The Nintendo company has been one of the leading companies in the development of video games and laptops. In two generations of Nintendo video game achievement to get the first game sold through the NES and SNES systems, achieving a large market share. In 2008, Nintendo launched the Wii has managed to position itself as […]

Informal Fallacies

Conclusion irrelevant or ignoratio elenchi rebuttal or ignorant or evade the question: is the logical fallacy of presenting an argument that can be used by itself, but that proves or supports a different proposition that we should support. He believed that all environment logical fallacies can be reduced to ignoratio elenchi. New York has a […]

Mining and Electricity

The discovery in 1917 of oil and natural gas enabling Albania is a country with a reliable energy capacity, which even has allowed the export of these goods in small quantities. Maintains 2003 oil reserves estimated at 440 million tons and 75 million Nm3 of natural gas.It is the third world producer of chromium (near […]


Alto in was originally conceived in 1972 an internal memorandum written by Butler Lampson and Chuck Thacker initially designed. I had 128 Kbyte of main memory (expandable to 512), as well as a removable hard disk cartridges of 2.5 Mbyte, all housed in a cabinet the size of a small fridge. The Central Processing Unit […]

Nokia 3110 classic

The Nokia 3110 classic was introduced in 2007 with a price around 120. This software based on Nokia S40 Edition 3A is significant and robust as it is made with durable materials, and simplicity in the design and use of the telephone. Related Products Nokia CA70 Charging Connectivity Cable by Nokia BH-303 Bluetooth Headset by […]


natural gas and electricity are supplied by To avoid the shortcomings of the electricity produced in the thermal, where the fuel is refined, the Cuban government has invested in the repair of these generators. One was the most modern and efficient country, Termoelectrica Cienfuegos, when being repaired to achieve a better performance. as well as […]

House energy plus

A house produces more energy plus energy generated by renewable sources, during an average year, compared with the energy imported from the network. This requires a combination of technology and a micro-low energy building by implementing techniques for building passive solar design, thermal insulation together with a careful choice of site and location.May involve some […]


HYDRO-La Malva: Situated in the Borough of Somiedo its first two groups went into operation in 1917, and was the first installation of Civil Society, Private Water Jumping Somiedo. In 1924 was launched two new groups. Is supplied by rivers and valleys salience in addition to the lakes Somiedo and has an installed capacity of […]