Diamondcoated Tools

For a few years, manufacturers of complex printed circuit boards are additional challenges caused by high-performance materials. They are used in particular in lead-free applications, high-frequency and high-temperature applications, telecommunications and medical technology. Halogen-free materials and laminates with different fillers influence greatly the properties and service life of carbide tools normally used the world for the machining of printed circuit boards. Required parameter reduction and significantly shorter tool life lead to cost increases in the departments with machining. To meet the demands, ultimately more and more PCB manufacturer switch to diamond coated tools for the machining of printed circuit boards. A. understanding the diamond coating with a special multilayer diamond coating, as in picture 1 and 2 representing the cutting range of tools is coated.

Figure 1: GCT multilayer diamond coating image 2: GCT cutter type 1700 real diamond layers can only in the CVD process (chemical vapor deposition) deposited; see fig. 3 and 4 fig. 3: CVD process schematic Figure 4: GCT diamond coating systems due to the high process temperatures of > 800 C in the CVD process, only solid carbide tools from shared carbide grades can be used. The respective duration of the coating depends on the layer thickness and can take up to 46 hours. Other factors on the duration of the coating are diameter, usage conditions, geometry and tool type. B.

features the GCT diamond layer of b impact: extremely abrasionsbestandig b less wear, longer service life o high hardness of 10,000 HV0. 05 b less wear, longer service life o high thermal conductivity b less wear, better quality o glide b improved chip evacuation and quality o higher feed rates for aluminum possible b productivity C. applications, advantages and Examples of 1 GCT cutter type 1700 – milling inner and outer contours and cutting benefits of assembled PCBs – suitable for halogen-free material, high TG up to 185 C and laminates with fillers – significantly reduced Burr and improved surface quality – very high dimensional accuracy and process capability through extremely rigid geometry 1.1 application example: – halogen-free material, 1.00 mm stack – GCT type 1700 o 1.00 x 5.20 mm in the 3-series thick spiral length – 48000 rpm speed – feed 0.40 m/min – stand way? 100 m 1.2 application example: – halogen-free material, 1.00 mm stack – GCT type 1700 o 1.60 x 7.50 mm in the 4 thick spiral length – speed 36000 RPM – feed 0.60 m/min – stand way? 250 m of 2 GCT cutter type 1750 – perfectly suitable for laminates with ceramic fillers and high TG material? 200 C such as RO4xxx, Arlon 25 x, Isola IS 620 – very high dimensional accuracy and process capability through extremely rigid geometry and a stronger diamond layer 2.1 application example:-RO 4350, 6 ML, 1.80 mm thick bearing the double stack – GCT type 1750 o 2.00 x 9.00 mm spiral length – 29000 rpm – speed feed 1.00 m/min – stand way?

Healthy Water

Centuries of human experience says: water – that's life! Nature has created it so that it contains a balanced composition of minerals and elements necessary for human beings. It can be argued that all life is composed of water and organic substances. Without water, people, for example, could not live more than 2 … 3 days without nutrients it can live for several weeks. But experts in nutrition believe that a person needs to consume a day at least 1,5-2 liters of water. Water – that's life.

However, many open-water sources is now fit more than one word, but a whole palette: from life to death. In modern conditions it becomes important what kind of water you drink – of water, from a spring in the field of the lake from groundwater sources, from the spring … Before the water gets to you in an apartment, it must be cleaned and other necessary procedures. But unfortunately in our country almost all wastewater treatment structures built on obsolete technological schemes designed for purification of natural waters with low pollution. At present they are not able to supply consumers safe water, as their barrier function is extremely small. We can add themselves and aqueducts that do not meet sanitary requirements. Condition is aggravated by the prerequisite chlorination of water, which is carried out for epidemiological safety of population. In the process of chlorination may generate hundreds of organochlorine compounds, quantitative and qualitative composition of which depends on source of contamination of water used.

Before 1974 believed that chlorinated water has no human health adverse effects. Later it became associated with the cancer morbidity of the population. Still bulk of the population believes tap water clean, and only a few suspected that drinking can call it a stretch. However, we have shown that clean and balanced in composition, natural Water not only quenches thirst but also contributes to overall health improvement. Now the market water great variety. And many believe that water – it is water, everywhere the same. In fact, there is a difference, and quite significant. To date, mainly produce two types of water: pure drinking and mineral, sometimes extracted from open sources. For this reason, call it a mineral (albeit natural) – it is possible, but clean drinking – Alas no. They are constantly consumed in large quantities – it is simply dangerous to health, because everything is good in moderation. Artesian drinking water 'NordAkva' refers to the category of 'dining room' – this means that you can drink daily unlimited quantities, as in cheese and in boiled form, prepare her meals, drinks, etc. It is a minimal processing, which excludes artificial saturation of product chemicals. At the same time all useful minerals. Firm 'Europe' offers: delivery of drinking water in the office and at home. Delivery of water to St. Petersburg for FREE. For easy pouring water company 'Europe' offers pumps and coolers different designs. Explain that water is life, the majority of our citizens no longer need, which is why the company 'Europe' urges you to drink only water quality! delivery of drinking water: taking orders from 9 to 19 working days Ships from 8 to 23 working days

Education Must Include Technology

In the last century, with literacy were more than enough to not be an illiterate, but since a few years ago, we must learn to occupy a computer, internet, cell phone, the twit and other technological advances, with to be updated or we could name not a functional illiterate. Technology advances by leaps and bounds and we need to use it for different applications, the most important or most impact would be on education, we should take the technology as the cornerstone to form the man of the future, a future which we can see, a future which is a fundamental part of this present.

Make use of this technology for education, lead in the first place highly qualified teachers in the use and application of various technological tools that are present today, tools for both physical (tangible) and advanced software, so that with their knowledge and skills, were tried for the children of primary and secondary, being these levels to get the teacher’s basic teachings and possible applications of the technology. For higher levels, students should make use of this technology to solve problems of their education and their environment, to leverage technology that is applied in their professional development. For the student who receives a theoretical and practical training in the classroom of a company that is already part of an economically active society, should occupy pair technology is working for him, to meet the rates that govern the organization, to improve production processes to improve training and focus is given to a process. And with time and technological advances, we become exploiters of the technology business, in that it would solve a host of problems, both at work and at home.

We must be aware of the proper use of different tools that we face every day, we must use them with the firm objectives of learning, teaching, and above all to improve this world in which we live and seek with it a healthy competition to improve our result.

The Customer

Now on the market, there are many studios to create websites. Duck which to choose. As in all cases, I recommend to start with the identification of needs – Whether you are just enough small website, or you need a normal business site with sufficient functionality or even Internet shop. Then you need to assess your potential developers, which services in detail and for what money they provide, they impose a service to you without providing the basic details (domain and hosting), that they are hosting for you to pick how much it would cost the continued existence of your site after the development and whether it will depend on them and many other nuances. That is necessary, in my opinion, the important criteria: All phases of the site should be able to exist separately: the development, optimization, promotion, ppc advertising, website support, etc. Regardless of the developer. Because, as you know, anything can happen – the company closed down or cease to cooperate with you and that with the site? After each stage of the customer must be transmitted all the data for further orders of the full work done (and is not tethered to the developer).

The site must be installed convenient cms (content management system) for further work with the content the customer (or his representative) and it should be open source (open system), that could change anything, not only the developer site, and any other agency, in case if you continue to care for him. And I want to see if you have installed commercial cms, then you must give all her documents, what you really bought it. Learn about the different cms can be found on this site -. Well, the last. This is certainly the price. At the time of this writing, prices ranging from 4500rub.

– Create a small website and over 150000rub – create an Internet portal (all firms). Why such a difference. Many well-established, the agency has a good customer base and do not want to cut the price, there is work professionals, a lot of orders, etc. Other lower price to attract customers, although they can perform all the same range of services. Selecting still do Vam.V conclusion, I want to say that the site should have any, no self-respecting company, no matter what she does. Created by – not an easy process, but more so his promotion. Good luck in choosing for themselves a reliable partner in this endeavor.

Natural Resources

Moreover, when the acceptance is not in service during the winter period was carried out incorrectly, that is in violation of the law, the author's opinion, the relevant documents of the approval should be declared null and void with moment of preparation, the order (detention), signed by the same persons who signed them originally. After this, after all the remediation actions to re-execute all documents Commissioning of completed construction projects and the costs of remediation to include in the original cost obekta.V to tax accounting in this case, it is important to take into account the provisions of paragraph 5 of Article. 270 of the Tax Code that when determining the tax base does not include the cost as an expense on the acquisition and (or) the creation of depreciable property. Typically, the cost of restoration included in the construction project. In a situation where the object put into operation without unduly reclamation, the costs of the subsequent restoration of the provisions of paragraph 5 of Article. 270 of the Tax Code, the author's opinion, qualify as expenditures not taken into account when determining the taxable base for income tax. And only if the documents on acceptance of the object will be restructured in accordance with legislative requirements, the cost of remediation can be taken into account in the tax value of the completed project main sredstv.V as dopolneniyKontrol for land reclamation after mining of mineral deposits (including widespread mineral deposits), construction, land reclamation, forestry, surveying and other work, including work performed for on-farm or their own needs, the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources and territorial authorities on the basis of paragraph 4 of the Regulations "On State Land Control ', approved by rf Government Decree of 15.11.2006 N 689.Punktom 6 tablespoons.

8.7 Code of Administrative Offences stipulates that any failure or delay in performance of duties on bringing the land into a condition suitable for the intended purpose, or for their rehabilitation after the completion of development of mineral deposits, including widespread mineral resources, construction, land reclamation, forestry, surveying and other work, including ongoing for on-farm or their own needs, sanctioned administrative fine on citizens in size from 1,000 to 1,500 rubles.; on officials – from 2,000 to 3,000 rubles. and on legal entities – from 20 000 to 30 000 rub.Statey 78 of the Act "On Environmental Protection 'fixed that compensation for environmental damage caused by violation of laws on environmental protection is carried out voluntarily or by court decision or arbitral tribunal. Determining the amount of environmental damage caused by the violation legislation on environmental protection is carried out based on actual costs of restoration of the environment, taking into account the losses incurred, including loss of profits, as well as accordance with the reclamation project and other restoration work, in their absence – in accordance with the rates and methods of calculating the amount of harm to the environment, approved by the executive, engaged in public management in the field of environmental protection. Claims for compensation for environmental damage caused by violation of laws on environmental protection, may be brought in for 20 years. This is also indicated Plenum Forces in the Decision of 05.11.1998 N 14 'on the practice of courts of law on liability for environmental violations. "LB Korovushkin, director of leu 'grow' (Tyumen)