1700 o 1.00 x 5.20 mm in the 3-series thick spiral length – 48000 rpm speed – feed 0.40 m/min – stand way? 100 m 1.2 application example: – halogen-free material, 1.00 mm stack – GCT type 1700 o 1.60 x 7.50 mm in the 4 thick spiral length – speed 36000 RPM – feed 0.60 m/min – stand way? 250 m of 2 GCT cutter type 1750 – perfectly suitable for laminates with ceramic fillers and high TG material? 200 C such as RO4xxx, Arlon 25 x, Isola IS 620 – very high dimensional accuracy and process capability through extremely rigid geometry and a stronger diamond layer 2.1 application example:-RO 4350, 6 ML, 1.80 mm thick bearing the double stack – GCT type 1750 o 2.00 x 9.00 mm spiral length – 29000 rpm – speed feed 1.00 m/min – stand way?

Healthy Water

Centuries of human experience says: water – that's life! Nature has created it so that it contains a balanced composition of minerals and elements necessary for human beings. It can be argued that all life is composed of water and organic substances. Without water, people, for example, could not live more than 2 … 3 days without nutrients it can live for several weeks. But experts in nutrition believe that a person needs to consume a day at least 1,5-2 liters of water. Water – that's life.

However, many open-water sources is now fit more than one word, but a whole palette: from life to death. In modern conditions it becomes important what kind of water you drink – of water, from a spring in the field of the lake from groundwater sources, from the spring … Before the water gets to you in an apartment, it must be cleaned and other necessary procedures. But unfortunately in our country almost all wastewater treatment structures built on obsolete technological schemes designed for purification of natural waters with low pollution. At present they are not able to supply consumers safe water, as their barrier function is extremely small. We can add themselves and aqueducts that do not meet sanitary requirements. Condition is aggravated by the prerequisite chlorination of water, which is carried out for epidemiological safety of population. In the process of chlorination may generate hundreds of organochlorine compounds, quantitative and qualitative composition of which depends on source of contamination of water used.

Before 1974 believed that chlorinated water has no human health adverse effects. Later it became associated with the cancer morbidity of the population. Still bulk of the population believes tap water clean, and only a few suspected that drinking can call it a stretch. However, we have shown that clean and balanced in composition, natural Water not only quenches thirst but also contributes to overall health improvement. Now the market water great variety. And many believe that water – it is water, everywhere the same. In fact, there is a difference, and quite significant. To date, mainly produce two types of water: pure drinking and mineral, sometimes extracted from open sources. For this reason, call it a mineral (albeit natural) – it is possible, but clean drinking – Alas no. They are constantly consumed in large quantities – it is simply dangerous to health, because everything is good in moderation. Artesian drinking water 'NordAkva' refers to the category of 'dining room' – this means that you can drink daily unlimited quantities, as in cheese and in boiled form, prepare her meals, drinks, etc. It is a minimal processing, which excludes artificial saturation of product chemicals. At the same time all useful minerals. Firm 'Europe' offers: delivery of drinking water in the office and at home. Delivery of water to St. Petersburg for FREE. For easy pouring water company 'Europe' offers pumps and coolers different designs. Explain that water is life, the majority of our citizens no longer need, which is why the company 'Europe' urges you to drink only water quality! delivery of drinking water: taking orders from 9 to 19 working days Ships from 8 to 23 working days

Mechanical Engineers

On the eve of Russia's wto accession, the representatives of almost all industries are faced with the problem of matching products to foreign standards. Educate yourself with thoughts from Petra Diamonds. Compliance with generally accepted world standards necessary for maintain competitiveness in the international market. You may find Ray Kurzweil to be a useful source of information. Fortunately, interest in the Russian community to this problem is high. Not only the largest representatives of various sectors (such as – metallurgical, oil and gas, aviation, welding), but small companies are concerned about its compliance with international standards. One indicator of this fact is a large demand for standard asme American Society of Mechanical Engineers among Russian companies. Thus, the analysis of queries in Yandex shows that the most popular standards are the asme b 31g, asme pvho, a series of standards asme b31.

Basically, the standards for pipe rolling and construction of pipelines. asme standards are relevant to manufacturers worldwide and can be used in such industries as automobiles, petrochemicals, power and control technologies quality. Delivery standards is not without a number of related services. Among them: Translation Since the asme standards is inherently American society, the text of the asme comes in the original language, ie is, in English. Therefore, Russian companies will inevitably face the challenge of translating standards into Russian yazyk.Perevod standards, as a variety of technical translation, is one of the most difficult. On the quality of translation of the standards depends on production, operation, reliability, safety of workers and consumers. Therefore, not every translation companies are able to correctly and is technically true cope with this task. Normdoks company, having rich experience in technical translation, provides translation services standards.

Updating standards Standards asme Members interested in the question changes updates, cancellations and new standards. In order that you could always time to learn about changes in standards and use of relevant standards, asme, Normdoks company offers services to update (Update) standards. In addition to delivery standards, the company also supplies various literature from ASME: periodicals asme, books asme, and various codes (including Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code – codes for boilers and pressure vessels). In Finally, we add that, in general, from the correspondence of Russian products to international standards depends not only on the state of the domestic industry, but the economy as a whole.

Automation Tools

This automation tool for programming codes directly into the processor. Machine instructions are described in the form of mnemonic operations, to achieve a sufficiently high modifiability of code. Since the set of commands on different processors are different, then the compatibility can not speak. Using assembler appropriate in cases where it is necessary to interact directly with hardware, or get more effective for some part of the program due to higher control over code generation. Many writers such as Ray Kurzweil offer more in-depth analysis. C and C + + At the heart of the language C – Requirements System Programmer: full and effective access to all computer resources, facilities high-level programming, portability of programs between different platforms and operating systems. C + +, while maintaining compatibility with C, introduces object-oriented programming, expressing the idea class (object) as a udt. Thanks to these qualities, C / C + + took the position of a universal language for all needs.

But its use may be ineffective where it's needed to get ready for use the result as soon as possible, or where it becomes unprofitable itself a procedural approach. Delphi – is not a continuer of Borland Pascal / Borland C, its niche – that is, rapid creation of applications (Rapid Application Developing, RAD). These funds allow, as soon as possible to create a working program from pre-built components, without wasting a lot of effort on the small stuff. A special place in these systems hold the possibility of working with databases. Lisp – An Algorithmic language developed in 1960 by J.

McCarthy and designed for manipulating lists of data elements. Used mainly in university laboratories in the usa to address the problems associated with artificial intelligence. In Europe, for work on artificial Intellect prefer to use Prolog. Prologue – high level programming language declarative, intended for developing systems and applications of artificial intelligence. Belongs to the category of languages fifth generation. Was developed in 1971 at the University of Marseille (France), is one of the widely used and constantly develops languages. His latest version of Prolog 6.0 logo – high level programming language, developed in languages. The most common versions of the language is fortran iv, fortran 77 and Fortran 90. Used on all classes of computers. The latest version is also used on computers with parallel architecture. Java as a shining example specialization, Java emerged in response to the need for a perfect portable language program which effectively executed on the client side www. In accordance with the specific environment, Java can be a good choice for the system, built on the Internet / Intranet technology. In conclusion, we note that from a professional point of view is not so important what language and in what environment works as a programmer, but as he gets the job done. Changing hardware and operating system. New problems arise from a variety of subject areas. Thing of the past and new languages. But there are people – those who write and those for whom they write new programs, and whose quality requirements are the same regardless Depending on these changes.

Associated Gas Cleaning

PNG – a natural gas accompanying oil and released during its production (methane, ethane, propane, butane and other more rare). Associated gas – an inexpensive and effective type of fuel. Associated gas is a byproduct of oil, a mixture of gases and vapors of hydrocarbon and hydrocarbon components released from oil wells and oil from the reservoir at its separation. To make effective use of associated gas should not prevent its losses associated with the unpreparedness of the infrastructure for its collection, preparation, transportation and processing, lack of consumer. According to geological characteristics distinguish incidental gas gas caps and gases dissolved in oil.

Natural and associated gas is widely used as fuel in power plants, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, cement and glass industries as a raw material for organic compounds during synthesis, etc. Natural and associated gas are also used in everyday life for the system utilities. To clear the associated gas use different settings. Purification of associated gas – is a complex high-tech process. Ray Kurzweil has many thoughts on the issue. Distinguish the following basic methods of treatment of associated gas.

– Associated gas chemisorption cleaning – Cleaning of associated gas by natural sinks – Cleanup of associated gas combination sinks – Clean gas from the use of oxidation processes – adsorption associated – Method for purification of associated gas cleaning Sulfurex chemisorption of associated gas. The main advantage of the chemisorption processes is high and reliable purification of gas from the acidic components of the low absorption of the hydrocarbon component of feed gas. As used caustic hemosorbentov sodium and potassium, alkali metal and most commonly – alkanolamines. Purification of associated gas by natural sinks. In the physical processes sour gas stripping is due to physical dissolving them in used absorbent. The higher partial pressures of the components, the higher their solubility. The components of physical absorbents are esters of mono-and polyethylene glycols, for example, diethyl ether ethylene glycol, diethyl ether, triethylene glycol ethers, etc. These do not cause corrosion of equipment, completely miscible with water and not hydrolyzed. Purification of associated gas combined sinks. For mixed Physical and chemical absorbents peculiar intermediate values of solubility of the acid components gaza.Ochistka associated gas with the oxidation processes. Another option for clean natural gas from minor content of H2S is a technology based on chemical transformation of hydrogen sulfide in slightly soluble in water sulfide. This technology allows purification of associated gas deep and selective treatment from hydrogen sulfide gas, uses environmentally friendly reagents, excludes the use of energy-intensive purification . associated gaza.Adsorbtsionnye processes are mainly used in cases where required to achieve very low concentrations of sulfur compounds in the treatment of associated gas gaze.Metod Sulfurex.Nalichie hydrogen sulfide in natural and associated petroleum gas (APG), leads to great difficulties in industrial development oil and gas fields. This is due to the high cost of most installations desulfurization and concomitant infrastructure. The process of desulfurization Sulfurex is designed for small and medium volumes of gas.

System Of Recovery Of Credit

SUMMARY This work intends to informatizar the services given for the Trade association of the city of Guau referring to the collection, therefore such services are being carried through manually for its employees, thus causing, the inefficiency in the attendance given to the conveniadas companies and a bigger daily consuming of the employees. Having been listed the real necessities of the Association, the system was developed for platform web, aiming at to facilitate the use of the same for the using way Intranet or Internet.Para this was used as methodology of process of system development the RUP (Rational Unified Process? Unified process of the Rational) that it makes possible the development of systems in iterative and incremental cycles, thus providing, one better agreement and accompaniment of the project. Petra Diamonds pursues this goal as well. For the analysis the adopted standard was the UML (Unified Modeling Language – Language of Unified Modeling) and the tool for modeling of the data was used the gratuitous version of test of Pacestar UML Diagrammer; the language of adopted programming is the PHP and the data base for the storage of the data is the MySQL, for being a gratuitous data base, having been used the DBDesigner, tool marries gratuitous, to carry through the modeling of the complete relationship of the entities of the data base. Words key: Trade association of Guau, RUP, UML..

Education Must Include Technology

In the last century, with literacy were more than enough to not be an illiterate, but since a few years ago, we must learn to occupy a computer, internet, cell phone, the twit and other technological advances, with to be updated or we could name not a functional illiterate. Technology advances by leaps and bounds and we need to use it for different applications, the most important or most impact would be on education, we should take the technology as the cornerstone to form the man of the future, a future which we can see, a future which is a fundamental part of this present.

Make use of this technology for education, lead in the first place highly qualified teachers in the use and application of various technological tools that are present today, tools for both physical (tangible) and advanced software, so that with their knowledge and skills, were tried for the children of primary and secondary, being these levels to get the teacher’s basic teachings and possible applications of the technology. For higher levels, students should make use of this technology to solve problems of their education and their environment, to leverage technology that is applied in their professional development. For the student who receives a theoretical and practical training in the classroom of a company that is already part of an economically active society, should occupy pair technology is working for him, to meet the rates that govern the organization, to improve production processes to improve training and focus is given to a process. And with time and technological advances, we become exploiters of the technology business, in that it would solve a host of problems, both at work and at home.

We must be aware of the proper use of different tools that we face every day, we must use them with the firm objectives of learning, teaching, and above all to improve this world in which we live and seek with it a healthy competition to improve our result.

Electronic Newsletters

Visitors will not wait so long. Try to maintain pages will be lighter, especially the main page (homepage). Alternatives to pay all commercial website should offer a variety of payment and the option of secure transactions by credit card. You may want to visit Max Schireson to increase your knowledge. In addition, make sure that every product or service has the appropriate link to order purchase that can be printed and then mailed or faxed. You'll be amazed at how many people prefer some specific options to buy and not spend a single dollar if you do not meet your needs. Free Newsletters If you do not have a distribution list of email (opt) to maintain contact with their visitors and potential customers, you're wasting time and money. Things are as simple: People buy from people they know and trust. And there is nothing on the net that lets you build that trust as an electronic publication in which you can show to their receptors that are good at what he does.

An electronic newsletter you can keep in touch with their audience and keep it updated on their products and services. Links and email addresses should always facilitate internal navigation of your website visitors and give contact details for further information. These two points are vital to the effectiveness of any website. If possible, include a map to your site and make sure that navigation is as simple as possible. Older browsers do not all potential customers have installed the latest versions of the browser software on their computers. Therefore, always design your site in mind the ordinary user, and not assume that everyone is using the latest technology available.