Comment “egg, or coffee zanhaoria

I consider myself a coffee, I feel that when life situations get tough I can change the water and move forward. I’ve always considered myself as a fighter, I’m on the move to achieve my goals in life. Whom I have them clearly defined and that is why I am not difficult to direct my daily actions toward its achievement. Although actions themselves become difficult, as it is in this life everything is a constant challenge and a test. A person can choose whether to take it easy or more complicated and made himself more talented in terms of improvement. An example of this, in a professional manner at work, “do you have to do or look for something else In my case I have gained in my family business because of the actions that have taken place and I managed to sell.If I were only a Regional Manager would peacefully at seven in the night without any problem after having complied with my activities, but not, I want to change the business models that are being managed currently and I have an extra load of projects I’m doing . The same happens in my personal activities, I will not be one I want to distinguish my knowledge and skills, so I’m looking for time to take courses, diploma courses and lectures, now took a marketing course, I’m part of the community CEET Business School courses that give eventually, I’m finishing my career and I’m studying for an entrance examination in the United States. “Not even God can change into defeat the victory of one who has conquered himself”