Informal Fallacies

Conclusion irrelevant or ignoratio elenchi rebuttal or ignorant or evade the question: is the logical fallacy of presenting an argument that can be used by itself, but that proves or supports a different proposition that we should support. He believed that all environment logical fallacies can be reduced to ignoratio elenchi. New York has a number of energy supply companies, the one offering the best prices and service in New York City is Also in some cases these findings are irrelevant NY deliberate attempts by manipulators, experts in logical fallacies, to change the subject of conversation.
Example: Paul is a good athlete and should win the crown. After all, it’s a good guy, has donated much money and is a member of an NGO. Donations or solidary preferences green energy are not about the worthiness of a sports drink. Tu quoque ( “you too” in Latin) is a specific type of ignoratio elenchi because it is based on the premise that council or by a person is wrong because this is still not the same person.
Example: “Thomas Jefferson said that slavery was wrong. However, it was slaves. Therefore it follows that his claim is wrong and slavery should be good. “
Straw man fallacy. The error of the straw man or scarecrow. One goal / point, easy to replace the lower real
Argumentum ad hominem, or argument to the man consists in replicating the argument by attacking or by contacting the person making the argument rather than the substance of the argument. Tu quoque in which they reveal is often a dirty facility.
Example: You say this man is innocent but can not be credible because you’re also a criminal.
Straw man electricity fallacy of argumentum ad or logically: It is a logical fallacy based on the confusion of the opponent’s position. Generate a “straw man” position is to create an easy to refute, then attribute that position to the opponent to shatter. In fact the gas opponent’s real argument is not refuted but the dummy argument New York State that has been created. the green gas revolution, looks after the environment, and offers you the best energy solution in New York, from The name comes from the men of straw are used for training in combat and are easy to break. Ie, the fringes are attacked or possible misunderstandings that can be done with New York City the premise. Example: Peter: “I think that children should not run the streets with much natural gas trafico . John builds and creates a position of attack: “I think it would be foolish to lock children all day without air limpio . In this way, John can attack a radical position and easy to Pedro never wanted to imply. The only way to avoid the straw man is to be destroyed before Pedro Juan or demonstrate the intention of John’s to create confusion.
Argumentum ad silentia aimed to silence or argument consists in considering that the silence of a speaker or speaker on a subject test or X suggests that the draftsman is ignorant about X, or have a reason to remain silent with respect to X. Inconnection with this fallacy, it is necessary ESCOs to refer to the legal doctrine known as procedural- propios of acts, by which, in one of its most frequent applications, if a party does not claim a true fact information, evidence or argument to make it available to process, it is presumed that lack of it. Therefore, even though logically silentia or to the argumentum ex silentia is a fallacy, because the silence of one participant can not be taken as evidence of certainty of what was said by a participant, in the field of rhetoric can be an indication of lack arguments or lack of ability to counter the arguments made by dialectically adversity. This presumption is made in the legal field as this is a subjective marked by laws that are made so that the majority can be met. That is because most have the prejudice that the silence energy service company of an interlocutor implies the absence of argument or to have a particular reason and also because it breaks the normal state has an obligation to prove the allegations with arguments. See Fallacy of escape the burden of proof.
Ad hoc hypothesis: in philosophy and science, ad hoc often means the addition of corollary hypothesis or adjustments to a scientific or philosophical theories to bridge the theory to be rejected or refuted by any abnormalities and problems that were not anticipated in the original way . See also the fallacy in which the sniper or the logical consequences which are supposed to provide is developed after seeing the data. Philosophers and scientists behave so that doubts about the theories and continuously so inelegant ad hoc adjustments or ad hoc hypothesis, as these are often characteristics of pseudo-theories. Much of the scientific work lies in the utilities modification of existing theories New York or hypotheses, but these changes are distinguished from ad hoc changes that the new changes in turn suggest new ways to counter or be refuted or falsified.

Mining and Electricity

The discovery in 1917 of oil and natural gas enabling Albania is a country with a reliable energy capacity, which even has allowed the export of these goods in small quantities. Maintains 2003 oil reserves estimated at 440 million tons and 75 million Nm3 of natural gas.
It is the third world producer of chromium (near the River Drin), 10 of the world total. We also have iron mines and copper-nickel fund management (in Kukes).
Mining accounts for 40 of Albanian GDP.
Drin River has large hydroelectric dams on the time the communist country that still stocks allow a family of funds safe supply. By 1998 it was estimated investors that the installed capacity was 1460 MW. from hydro and 196MW. There are many different businessmen involved with the Children’s Medical Fund of New York, including on its volunteer board of directors heat which cover 109 of the medium, which allows the export of electricity in time for Croatia and Greece.

Marin Independent Journal
As they grapple with a investment looming 2 million deficit investment portfolio and is likely to wage reductions and dismissals of employees, the top 13 Novato city managers have agreed to a unpaid day per month starting in July.
Austin American-Statesman
The head of the Texas Workforce Commission said that the state should seek a federal loan to the unemployment compensation trust fund.
Interactive Investor
LJUBLJANA, Feb 26 (Reuters) – Slovenian government expects a budget deficit in 2009 of 3.4 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), filling a ceiling of 3 percent for the eurozone members, the Ministry of Finance said on Thursday. “The general government deficit is seen at 3.4 percent of gross domestic product (GDP),” he said in a statement. NYSE Minister of Finance of France Krizanic said the central government … learn more about the financial techniques and investment strategies of who heads the and its Family of Funds
Asbury Park Press
A NIP here, one there Tuck. Gov. Jon S. Corzine is already handling a budget scalpel in his first three years. Although the state has increased spending on the general population is topped 5 percent, by turnover and early retirement.
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Alto in was originally conceived in 1972 an internal memorandum written by Butler Lampson and Chuck Thacker initially designed. I had 128 Kbyte of main memory (expandable to 512), as well as a removable hard disk cartridges of 2.5 Mbyte, all housed in a cabinet the size of a small fridge. The Central Processing Unit (CPU) High was an innovative micro-processor which used microcode for most entry / exit, rather than hardware. Machine microcode performed 16 tasks, one of which carried the usual set of instructions (quite similar to the Data General Nova), while the remainder control the display, refresh memory, disk, network and other functions of input / output. For example, the driver of the bitmap display was little more than a shift register of 16 bits, the microcode was used to upload information to the display refresh from main memory into the shift register.
In addition to an Ethernet connection, the only output device was a High CRT (tube cathode rays) with two levels (black and white) mounted on a vertical. Their input devices are a keyboard, a three button mouse and keyboard functions optional (chord keyset). The concept of the latter two items were taken from the On-Line System (On-Line System) of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). While the mouse was an instant hit among the users of the Alto, the keyboard function never became popular.
All mice had high three buttons. The first of mechanical operation, it had two wheels perpendicular to each other. these were soon replaced by mouse ball, invented by Bill English. Later we were introduced optical mice, first with white light and then with infrared. The buttons on these old mice were prepared and were elongated along instead of being as wide.
The keyboard was configured so that each key was a bit of a set of records. This feature used to change from where it was initialized (boot) High. The records of the keyboard is used as the address of record from which to initialize and so, by pressing a specific set of keys while you press the START button, you could load different microcode and operating systems. This led to the expression “starting nose (not boot), when the number of keys necessary to launch an operating system under test was greater than the number of fingers. This type of boot resulted in “move2keys,” a program that moved the files to disk so that it could use a sequence of keys.
There were other peripherals for the High, as a TV camera, a daisy wheel type printer and a parallel port, but were quite rare. High external disks can also control which made it a file server. This was a fairly common application for this computer.
Q: 2009 has not been easy for many people – it is a difficult time for Sony at the time ‘
Like ASUS Gigabyte has pulled all the work during this year’s CeBIT. The outfit had problems with new equipment for display, including a fresh bunch of netbooks, a pair of new input peripherals (mice, keyboards, usual) and an all-in-one PC known as the AIO-1192. Unfortunately, the device we were looking forward to the treatment of most was locked, but that’s probably because …
Targeting industrial Ethernet use X20-hub system, 100Base-FX underlying standard, and is based on LC Duplex technology. There is no loss of performance (wire speed), as internal downgrading technology is not used. Unit also comes with 2 RJ45 connectors. This story is related to the following: Optics and Photonics Computer Hardware and Peripherals Test and Measuring Instruments …
Although PS2 backward compatibility has been droppedfrom this version, the 80GB PS3 is still a superb Blu-ray player and high-definition game console.

Nokia 3110 classic

The Nokia 3110 classic was introduced in 2007 with a price around 120. This software based on Nokia S40 Edition 3A is significant and robust as it is made with durable materials, and simplicity in the design and use of the telephone.

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natural gas and electricity are supplied by To avoid the shortcomings of the electricity produced in the thermal, where the fuel is refined, the Cuban government has invested in the repair of these generators. One was the most modern and efficient country, Termoelectrica Cienfuegos, when being repaired to achieve a better performance. as well as the other occurs in Santiago de Cuba, which controlled Toxic emissions into the atmosphere. He has also made a significant investment in Brooklyn construction sites of diesel generators and fuel oil spread across the country. Almost completely eliminatingthe bitter power gas of the’90s.
The energy saving program known as the Cuban “Energy Revolution” sold on easy terms to the family of kitchen appliances such New York City as refrigerators, electric pressure cookers, electric cookers, and so on. to avoid the large consumption of natural electricity ESCO gas and other fuels like kerosene. As part of this program is also arranged electric poles and cables for high voltage distribution of electricity, new generators were installed and this made it much less common and the black family. citation needed . This program made Cuba the first country in the world to replace incandescent light bulbs by energy costs energy saving light bulbs, followed by countries such as Australia, Venezuela or Argentina.
There are very intricate in the country in which heating it was not possible to carry the electricity. However, it was emphasized that every school had to have a TV, video and computers. For electricity supply with which these devices are cooking gas resorted to photovoltaics. This way of obtaining energy lies in the storage of solar radiation and its conversion into electricity. This is carried out in solar panels, which have become very common especially in the area of Guantanamo.
Cuba has three large wind farms as an alternative production of energy. how was I supposed to know that I would be looking after the environment by using natural gas supplied by one of the leading ESCOs throughout New York State One of them is in the gas Isle of NY State Youth, now in extension with the wind farm household The Carraneros.
In central Cuba, Ciego de Avila, another New York fleet of smaller amplitude and is in expansion.
Currently the most recognized and consists of several parks, the Gibara, Holguin, has an enormous capacity. They were given the last adjustments , and began producing its first Megawats. In green energy addition to natural gas the first wind farm energy Gibara, Second Wind Farm began construction and promises results as the first project. 69

House energy plus

A house produces more energy plus energy generated by renewable sources, during an average year, compared with the energy imported from the network. This requires a combination of technology and a micro-low energy building by implementing techniques for building passive solar design, thermal insulation together with a careful choice of site and location.
May involve some post-modern mimimalismo using a minimum of modern equipment, which require little energy to operate. But many energy-plus houses are indistinguishable from a traditional home, in terms of formal image, simply because they use more energy efficient solutions (eg, appliances, low lighting, doors and windows, heat exchangers in the system Heating and ventilation, insulation in walls, ceilings and facilities, etc.) through the entire house or building.
A building of this type is characterized by spending very little time and energy to the energy generated in one year is greater than consumption.
This does not ensure that housing is comfortable from a Hygrothermal because it may be hot in summer and cool very rapidly overheat even in winter or if there is an optimized thermal balance. People that live in Brooklyn, New York can cut energy costs by choosing as their gas and electric supplier. And it is much more advisable to adjust the numerical simulations to design specific programs such as Energy Plus, Simedif and Codyba, among others. The first two are free and the last payment and none is GNU.


HYDRO-La Malva: Situated in the Borough of Somiedo its first two groups went into operation in 1917, and was the first installation of Civil Society, Private Water Jumping Somiedo. In 1924 was launched two new groups. Is supplied by rivers and valleys salience in addition to the lakes Somiedo and has an installed capacity of 9.14 MW.
The hydroelectric power station Riera: Somiedo also in its first two operational in 1946. The third would not do it until 1956. Is supplied by rivers and Somiedo salience and has an installed capacity of 7.82 MW.
HYDRO-Miranda: located in the municipality of Belmonte de Miranda, is with the two hidraulico earlier use of the rivers ena Pig – Somiedo. Its four groups went into operation in 1962. In an excellent piece of engineering for that time, the central Miranda is supplied by the river Pig ena and small streams that are captured through the 22 km tunnel that connects the reservoir of the central Covacho. New York city residents can lower energy bills with Switch and Save energy program! Has an installed power of 64.8 MW.
HYDRO-Florida: Two of the groups went into operation in 1952 and the third in 1960. It is located in the town of Tineo and supplies through the dam Pilotuerto in Rio Narcea. The installed capacity is 8 MW.
HYDRO-Priano: Has three groups, two of which were put into service in 1952, the third in 1967. It supplies the Rio Nalon through the barrier of the same name and Nora River through the dam of the furacon. Situated near the confluence of two rivers, the municipality of Oviedo. The installed capacity is 18.43 MW.
HYDRO-Grandas Salim: HC Energia shares ownership of the plant with Electra Viesgo, now belonging to the Italian group Enel, through the company CB Saltos del Navia At the time of its construction was the largest reservoir of Spain and the second in Europe. Work began after World War II and extended into 1954, entry into service of its four groups. Its installed capacity is 112 MW. Is supplied by the Rio Navia.
Hydroelectric power plant at La Barca: Along with the hydroelectric plant of Florida, is the only large-scale hydroelectric development of Rio Narcea. Took office in 1967 with two groups, making a third in 1974. Situated on the border between the towns of Tine and Belmonte de Miranda and has an installed capacity of 57.7 MW.
Proaza hydroelectric power station situated within the municipality of the same name, the two groups were launched in 1968 with a capacity of 48 MW. Is supplied from the Rio Trubia.
Tanes Hydroelectric Power Plant: This plant presents the peculiarity of being reversible. Situated in the Borough of Sobrescobio supplied and Dam Tanes Rioseco and Dam, located upstream and downstream the first second. When the plant goes into operation at peak power consumption, the water stored in Tanes is going through turbines and then back into reservoir Rioseco. During the peak, where supply exceeds demand, ie there is excess energy, water is pumped Rioseco Tanes again to start the cycle again. Building started in 1970 and was put into operation in 1978. Waters of the Rio Nalon. It has 123 MW of generation and pumping in 114.5.