Philippe Dollinger BP

The Vaisseau in Strasbourg offers a playful approach to science and technology small researchers the Vaisseau in strA? Castle is a trilingual, interactive science center – a place of the discovery of science and technology for children from 3 to 15 years under the motto makes science fun! “There are four worlds (the world and I”-everything related to the human body, the world of animals “, do it yourself”-everything on the subject of building as well as a water area and the secrets of the images “-by going to image and sound) as well as an educational garden.” At the Vaisseau find over 130 interactive elements and so many opportunities to discover science. In addition to the family audience, we welcome especially for kindergarten groups and school classes. All activities are interactive and playful as well as adapted to the German curricula. The exhibitions are trilingual (French, German, and English) and the workshop on German, French (bats-French as a foreign language) or bilingual, as well as specially adapted to the different age groups. (The workshops are supervised activities.

They take place in a special room and are intended exclusively for school classes. They take an average of 45-60 minutes and deal with issues that are available with the curriculum in conjunction or supplement them in a playful and educational way. They offer the possibility to handle, to produce and to experiment the children.). Alternatively we offer also knowledge rallies to discovering the exhibitions. (The children of the exhibitions or the garden through a series of clues and riddles that lead them to another by an exhibit of discover. There, they become better acquainted with the place and can focus more easily.

The coach starts the game, explains the rules, distributed the Begleitheftchen and waiting for students to check the answers. Accompanying persons are requested to assist children in their discoveries.) With groups, you still have your visit with one of the possibility To combine sightseeing tour of Strasbourg by boat. The cruise starts directly at the Vaisseau, and the comment of the tour is also specially adapted to children. There are also special offers, which can be combined with overnight stay and Vaisseau. Also lunch packages can be booked in advance with us. We offer a free special introduction; educator – or groups of teachers the visit of the Vaisseau is basically free for educators and teachers. In addition we offer special educational support materials for educators and teachers, so that you can specifically prepare your visit and engage in an educational project: DE / 49 in addition to the permanent exhibition we have always a changing exhibition guest, which deals with an additional topic. Currently, this planet is Mars – an alien exhibition”, in the autumn, this is replaced by an exhibition about colors, next spring, it then goes to natural materials. Le Vaisseau 1-rue Philippe Dollinger BP 61037 F 67027 STRASBOURG CEDEX 1 + 33 (0) 3 88 44 44 00 + 33 (0) 3 88 44 44 00 E-Mail: Internet: press contact: Sandra coal bucket officer for international cooperation Tel.: + 33 (0) 3 88 44 65 77 E-Mail: the Vaisseau is open from 10.00 until 18.

Torsten Hannusch Management

The GIG has acquired the technical services for five buildings of Lufthansa Cargo AG at Frankfurt Rhein Main airport, as a maintenance partner of Infraserv Hochst. As a specialist for industrial and sophisticated commercial real estate, the GIG to 1 October 2009 was entrusted with the implementation of the order. The GIG has a long-standing expertise in the field of technical management and maintenance. The support of the technical building equipment for warehouses and office buildings with a total area of 140,000 square meters belongs to the scope of the job. The maintenance expert is responsible in particular for the maintenance and repair of heating, climate, ventilation, plumbing and electrical systems, fire alarm and sprinkler facilities. But also the handling as well as roll-up doors and lifts belong to the order volume.

Critical of Lufthansa Cargo AG and Infraserv GmbH & co. short response times of under 30 minutes when errors are Hochst KG. Due to the many years of experience of the GIG in the Germany-wide care of demanding commercial real estate GIG in this area able to score points. We look forward, that we maximum KG build cooperation with Infraserv GmbH & co. at the Frankfurt airport in the field of technical management as a partnership and the segment airports”to expand could.” says Torsten Hannusch, Managing Director of the GIG. Oversees the GIG group in Germany commercial and industrial buildings with a total area of more than 2 million square meters and around 40,000 units.

Contact: GIG technology & facility management GmbH Haller str. 3-6, 10587 Berlin phone: 030/756 87 77-0 fax: 030 / 756 87 77-77 email: the facility management company GIG was founded in 1998 as a specialist in integrated building management. The FM expert sees itself as process partner for the secondary processes of its customers. Currently supports the facility managers in Germany and Austria at over 200 locations of commercial and industrial buildings. The group is in the business areas Office and commercial real estate, residential real estate and industry operate. The FM specialist supervised demanding commercial properties with a total area of more than 2 million square meters, including banks, hotels, data centers, media institutions and shopping malls in the Office of business and industry. The residential real estate business unit serves about 40,000 housing units, here sees itself as operating costs optimizer and Komplettdienstleister the GIG and offered also engineering services. The high-tech facility management and engineering as well as the planning and operation of buildings and clean-room technology for industrial real estate are among the core competencies of the FM service provider in the business industry. In 2009, the GIG together with Infraserv Hochst founded the GIS Infrasite GmbH with a focus on site management and site operations.

New Bonus Points System For Tradoria

Shopping, bonus points earn and save! Bamberg, the 05.05.2011: With a new and attractive bonus points system Tradoria, the large shopping mall on the Internet, with its regular customers and new customers to thank. Each issued euro will be rewarded with a bonus point, which has a value of one cent and can be redeemed at the next purchase. “” When buying a swimming pool or a finished garage that may be worth right: shortly after the introduction of the bonus system a Tradoria customer bonus points to the value of EUR 96 would be glad because he has ordered a pool for 9,600 euros online “, Beate rank, Managing Director of Tradoria GmbH. in his next shopping tour pleased our customer can redeem these bonus points, for example, for a Unterwasserstaubsauber and properly save.” What is the Tradoria bonus points system? Tradoria thank you for the loyalty of its customers with the new bonus points system. They can now all shopping trips on the two portals and, as well as in more than 4,000 Tradoria Shops bonus points earn and redeem then on the two shopping portals. Also attract attractive actions that can bring a 500 bonus points in one fell swoop if you purchase certain items for example.

But even the smallest purchase is rewarded. As per goods value of euro Tradoria will be credited one bonus point in the value of one cent customers on their customer account. Ever more extensive shopping, the cheaper it will next time at the box office. The only requirement is an Tradoria account must log the customer before shopping in the. Points already collected will be displayed during the ordering process and it can them directly with the next order redeem. “, as Beate rank.” Basically, the bonus points will expire after 180 days. Be redeemed the points in the meantime, all remaining points will receive a new validity 180 days.

Reminder service Tradoria sent as the current points level by E-Mail to all bonus points collector seven days before the expiry of the validity. Ensures that every customer enough Time has to redeem his bonus points. Cancellations and returns, already redeemed bonus points will be credited back. Our bonus point is baptized 150 euro for the most creative bonus-point name on the 06.06.2011. The most creative inventor wins a shopping voucher worth 150 euros. “” So far, we have received many failed funny and apt name: spring-bottle “or Tradoni” represent only a small part of the ideas of Tradoria fans. Only fans can participate in the raffle, which propose a name for our bonus point until the 31.05.2011 The Tradoria jury will decide on the 06.06.2011 for the best name and send a 150 euro shopping voucher to the winner via email. For this, the fans must send an E-Mail with the subject line “Naming”. The E-Mail addresses are deleted immediately after the competition and serve only the notification of winning.

Computer Finance

No. credit computer finance option is for the people who want to purchase computer of their own. No. credit computer finance has helped the people who have weak credit score. Cost of the computer are cheap, but the sane is of so going higher and higher. Computer of the old models are really cheaper at present.

On the other hand, computer manufacturing companies have been crowding the the mental part stores with newer models which have several interesting and useful provisions. Computer of these kinds are sold at greater price. Most of the people, at present, cannot think of spending a day without a good computer. Most of the people are tagged with impaired credit history. It is a common feature in the market that the people with weaker credit performance are refused by the finance institutions when they look for finance. No credit computer finance is a great option available to them if they want to buy a computer of their choice, because this child of finance is free from credit checking.

No. credit computer finance is offered to the people who can satisfy the following conditions: they are citizens of the United Kingdom. They have crossed 18 years of age. They earn at least 1000 every month. They have been engaged in Office or in a factory for half of the year last. Dry Harbor Rehab brings even more insight to the discussion. They have a valid and active checking account. Amount of finance is decided by the lenders on the basis of the fiscal status of the applicants. No. credit computer finance can be secured in either of the two categories stated below: secured unsecured. People can obtain no credit computer finance in secured form by providing valuable possessions to the finance provider who would use the assets as collateral. Terms and condition in this case are comparatively favorable to the borrowers, but a rider is there. The lending agency can take hold of the assets if the borrowers fail to pay back the loan amount with interest within the agreed tenure. When no credit computer finance is offered during the unsecured variant, the question of collateral does not arise, but the loan amount is advanced at reasonable terms and condition. In this case, the borrowers are to pay more, because interest is charged at higher Council. Thomas Traint is author of laptops no credit Check.